Sunday, August 3, 2008

Geometry is disgusting

One of the few things that I absolutely cannot look at is identical geometrically shaped little things placed in a certain repetitive design. Remember the email which was circulating around since years ago about this woman who had stuff growing out of her breasts after visiting Africa? Yea? Yea, that geometrically shaped holes arranged in a repetitive pattern. Remember? It doesn’t matter if it really happened. I couldn’t sleep or eat without having flashes of those disgusting holes for a whole week.

And now the nightmare is repeating itself. I came across something which matched those criteria – identical geometrically shaped little things arranged in a certain order on the rearlamp of my car. They were yellowish, shiny, and oval-like shaped, about 5 times smaller than a sesame seed, aligned in rows of 4 or 5, I don’t know, I can’t afford to picture it any longer otherwise I would puke all over my laptop. Too bad I didn’t have a camera or my phone with me at that time. But that could be a good thing. I don’t need pictures of it plastered over my blog to remind me of it. No thank you.

They looked like eggs and I bet they were. God knows what’s developing inside. Shit. Now I feel itchy all over. I hate living things with 6 or more legs. It creeps me out. I hate looking at scales too. They’re repetitive. I’m fine with scales on fishes but not if they are scales growing out of a furry animal. Fuuoooaah stop imagining!

I have to crush it. Crush those eggs. Make it messy. Of course not with my fingers. No fucking way. Maybe with a long stick or something. I should imagine myself doing it right now. And break all those geometrical holes in that woman’s breast. Maybe dip a stick into one of those holes and start stirring vigorously until all those holes become one huge hole. Must destroy it. Must.

Shit. There it is again. Flashes of those yellowish stuff. My mind! My mind! AhHhhHHh!!! My mind!!!


joyfulchicken said...

I demand pictures!

philos said...

Err... you high?

Anonymous said...

so funny! but i think you have a point many legs are just disgusting and creepy. good luck with the crushing thing. try to poison them first before crushing them. bet it would be fun, but disgusting.

Anonymous said...

i'd link you up.

CY said...

To a certain extent, our body is symmetrical too. You wanna destroy yourself? O.o

runawaycat said...

I just realized my comment from last week is not here! Blogger sucks!

JC - I doubt you're asking for the eggs. It's either the holes or the breasts and my money is on the latter :)

Philos - What...?

Prinsesamusang - Your name gives me a picture of a fox princess :)
I didn't crush it. Had to use three layers of tissue to remove it. Yuck.

CY - Deviation!

gianne said...


you've just made me remember that horrible picture. i think it's just one of those pictures that i'd rather never ever see, even under torture. going to foreign countries and getting an innocent itch on boob is now a cause of massive worry and checking wtf

philos said...

Well this sure sounded like a DUI (Done under the influence) to me... do you mean cockroach eggs?

runawaycat said...

gianne - Something is wrong either with blogger or me coz I remember replying to you but it disappeared! Well it sounds fake to me. I mean how can you not realize there's something not right (i.e holes growing into your breasts) until they become so nicely *yuck* formed? *yuck*

philos - Sorry? I don't get you again :P
I don't think they're cockroach eggs.