Friday, June 22, 2007


There are all sorts of people in this world. Some weird, some nice, some kind, some weird, oh ya I mentioned that already, some mean, some really mean you’d want to slit their throat and watch the blood ooze out till it dries and lots more. Hmm…whatever I said doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m about to say but who cares. This is partly the result of the rude fat guy which I will come to later.

Last night at about 12:20am I heard a commotion outside my apartment. I looked out the window and saw people, a lot of people! They were clad in white shirt walking down the road. Uh…walkathon? At midnight?! Nah… I told my mom and she came to look too.

Me: Hey there are so many people on the street!
Mom: Where?
Me: Huh? Where? Are you telling me I’m seeing ghosts? A lot of ghosts? *shivers* There, On the streets!
Mom: Oh, that.

Huh? That was her response? A road which is usually, correction, always deserted at night is suddenly filled with strange people in white shirt and your response is “Oh, that.”???

Then this morning we went to the sports center where there was a food fair. The fair was inside the stadium-like place which has two entrances, one leading to the ground of the stadium, the other to the top. I didn’t know the fair was at the top and I was lazy to climb up, you know me, so I thought I’d enter through the ground level entrance. Then this fat guy rudely called out, “Hoi, hoi,” and pointed to the other entrance. Excuse me, is my name Hoi? Did your mother not teach you not to call people that? Or were you raised by bears and only knows how to growl at people with your limited vocabulary of “Hoi”? Man, I swear I would have given him the homicidal stare if only my killer nerve impulses traveled any faster. Usually my reaction to this kind of people would be an innocent, blank, confused look followed by an “Oh”. And then I walk three steps and my killer instincts would only kick in but by then it would be too late for it to be cool. You don’t walk away three steps and then turn around staring at him expecting him to see that, do you? I wonder how he feels at the end of the day, after a series of incivilities. *prays* Make my face appear in his head whenever he tries to sleep tonight. Make my face appear in his head whenever he tries to sleep tonight. That should teach him not to growl at me again. Hmph!

After going around the place twice, this girl who was promoting something pops up and calls me. “Oh hie!” I said, as my head frantically tried to place her. Who the hell is this? Think, Neko, think! Pretend you know her first. Thankfully we didn’t stop to talk and just exchanged hellos and continued walking. Until now I still can’t quite place her. I tried imagining her in Form 6 school uniform but it still doesn’t seem right. Then who is she? Is she the girl who went to Form 6 and later transferred after a few weeks? I must have known her from there, there’s nowhere else I can think of.

After the food fair, we went to the supermarket to get some stuffs and I approached this man at a shop selling handicraft materials.

Me: Do you have magnetic buttons?
Man: Magnetic button? How?
Me: -_-“ A button made of magnet…?

You ask me how? How am I supposed to answer that? A round object made of silver coloured matter which exerts a magnetic field around it and is able to act as a button when a similar object exerting the opposite field is placed near it? What’s so difficult to understand? I’ve met enough people today. I’m going home.

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