Thursday, August 28, 2008

And plop it goes down

Runawaycat has to run away again! Actually this is last week's story but's yours truly in her room getting ready to escape. 80L bag doesn't look that big does it? Maybe I should get a bigger one next time.

And here's my new 'haven'. But I don't have much to complain other than the lousy internet connection.

None of these pictures have anything to do with the title of this post. I was just trying to kill two posts with one :) Understand? Oh by the way, the reflection in the mirror, it's not me. Stop guessing.

If I were to really show you a picture of what the title is all about, I think you wouldn't be able to take it. It'd be so hardcore, you would cry and beg for mercy.

So tell me, what goes plop? Why, that would be shit of course. The toilet in the hostel can't be flushed so each time after you do your business you'll have to wash it down with the hose connected to the tap.

Just so you know, my poop here is almost beautiful. (Let's not go to how beautiful it is, ok? Though I wouldn't mind.) And when you wash it down, it goes all down with a big heavy plop. Exciting, no? Plop. Plop. Fun. You can even estimate the distance it travelled before hitting the other end. I say it's about three quarters of a foot. And the loudness justifies its weight. I didn't think it'd be that heavy.

Now I feel so much better. I couldn't share this with my room mates. They'd probably think I'm a fruitcake. I'm disgusting aren't I? But the plop, nothing else will sound like it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marked Down

After going through a fair amount of procrastination, I have finally come to post this entry in response to Philos’. He was fussing over (Ok maybe he wasn’t. I just wanna make him sound like he is :P) what a bargain he got with Lays potato chips and about discount conspiracies. It was still a bargain though but I don’t really care coz Lays will always be expensive to me and it’s not all that nice anyway.

So I was telling him that I’ve seen prices being marked down before being discounted. I’m starting to sound like a grandma telling stories aren’t I? Anyway, point is, I came across the same situation again.

Here’s the price tag of a shirt I bought for 70% off:

You can see that the price has been marked down before. If you don’t trust the price ticket at the bottom, I have another pic that shows the price ticket hidden underneath the new one:

So yay! Prices aren’t always marked up. In fact, they do get marked down, sometimes. Uh…the end.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


OMFG!!! They just grabbed my last piece of entertainment right out of my hands!!! Just like that!!! I was 'happily' (relatively) streaming (extremely slowly) from Crunchyroll last night and today it has been blocked!!!!!!!! OMFGGGGG!!!! What the f*ck is wrong with these people trying to suck every possible life out of you?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How you define a lifeless soul

If you live in a shabby room, it’s still a life. If there’s practically no entertainment and the most hip shopping mall is worse than the worst mall back home, you’ll still survive. But if the internet connection sucks and you cannot visit your favourite webpages because it’s being freaking blocked, then I tell you, you have no life.

Yours truly have no life. All the energy in me has been sucked out when I found out how the connection here sucked. I have no complains about the shabby room, or the relatively undeveloped environment. But you don’t take away one’s internet. No. That’s the next worst thing you could ever do to someone next to taking away their freedom. Heck I’ll even give up on sleeping late and waking at 6 am everyday for a better connection.

Oh just in case you’re wondering what happened to me, I’ve come to Kelantan as part of my uni course.

Let’s list down the things that are slowly eating away my life.
1. The connection sucks big time.

2. Firefox doesn’t work with this connection, god knows why. And now that I’ve gotten used to Firefox, and webpages I visit function better with Firefox, they decide to make my life suck even more by taking it away. Sheesh, even Yahoo Mail can’t load properly with IE, what’s there left to say about Gmail?

3. Megaupload and Mediafire is totally blocked. There goes my Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen and Himitsu no Arashi-chan. I can’t log into IRC. There goes the dramas I download from the IRC servers. My one and only source now is Crunchyroll which streams at a speed 10 times slower than at home.

4. This is practically the only detectable WiFi in this area. No WiFi service outside campus. Geez I don’t even know if there’s one 300 km away. It wouldn’t matter. I have no car now so I can’t possibly carry the laptop around this sad town.

5. Did I say this is a sad town?

6. Things here are more expensive. One would expect things in small towns to be cheaper but nooo…The reason is they don’t produce these things and have to ‘import’ them from neighbouring states? (i.e. Penang? Since it’s cheaper there? :/) I don’t remember Penang producing instant noodles and biscuits and bla bla bla. I thought we produce electronics. Oh well, I suppose I don’t know my home so well. Well of course there are certain things which are cheaper. Bah. Whatever. I can’t have keropok everyday.

Let’s share one interesting story with you. On the way here, we passed a place in another state, I don’t know, maybe it was Grik. The bus stopped there (which sold food at amazingly high prices, higher than KL) for lunch. I went to the paid toilet (which is also more expensive than elsewhere) and saw a notice which says you have to remove your shoes and wear the slippers provided before you go in. Huh???? I’m sorry, come again?! I was not only confused. I was VERY confused. Who goes to a public toilet this way?! And it’s not like it’s a 7 star toilet. I rate it 1 star. Take off my shoes? Not even in you dreams man.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Geometry is disgusting

One of the few things that I absolutely cannot look at is identical geometrically shaped little things placed in a certain repetitive design. Remember the email which was circulating around since years ago about this woman who had stuff growing out of her breasts after visiting Africa? Yea? Yea, that geometrically shaped holes arranged in a repetitive pattern. Remember? It doesn’t matter if it really happened. I couldn’t sleep or eat without having flashes of those disgusting holes for a whole week.

And now the nightmare is repeating itself. I came across something which matched those criteria – identical geometrically shaped little things arranged in a certain order on the rearlamp of my car. They were yellowish, shiny, and oval-like shaped, about 5 times smaller than a sesame seed, aligned in rows of 4 or 5, I don’t know, I can’t afford to picture it any longer otherwise I would puke all over my laptop. Too bad I didn’t have a camera or my phone with me at that time. But that could be a good thing. I don’t need pictures of it plastered over my blog to remind me of it. No thank you.

They looked like eggs and I bet they were. God knows what’s developing inside. Shit. Now I feel itchy all over. I hate living things with 6 or more legs. It creeps me out. I hate looking at scales too. They’re repetitive. I’m fine with scales on fishes but not if they are scales growing out of a furry animal. Fuuoooaah stop imagining!

I have to crush it. Crush those eggs. Make it messy. Of course not with my fingers. No fucking way. Maybe with a long stick or something. I should imagine myself doing it right now. And break all those geometrical holes in that woman’s breast. Maybe dip a stick into one of those holes and start stirring vigorously until all those holes become one huge hole. Must destroy it. Must.

Shit. There it is again. Flashes of those yellowish stuff. My mind! My mind! AhHhhHHh!!! My mind!!!