Friday, June 8, 2007

No title

Thinking of a title just kills way too many brain cells.

I’m taking a break from everything. Yea, a break. I need one. I’ll go think of how I can get one now.

In the mean time, there isn’t anyone for me to practice simple Japanese with. Anyone?


Mann-san, issho ni Nihongo hanashimasen ka. Kantan na kaiwa nara, atashi dekimasu.

And how about Chinese?

CY, 我们今天开始讲华语好吗? Hope I got that right. I actually had to consult my mom. My written Chinese sucks big time.

So, I now begin my break. (funny, break can mean many things) I just did a declaration. Lame.


CY said...

Err... 猫猫, 我的华语不很好... 我们说英文还是 HOKKIEN 好吗? :)

CY said...

Hey, recommend you watch this :)

runawaycat said...

Practice yi sia jiu hao liao bu shi ma? Wo men bu yong xie, jiang jiu ke yi liao. Dan shi ru guo ni bu yau, jiang fu jian hua ye hao la =)

Heh, why that video?

CY said...

Ah! Wo ming bai ni shuo (xie) sher me! :) Wo ken ni shuo, wo bu hen ming bai ni shuo (xie) sher me 'just now', wo yong 'babelfish' bang wo de! :P

Just thought you'd like it ;)

runawaycat said...

Babelfish! Oh ya...I didn't have to consult my mom actually...=P

Heh honestly, it was just ok. I'm not as interested in Lion King as I am in anime =P

runawaycat said...

Thanks anyway! (Hit the publish button too fast)

CY said...

No problem. Just find it cute that's all. Then remembered you have a fetish for Japanese stuffs :P

How come I don't see you in msn?

runawaycat said...

That's coz I didn't log in =)

mann said...

my jap karat already. wait til i get back to sch first =p

runawaycat said...

Mine too but if we practice together then it won't. =)