Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tree of Heaven

There’s a new drama series on TV today. The instant I turned on the TV and heard the familiar Mandarin dubbed voices, I knew it was a Korean drama. Because I missed the first 15 minutes, I didn’t know what was going on.

There was this girl who was making hand signals to this guy telling him not to enter the rooms he wanted to go in. I thought the girl was mute but I later realized it was because he couldn’t understand her language, hence the gestures. Since this is a Korean drama I thought the guy was from Japan and couldn’t understand Korean. But when he went to school he was told to introduce himself in Japanese. Huh?? Japanese school? Is this Japan? This is not a Japanese drama, is it? No!!! A Japanese drama dubbed with the typical Mandarin voices of Korean dramas!? I’m gonna puke!

It appears that I’ve got it the wrong way around. The guy is actually from Korea and everyone else is Japanese. Hmm. They all look Korean except for one bitchy girl. Wow. Confused! This is what you get when you dub a movie especially when they’re doing this mixed language thing. You don’t know who is speaking what. As I watched, I was getting more and more convinced that this is actually a Korean production because:

  1. They all look Korean.
  2. Her father’s dead, her mother remarried, and she suddenly has a step brother. Keyword: stepbrother.
  3. Her father’s sister is a bitch and ill-treats her when her mother is on her honeymoon. Clue: abusive old bitch
  4. The old bitch plans to sell away her family inn when her mother isn’t around. No brainer: This only happens in Korean dramas. You can sell away other’s properties.

Need I say anymore?

The Korean looking Japanese girl (she’s Korean, any idiot can see that) spoke quite a lot throughout the episode – compared to her stepbrother who’s completely mute – which makes me wonder, can she speak fluent Japanese? Maybe she can but I wouldn’t know because of the god damned dubbed voices. So I got curious and did a search in Youtube. Well it turns out she can but the actor playing her stepbrother probably can’t because apparently his role is autistic. Nice going, scriptwriter. Easy role. I can play that too. Put me in Bollywood and I’ll do just fine doing the Charlie Chaplin. Next thing you know, I’m standing alongside Aishwarya Rai. Yay!

I’m not going to continue watching this show because I know how it’ll go already. They’ll move to Korea somewhere in episode 3 or 4 because then they can all speak their native language. She’ll fall in love with her stepbrother and he’ll start talking because of her and love her too but they can’t be together because they’re somehow in a sibling relationship yada yada yada. The typical storyline. I really don’t understand how this thing can sell. I mean, one or two is okay but almost all? Really, nine out of 10 Korean dramas they show on TV revolves around brother-sister love and ill-treatments. Come on, don’t you have anything new? I can close my eyes, randomly type and yet come up with a better story. Here goes…

Fgnkrit ilkg ioeriefl awielsf il!

That was a line in my story writing attempt. It says “Kneel down and bow to me for I am here to conquer your world!” It’s about this weird looking man who claims to be from planet Dobadoo but he’s actually just schizophrenic or is he? You can’t read it because he speaks Dobadoo language, duh.

I wonder how their fairy tales are like. Bitchy stepmother tries to kill Snow White but she is saved by 7 midgets and soon finds out she has a stepbrother from her father’s Xth marriage, they fall in love and lives happily ever after. Or in another story, Cinderella gets ill-treated by her steps and a prince comes to her rescue but he turns out to be her brother therefore they can’t be together and her stepsister tries to seduce him and Cinderella looks on while the prince obeys stepsister yada yada yada. *shudders* Why do I have a feeling it’s all going to be the same?

Now, Korean drama fans, if you happen to do a search on the drama and read this, you can counterattack all you want. I have my bazookas ready.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chit Chap Kor!

If you understand Hokkien/Fukkien, watch this from 2:35 to 3:55. Really funny I laughed hard! Okay maybe it may not be as funny to you. So what? Just watch it. You can ignore the parts before and after that.

Can you turn on the spaeker please?

That was not a typo. I repeat, that was not a typo.

I’ve been using this computer for 1 and a half years and I just noticed this:



I had to make a ‘house’ for the monitor today, to cover it up so others cannot see it (don’t ask me why). I took the largest box from the store room which had just the right size to fit a computer monitor. But I was too stupid to realize it wasn’t deep enough before cutting the box cover off (the part that folds to close the box, if you know what I mean) So, due to my near sightedness, I had to reconnect pieces of the cardboard box which I had cut off.

Work ends at 2pm today but since I was not done with the box yet, I thought I’d stay back and finish it. It was 80% done anyway, I might as well finish it before I go. But the thing is, there’s an auntie that works the same shift as me too, who for some reason has to go back on the dot. She can’t do a little extra and yet too paiseh* to leave alone. As I cut the cardboard sheets…

Auntie: It’s time to go back, leave the rest for K (another colleague).

Me: Never mind, you go first, I want to finish this.

Auntie: *facial expression changes a little* Let me help you stick it together. *grabs scotch tape before I could do anything*

Me: Uh…okay. *puts the pieces together*

She starts sticking the cardboard together with the tape in a rather hasty way. You know, if you don’t stick the tape properly, it’ll create creases, and I hate that! I absolutely hate that! And that was exactly what she was doing in her hastiness. At that point I was starting to get annoyed already. I know you want to go back, so go back! You don’t have to help me finish my work faster so you can go back! So stop rushing me!

There was one more piece for me to cut and stick together but she quickly took one that was left over from the one previously cut.

Auntie: Nah, use this.

I took it and tried to match them.

Me: No, it doesn’t fit. I’ll have to cut another one.

Auntie: *sounding persuasive* It won’t matter la. Just stick it together. It’s OK one. *grabs scotch tape again*

Me: *throws that cardboard away* Never mind, I want to cut another one. I want it to fit nicely.

I tried to say it as nice as possible, as if I wasn’t aware that she was rushing me and that I was getting angry. My annoyance level was reaching its peak and I was trying to not show it. I then took a new cardboard and started cutting it. She stood and watched. Peer pressure! As soon as I was done cutting the thick piece of cardboard, again she tried to grab the scotch tape. But I was faster! HAHAHA! No creases this time!

After sticking it together, a customer came so I left the box for a few seconds to see if my help was needed. K got everything handled so I went back to my box. Where’s my box!? It seems that the auntie had already taken the box and put it over the monitor, and she did it the wrong way round. No! No! No! That’s not how you do it! And I’m not done with the box yet! Worst of all, she had already kept the scissors and tape I used! *annoyance level peaked* How is she so fast?!

I smiled and said nicely that she was putting it the wrong way and I’m not done with it yet and quickly grabbed the box. I continued taping the edges and K came to help as the auntie looked on. As I put the final piece of tape in its place and took it to the monitor, the boss walked past, towards the toilet. Seeing that, the auntie quickly grabbed her bag, bid goodbye, and ran off.

Ahh…My box, all done! The boss came out, and I took my stuffs, ready to go.

Me: Bye everyone!

K: Bye!

Boss: Neko ar, you’re so bad la.

Me: Huh?

Boss: You made her go back late! *starts laughing*

You see, once, this auntie abandoned whatever she was doing just like that exactly on the dot when her shift was over. She just left everything on the table and ran off. So it was funny that she couldn’t go today because the boss was there and I didn’t want to go yet too.

Boss: Next week, we can all put up an act. You stay for an extra hour and I don’t go to the toilet, see what happens!

Oh no! It’s 2 pm! My carriage is turning into a pumpkin! We gotta go~~~!!!

Footnote: *paiseh: the only word I can think of is ‘shy’ which is not right in this context. ‘Paiseh’ here means something like ‘not nice to do something~’, in this sense, it is not nice to leave alone when your colleague who works the same shift as you hasn’t left. If you know the word for it, tell me!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sawadee ka

Last week, Music Station was showing its viewers the singers who are famous outside Japan. They’d show a map of the country where the singers are famous in. When they mentioned Thailand, obviously they showed the map too, but for no reason, in those 2 seconds when they showed the map, I was Thai.

I shaded this myself, as how it was showed in the programme.

I didn’t know Thailand’s border was extended that far. Well it is, at least for whomever in Music Station that made that map. Does Malaysia even exist? I dare not think.

Dressed for the occasion

For the past two days I’ve been watching Hard Gay on Youtube. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, and it doesn’t matter coz it’s really funny. Personally, I don’t like guys who think with their dick, talk with their dick, or act with their dick. But I guess it’s okay for entertainment purposes. Some of my favourites:

Ramen (he's just scary!)
Social Improvement 3 part 1 (this is a series where he goes out and help people on the streets. The last part in the gas station is really funny, but it's only funny if Hard Gay does it)
Hard Gay and Tomy part 1 (hard persistence!)
Hard Gay and Tomy part 2 (he really doesn't know when not to cross the line)
Yahoo! part 1 (another of his persuading techniques)
Yahoo! part 2
I wonder, after all the persuasions, how would his hard gay pride take it if he's still rejected?
Cupid part 1

Okay that was a bit too much. You can search for more if you really liked watching it.

If it wasn’t for a class reunion, I’d still be home watching Hard Gay. The reunion didn’t turn out to be a reunion after all because only six people turned up. Some didn’t bother to reply the organizer’s message, which really is a piss, and some preferred to play Maple instead, which is even more of a piss.

The point of this post is my embarrassment. No, I did not stumble and fall on my face, nor did I recognize the wrong people to be my classmates. I’m not 90. I got there with black boots and bag, a blouse, and smelling like J’adore, while the oh-so-few people who turned up wore T-shirt and khakis. In short, I overdressed; I was in formal clothes, what the lecturers in my school would be happy to see except for the part with the jeans. *face turns pink* Man, at that time I wish I could just blend into the surroundings and disappear.

Next time I go for these things, I’m making sure I have thongs (slippers, mind you, what were you thinking of?) and T-shirts at hand. Well, ‘next time’ is a long time ahead for me to be planning how casual I should be. I’m off to watch more Youtube now. Adieu~

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Debu Note

You know, I don't have to build up my stamina so I don't go all breathless after swimming 25 meters. All I need is this:

I can make everyone fat. Then they'll be worse than me. I doubt they'll be able to walk 25 meters without panting. Yay! Tell me, who doesn't want this note?

Friday, June 22, 2007


There are all sorts of people in this world. Some weird, some nice, some kind, some weird, oh ya I mentioned that already, some mean, some really mean you’d want to slit their throat and watch the blood ooze out till it dries and lots more. Hmm…whatever I said doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m about to say but who cares. This is partly the result of the rude fat guy which I will come to later.

Last night at about 12:20am I heard a commotion outside my apartment. I looked out the window and saw people, a lot of people! They were clad in white shirt walking down the road. Uh…walkathon? At midnight?! Nah… I told my mom and she came to look too.

Me: Hey there are so many people on the street!
Mom: Where?
Me: Huh? Where? Are you telling me I’m seeing ghosts? A lot of ghosts? *shivers* There, On the streets!
Mom: Oh, that.

Huh? That was her response? A road which is usually, correction, always deserted at night is suddenly filled with strange people in white shirt and your response is “Oh, that.”???

Then this morning we went to the sports center where there was a food fair. The fair was inside the stadium-like place which has two entrances, one leading to the ground of the stadium, the other to the top. I didn’t know the fair was at the top and I was lazy to climb up, you know me, so I thought I’d enter through the ground level entrance. Then this fat guy rudely called out, “Hoi, hoi,” and pointed to the other entrance. Excuse me, is my name Hoi? Did your mother not teach you not to call people that? Or were you raised by bears and only knows how to growl at people with your limited vocabulary of “Hoi”? Man, I swear I would have given him the homicidal stare if only my killer nerve impulses traveled any faster. Usually my reaction to this kind of people would be an innocent, blank, confused look followed by an “Oh”. And then I walk three steps and my killer instincts would only kick in but by then it would be too late for it to be cool. You don’t walk away three steps and then turn around staring at him expecting him to see that, do you? I wonder how he feels at the end of the day, after a series of incivilities. *prays* Make my face appear in his head whenever he tries to sleep tonight. Make my face appear in his head whenever he tries to sleep tonight. That should teach him not to growl at me again. Hmph!

After going around the place twice, this girl who was promoting something pops up and calls me. “Oh hie!” I said, as my head frantically tried to place her. Who the hell is this? Think, Neko, think! Pretend you know her first. Thankfully we didn’t stop to talk and just exchanged hellos and continued walking. Until now I still can’t quite place her. I tried imagining her in Form 6 school uniform but it still doesn’t seem right. Then who is she? Is she the girl who went to Form 6 and later transferred after a few weeks? I must have known her from there, there’s nowhere else I can think of.

After the food fair, we went to the supermarket to get some stuffs and I approached this man at a shop selling handicraft materials.

Me: Do you have magnetic buttons?
Man: Magnetic button? How?
Me: -_-“ A button made of magnet…?

You ask me how? How am I supposed to answer that? A round object made of silver coloured matter which exerts a magnetic field around it and is able to act as a button when a similar object exerting the opposite field is placed near it? What’s so difficult to understand? I’ve met enough people today. I’m going home.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

*gulp* *choke, choke* Help!!!

I don’t think anybody who reads this can beat me in having the most boring life. I wake up at lunchtime, stare at the computer for a couple of hours, laze around the house, stare at the computer for a couple of hours more, don’t know what I do after that – you can fill in the blanks – and finally watch some TV before I go to bed and again repeat the same cycle. I go through this whenever I’m not working or not hanging out with friends, which I don’t because everyone has much less boring life than mine. As much as I hate my current situation, I shudder at the thought of going back to school. Okay let’s not go there. What I wanna talk about today is the invitation to go swimming.

A friend asked if I’d like to go swimming with them to which I hesitated at first but agreed later. Why not? I haven’t been swimming for months and surely it’ll be great. Not. After 25 meters of breaststroke, I was breathless. Even this two can’t produce the same effect.

Unless I get a smooch from them. Ahh…*lost in fantasyland*

That time I was mid way to the other end and mind you, it’s 2.5 meter deep at the center of the pool. I was panting – and trying to hide it – grabbing hold of the pool edge. What a loser. I managed to go to the other end at last, took a rest and swam back. I didn’t do another round. By that time my shoulders felt stiff, like it could break any time soon, so I just swam around close by. I can’t go that 50 meters distance again or I’ll sink to the bottom like a rock midway through. I’m beginning to suspect it’s my breathing that gets me short of breath and all. I’m not breathing right. Not swimming right either. The last time I ever swam in the right manner was 8 years ago, I know because I was getting lessons from someone who trained the state swimming team or something. Now I’m as good as a drowning cat. So much for the paid lessons.

Wanna know what else spoilt swimming for me? My goggles leaked water. Yay! Now I don’t have goggles. Heck, it feels weird anyway. For the past few months, whenever I’m in the water I’d have a mask on. Goggles are tiny compared to the mask and that made it feel weird on my face.

I just got a message from my friend telling me she’s very sad because a customer told her she looked 30 even though she’s only 23. Hey is that even a problem compared to my fashionable dog-panting, almost drowning, reality bomb experience? Get a grip.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guess how much

I have a feeling this place is turning into a food blog. Hahahah! I went out to get snacks today. There was this section in the supermarket which was doing a Japanese and Korean food fair. Yay! Foods imported from those places are usually really expensive and now they’re having 20-50% discount. My mom took a look at the snack that was on a 50% discount and saw that the expiry date was this month. She’s good at that, always looking at expiry dates. And they must be months and months away before they expire or she won’t buy it, even though we’ll eat it straight away, or at least I’ll do it for her. She asked the promoter whether they’re giving discounts because it’s expired. Guess what she said. “No, they printed the dates wrong.” What kind of an answer is that?? A kind where you try to con people into buying lousy goods, or more like ‘bads’.

Damn! I so wanted to buy them. It’s still expensive after discount but without discount it’ll be super expensive. But it’s expired or going to, so in this case I’m standing on my mom’s side. I did get 4 boxes of snacks from that section, ones without discount. And I got Pocky, but it has Thai words printed on one side. I initially took 5 different types but mom intervened. It’s gonna expire soon, yada, yada, yada. Here are the snacks, together with the others that I got.

Guess how much. If you guess right, I’ll treat you to a movie. You are permitted to a +/- 50 cents error. See, I’m being so nice. If it's not geographically convenient, I’ll give you something else. Haven’t thought about that yet. Oh and, all answers must be in by Saturday 10pm.

Terms and conditions apply.

And here’s the answer to Pic: Sex me. About time.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Danger! Inflation!

I ate a lot today (well, yesterday to be exact, hate this in-the-middle-of-the-night thing). I ate and ate when I was working. I ate when I got home from work. I finished a pack of Rocky sticks, the cheaper version of Pocky sticks, and some other stuff I can’t quite recall right now. The food goes down, not up. I don’t remember what I ate.

Then I took a nap and was later woken up by the hoo-has of my cousin’s wife and my auntie who had just visited. I took a bath, realized my mom didn’t cook, and turned hungry again but I couldn’t go out for a snack because my cousin’s wife is a snacker. A big one. I hate it when she comes. If you don’t keep her busy she’ll start rummaging through your fridge and kitchen looking for food. MY food.

So I had to withstand my hunger, oh, you don’t know how torturous it was. It’s like you can hear the snacks calling out to you but you can’t go to them because if you do, you risk sharing it with Miss Big Snacker. I remember once many many years ago when my auntie bought me lots of Ferrero Rocher chocolates only to have her finish like half of it right after we got home! It was like a contest to see who can eat the most Ferrero Rocher in the shortest amount of time. Damn, if my auntie didn’t coerce her home, she never would and my chocolates would never be able to live to see my heavenly fridge. I remember that day. The day I thought I had lots of Ferrero Rocher to myself, but that thought was crushed the instant we got home from the supermarket. I will never let such a scenario happen again. I don’t share food! I bite! Chomp! Chomp! Now, shoo!

Well anyway I ended up having instant noodles for dinner. *pfttt* Supper came and I was hungry again. It was then that I realized. My food stock is finishing. I only have seaweeds, some rice crackers, and…nothing else! Biscuits don’t count. Okay they do but there’s only one type left anyway. It’s almost reaching the danger zone. Oh no! When was the last time I went to bed starved? Three days ago? Four? I can’t go through that again. Go stock up again tomorrow? But this is not a solution! I can’t be doing this every other day. I’ll burn a big hole in my pocket. I need free unlimited supply of good food! Anybody wanna advertise food for free? I don’t accept cash so it can be considered free. All you need to do is send me the food products you wanna advertise. Deal?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just a little update

Just a little update. I’ll probably change to cbox soon. Just putting it up here to remind myself. And I’ll also be putting up music videos from now on. Yippie! I just had to tell the world about it. Yup, that’s me. I can’t keep quiet about something. Music videos! And you must click it. You must. Or your computer explodes. So what is it? Click or KABOOM?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Barking Cat

There was a post in Chickenmafia where Joyfulchicken showed us a video of a dog raping a duck. And later in the comments section the conversation switched to Carnifex’s dog BLEEPing (as he puts it) cats. It always switches to something other than what’s in the posts. Well, Joyfulchicken said dog + cat would give you CatDog but CatDog is fiction, JC. It’s fiction. Wanna see what’s real? This is:


This dog in the picture gave birth to three puppies out of which one looked like a cat. Obviously the dog has been seeing a cat behind her partner’s back.

I don't like fish

I was browsing through the caller tunes list looking for Japanese songs. ‘Caller tunes’ here is what your caller gets to listen to, instead of the normal dial tone, when they call you. I presently have 2 but I’m getting sick of it, well I presume my callers are getting sick of it, and I want to have Japanese songs. But guess what? There were so little songs and most of them are from Ayaka, Ayumi Hamasaki, and lots of Utada Hikaru. I don’t listen to any of them. And they even mixed some Korean into that category. Are they stupid or what? I don’t think it’s ‘what’. So I tried browsing through the Korean category to see what they have. Whoa! 3 times the number of songs in the Japanese category!

What is wrong with the Japanese? Why don’t they publicize their stuff? There used to be a lot of Japanese dramas on TV but I can hardly find any now. And the CDs are so limited. I can find some of Glay but what I really want is Suga Shikao or Mr. Children. They don’t have any of that and I’m not stupid enough to order through the internet and pay for it through my ass. Don’t wander off to the X-rated area. It just means I have to work till I have blood projecting out of my ass. Understand? Of course you do.

And when they say Asia Tour, it usually means Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai tour. Then it’s back to Japan. Hello? Do you really think Asia is that small? So you think you can survive on your own? Selfish bastards.


I think I’ve been having bad hair days ever since I got my hair cut. ‘Layers’ is a bad idea. Bad bad idea! I wake up with a porcupine head and I can’t tie my hair without it looking like I have patches of no-hair zones. When I tie it up as a ponytail, not only does it look all wrong, it kinda looks like the ponytail of the girl who despises me. I definitely don’t want that. So I tie it up as a bun to get all the hair out of the way but only to get it wavier and more unmanageable later. I can’t take this anymore!!! I think I’ll go cut my hair like hers:

It looks nice on her but it’ll probably make me look like a Chinese High School girl. Then I can join CY with his Chinese High School boy look. Plus I won’t be able to tie it up and it’s going to get in my way. Damn damn damn!

And I hate my mouse! It’s stupid and slow. Sloooooooww. I can’t move from one corner of the screen to the other without my mouse going over the table end. Arghhh!!! Shit!!!

I took a picture of my bad hair day and was supposed to edit it and post it up here. But my mouse was slow, which kills my mood, and I lost the pattern I was supposed to use to cover up my face. I tried to recover it but couldn’t so I tried to reproduce the same one but I can’t remember how I created it the last time. Shit!!! So many ‘buts’ in one simple task!

All I want to do now is curse more about it but my fingers just won’t let me type without making mistakes every 3 seconds. Really pissed right now. Really, really pissed.

Monday, June 11, 2007


It’s 12.45 am, I’m hungry, and there’s absolutely nothing to eat! I have a miserable life! I tried doing things to get my mind off my stomach but I can’t concentrate because I keep telling myself I need to eat! And so I watched TV because you really don’t have to do anything except sit there and watch. One of the channels was showing Arrested Development which can be quite a nice watch but then they started showing them sitting at the table having candlelight dinner! Oh, just give me a small portion of what you’re having and I’ll be content! To make things worse the commercial break showed Kenny Roger’s roasted chicken. Now, Kenny Roger’s chicken is not the best in the world but it is when you’re hungry. They showed the whole freaking chicken all roasted to golden perfection on the TV screen! Ahh…I can smell it now. Do you know how much of a torture I’m going through right now? I’m getting a big breakfast tomorrow, even if I have to go to the end of the world to get it. Hmm…hash brown…dim sum…which should I get? What else are there? I should stop thinking about food.

You need to know me better, trust me you do

If you noticed, I updated my blogger profile. No point looking coz it’s nothing really. I just had this urge to make profiles of myself. You know, you can brag – well not exactly – about yourself there instead of doing it in your blog and sound egoistic and all. And perhaps you can understand me better too and know why I write what I write. I can just say “read this if you wanna know why I’m saying this” instead of having to explain things. Understand? No? Never mind. I don’t too.

Since I don’t know where I can do that I started with my blogger profile. But that wasn’t enough because it was very limited so I started googling for ways I can do that. But what do I google for? I don’t even know what I want actually. Anyway I went and created a LiveJournal account. (Someone I met online said I should get one but I didn’t and we stopped our message exchanges. Got reminded of her when I thought she was someone who commented on one of my posts.) So I thought. Why not?

I’m not the kind of person who likes to create accounts. I hate them. The more you have the more you have to memorize just so you don’t leave remnants here and there and forget about them.

The part I dislike most about creating new accounts would be the part on the username. It’s either the name is taken or it’s not valid and you have to crack your head like a coconut and have all the juice sucked out and still end up with a lousy username. But I got my second choice for LiveJournal which is good.

The next would be the password. This is another part which gets me a little fickle. I’ll need something I can easily remember. I tried one and hit submit. The screen mocked me by saying my password is too easy to figure out and I’ll need a longer one and it must contain at least a number or a symbol. Fine. I entered a longer one with a number/symbol and hit submit. Again the screen threw contempt at me saying my password is too common and I’ll need a complex, convoluted, impenetrable, not so often used password. Wtf? What’s not so frequently used, you tell me! If everyone gets that message they’ll not use the simple “commonly used” passwords and in the end all LiveJournal accounts will have the “not so common passwords” which will in turn become common in LiveJournal.

Can anyone tell me where I can create a profile and link it to my blog? Then I can delete LiveJournal if I find it serves no purpose. I don’t want networking sites like Friendster please. Thank you very much. You can try figuring out my LiveJournal password if you want to. Clue: It’s long, complex, uncommon, and has a number in it.

I wrote this this evening but didn't post it up, I don't think I wanna make profiles anymore, or do I? I don't remember what I said and am just too lazy to reread whatever I wrote. I just want food.

Friday, June 8, 2007

No title

Thinking of a title just kills way too many brain cells.

I’m taking a break from everything. Yea, a break. I need one. I’ll go think of how I can get one now.

In the mean time, there isn’t anyone for me to practice simple Japanese with. Anyone?


Mann-san, issho ni Nihongo hanashimasen ka. Kantan na kaiwa nara, atashi dekimasu.

And how about Chinese?

CY, 我们今天开始讲华语好吗? Hope I got that right. I actually had to consult my mom. My written Chinese sucks big time.

So, I now begin my break. (funny, break can mean many things) I just did a declaration. Lame.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Moon Child

Youtube has been really kind to me lately. It loads just fine. I’m so happy. Just yesterday I watched Moon Child on Youtube. Yea, it loaded fine. I used to get problems where it’ll load the first few seconds and jump straight to the end.

So what is Moon Child all about? Uh…Honestly, after watching it, I still don’t know. It’s one of those movies where you watch till the end and you still can’t get the point in it. I can’t see how the ending is like, which is a good thing because you really don’t want to watch something where you already know the ending after 10 minutes into the show, like the typical Korean dramas. But in this case, I can’t see how the ending is like because there isn’t really a story to begin with. It’s just like your life and my life (ok fine, I don’t know how your life is like, it could be interesting), day in day out, fast forward 10 years then fast forward another 10 again, and you die. Only thing is, it involves vampires. Correction. Vampire. And you thought with a vampire your life could be interesting, but no, the vampire has a boring life too, one just like yours.

There is one thing I can’t help but notice throughout the movie. Costumes. Cool costumes? Yea sometimes. But it’s the fact that they seem to wear the same thing over a span of like…30 years in the movie.

Year 20XX

Notice that fella’s (Hyde) red jacket.

Nine years later

Notice this fella’s (Gackt) white jacket.

And Hyde returns after disappearing for 9 years, escaped in prison clothes, but here he is with his red jacket again.

Gackt dying, his white jacket tainted with blood.

Year 2045

There they are, with the same jacket, after something like 10 years? Ok the years don’t add up right now. Never mind. They should at least get new costumes. Low on budget? I could sponsor them some. I mean it doesn’t make sense that you still wear the same jacket aeons later.

What? Why not? They got new ones? Fine! They got it custom made. I was wrong. So sue me. Happy?

No, really, they should get more costumes.

I wouldn’t want my name up there.

I quite like the ending though. Not the and-they-lived-happily-ever-after ending. It’s more like how I would end my stories (stories I write, not my life story, thank you very much), but not how I’d like the movies I watch to end. Yea I like to watch happily-ever-after movies because it’s only in TV where such a thing exists. So I’m shallow. So what?

The ending line was so my style: "Kei, here comes the sun."

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend watching the movie. Unless you’re a diehard Gackt or Hyde fan. Or Lee Hom’s. Yea he’s in the movie too and he can’t really act. One word to describe the movie? Cheesy could be my word for it, but like I said I don’t really know what it’s all about so…

Oh well, you can’t expect much from a more than four century old amateur writer can you?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pic: Sex me

I used this as my MSN messenger display pic:

Tell me; is the person in this picture a guy or a girl?

Here’s another two to help you:

Gimme your opinions and there may be a part 2 to this post :)

June 19, 2007 : Answer

Thanks for amusing me :P I only asked the question because almost everyone who sees my MSN display pic will ask if it’s a girl. One friend even went overboard by saying it’s a picture of me. -_-“ Either he’s joking or he was standing too far away from the computer screen. I’m guessing it’s the former. So the answer is he’s a HE.

Anonymous – I don’t know if he’s gay. Doesn’t act like it, I think. Anyway thanks for mentioning Rustom Padilla. Never heard of this person before. Now I know who he is. He’s gay just in case you people don’t know.

CY – Did I tell you or did you ask before?

JC – Haha! Good observation. Just in case you people don’t know what he’s talking about, see this.

ItchyHandseng – You’re trying to amuse me aren’t you?

Arthur – And you too right? But your answer is interesting. “Hot” girl. Hmm…

aL – Can…of course can la. No prize also ;P

Well, lazy me finally said something about this. Next quiz!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Pirates: At day's end (huh?)

So I finally got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. But I ended up watching it alone. Well, not exactly. If you consider watching with a friend who sits 3 rows from you not being alone, then it isn’t. Lesson learnt: Do not book your ticket for a “hot” movie just the night before it especially if it’s on a weekend.

For the first time they closed one of the entrance to the multi-storey car park making me make a huge round to go back to the mall (stupid highway-like roads, hate it) and I ended up parking in the outdoor car park. When we entered the cinema it was really full. Thank god my friend got the tickets although we’re seating 3 rows apart. I’ve always wondered how it’ll be like if I go to the movies alone. Well, now I sorta got a feel of it. No difference actually, because you don’t usually talk when you’re watching a movie, do you? And lucky for me the two girls seating next to me shared the same sense of humour. If not it would have been really weird for me to be laughing alone. The part on the broken toe was really funny. Three of us laughed but I couldn’t stop. I had to shut my mouth up before I start to look like an idiot. I was quivering in my seat though. Had to try to stop that too. Just in case you didn’t know, my friend and I laughed like there was no tomorrow when we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2. There was this scene where they were captured in a net and started swaying from one side of the cliff to another. We both laughed and seeing ourselves laugh only made us laugh louder and louder. Imagine what they person next to us thought. I don’t wanna know.

Well anyway the wait for the movie sucked. They showed endless advertisements and almost showed the national day parades. A friend who watched in another state told me that they showed every year’s parade since the 70’s. What, is it the national day tomorrow? It’s a freaking three months away. With nobody to talk to I chomped on my popcorn and managed to shovel it all down even before the movie started. Yea I had to gobble it all up so I could say I finished it before the movie started. Haha! Nah. Did you think I would really do that for the sake of blogging? Honest blogging?

The guy who sold me the popcorn was grumpy. My friend dragged me away after I got my change because he couldn’t contain his eagerness to tell me bout that guy’s badge. Grumpy guy wore a badge which said: “Tell me if I’m not smiling”. I’m really blind. If only I saw it. I could have said, “You’re not smiling”, and see his response.

I just wanna finish this off. My left eye hurts. Damn.

Oh yea, Jack Sparrow rules. Nobody can ever walk and talk like him and still be lovable.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Seafood Club

Something weird is going on in MSN. Two crazy sisters are starting this thing called the seafood club and they’re making people join. Well, the younger sister, the vice president is making people join. I’m not sure if that’s the right word. Forcing would probably fit better.

VP (I’d like to call her the crazy girl but I have a feeling she’ll kill me if she hears that word again): QUICK




Neko: crab

VP: must put firstname “seafood” lastname (I altered that. My name is Anonymous. Haha)

Neko: yerrr…

VP: fast

VP: fast


Neko: crab

VP: i choose for you

VP: abalone

Neko: ok

She ignored me twice when I said crab. Wondered why. Maybe this is another obsessive-compulsive case. She can’t stop typing. So now I’m abalone. I don’t even eat abalone. I don’t really like seafood in the first place. Anyway, abalone sounds nicer than crab. And more expensive too. I like the sound of that.

Let’s see. They now have (in the order she said it) squid, prawn, shrimp, shark, turtle, jellyfish, clam, sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, oyster, crayfish, lobster, and escargot. Notice she said squid (which is her) before the prawn (the president). Heh.

They’re lacking an eel. Nobody wants to be the eel. Why? Somebody chose to be a sea cucumber but not an eel? I’m going to laugh at the sea cucumber. Mr. Tae. HAHAHAHA!

I think I’m going to send those seafood club members who also happen to be in my MSN list this link.

You guys can tell me the privileges of joining this club. Every club has its privileges. No benefits no club. Well?