Friday, December 19, 2008

Free cable and your dreams

You’re the third person to be hearing this from me; my dreams are so real! It’s like whatever I wanted to do or never had the chance to do in real life, I get to do it in my dreams. Cool, huh? It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “in your dreams, sucker”. Yes, I’ll do it in my dreams, thank you.

This only happened recently. I was supposed to pass a message to someone but never quite had the chance to, but I got the message through in my dream. And then there was another time I thought, hmm it’s been some time since I asked my friend out and guess what? I asked her out in my dream that very night. There are a bunch others but you don’t want to hear them.

Lately they even come in complete storylines. It’s like a script carefully written for the screens. Really, my dreams have never been so real and interesting before. It’s got the protagonist (usually me, ha ha ha), the climax, the ending, etc. How cool is that?? This is one of the reasons I love to sleep. Who doesn’t? Heh heh.

Man, if they’re real, it’d be dating the likes of Fukuyama Masaharu and Kim Jae Won and living in a mansion (Now, that’s what I call dreaming while you’re awake. These don’t happen in my dreams. They’re pretty down to earth, too bad). Earth calling mars. Come back Runawaycat.

Now, the problem is this. Because I have realistic…Wait, so it’s realistic now? I thought it was supposed to be an interesting TV drama? Fine, so they’re both interesting and realistic. Wow, this could make me big bucks in Hollywood. Ok back to the problem. You see, I can’t tread water like really tread water. What?? I move around when I try to tread water. That’s not really treading water anymore is it? That’s swimming -_-“ It’s probably coz I make significant arm strokes…whatever you call it, at the same time. But that’s swimming! I know that you idiot. If I don’t move my hands I’ll sink like titanic.

So now, the problem is… What? Another problem? I think I can tread water already. Or so I think…It’s pretty clear in my mind that I’ve already learnt it but the thing is, as far as I can’t remember, the last time I entered the pool was like 2 years ago (That’s how much I hate the water. Makes me wonder why I throw a shitload of money to learn scuba diving. Sigh. Youth). I would never remember it so clearly if it happened 2 years ago. So you see, the yin of having realistic dreams is that it’ll mess up your mind. I’m not sure if I learnt it in my dreams (which isn’t really learning) or I can tread water without looking like an idiot now. Which is it??

Only way to find out – jump into the pool! But that’s not likely gonna happen.

500 words just to make a point.
Wait, how do I tread water again? Okay, I’m waking up. It really must have been a dream.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Almost birthday post

You know there was supposed to be a birthday post. I was looking forward to write one a couple of months ago, about how perfect 2008 was and how enlightening life being 22 years old was.

I was going to tell you about the things I did this year; improved my photoshop skills (though still crappy), subbed the Japanese TV show Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (that was tough job so I’ll never do it again anytime soon), finished reading all my japanese study books…wait I’m sure there are more…traveled the most? Yea, yea, probably. What else? Man, I should have made a list.

And I was also supposed to tell you how I bought a cake and ate it whole with a spoon, sitting on my car hood, watching the plane fly by above me. So Taiwanese drama. Ack.

And then the day came. And then there was total silence. I got lazy and spent most of my time on the bed. Right. That was how it all went. Who cares? It’s just another day.

And right now, I want to eat a cake. And I want udon. My two friends actually celebrated for me 2 weeks earlier in a Japanese restaurant. Yummy. I want fattening food. I don’t care, I’m getting donuts this Sunday.

This is starting to sound like a blog which I would never write – a diary.

I got a mail yesterday. As in, in my letter box. The one made of steel, where you can open it with a key. No, not the one where you open with your index finger and a mouse.

It was by dmail2u, whatever that is. I’ve never heard of it. Funny thing is they know my surname, and that I’m a girl (deduced from the fact that they addressed me as Ms.), my birthday and my address. If they were randomly sending out mails they wouldn’t get all these details right, would they? I googled it and still couldn’t comprehend what this is all about. I checked their website which was of no help. Check it out yourself.

Anyway, in this mail was a booklet of adverts with offers valid during your birthday month. I didn’t go through it thoroughly because the offers were like expensive spas, hotel stays, steamboat, etc which pretty much doesn’t suit a cheapskate like me. You know what they should send this kinda stuff to the friends and family of the person with the birthday. Don’t you just agree?

Well, that’s all from my almost came true birthday post. Let 23 be an even better time!