Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ninth of May

This post has nothing to do with Bee Gees or the title except for the date it was posted. I ran out of ideas for titles.

May is a boring month. I wake up everyday only to walk around with my brains half shut down. I have nothing to do and no freaking stuff to write about.

Took mom to visit our dog in aunt’s place today. So I’m sitting here trying to think up on something to write. Hmm…I never really liked going there. Why? Because they have kids there. I don’t like kids. Most of them are horrible horrible beings. Of course there are nice ones who would not pull your hair or jump on your bed while you’re sleeping, but most are mean. They’re the descendents of Satan. They’re evil. Yea sure I was a kid once, but I was the good kid – the ones that don’t break people’s stuff for the sake of breaking them. I don’t break it for any reason at all. The monstrous kids I know? Heh. They’d mess up your room, pinch you, kick your legs, and do just about anything they can cook up with their devilish minds. I swear if they were any taller they’d kick you right at the crotch.

I got to my aunt’s place and She-Monster was having her dinner in the kitchen. He-Monster was nowhere to be found. I planted my butt on the sofa hoping that she-monster would take forever to finish her food, or better still, choke on it. *snigger* Right next to me, on the sofa, was another plate of rice. Must be He-Monster’s. Just then, He-Monster came in.

“Wanna see some magic? I can do magic.”

“Never mind. Finish your dinner.”

The only magic I wanna see from him is some disappearing act.

Both the monsters were is a good mood today. He-Monster finished his dinner and just sat there watching TV minding his own business while She-Monster, who had also finished her dinner, danced around naked. Somehow I did hope that they’d do some nasty thing to me so I can blog all about it and curse them to my heart’s glee, but no, they didn’t. There, another day in my life. Now I shall post this and go visit the pages I usually visit, all over again.

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