Monday, June 4, 2007

Pirates: At day's end (huh?)

So I finally got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. But I ended up watching it alone. Well, not exactly. If you consider watching with a friend who sits 3 rows from you not being alone, then it isn’t. Lesson learnt: Do not book your ticket for a “hot” movie just the night before it especially if it’s on a weekend.

For the first time they closed one of the entrance to the multi-storey car park making me make a huge round to go back to the mall (stupid highway-like roads, hate it) and I ended up parking in the outdoor car park. When we entered the cinema it was really full. Thank god my friend got the tickets although we’re seating 3 rows apart. I’ve always wondered how it’ll be like if I go to the movies alone. Well, now I sorta got a feel of it. No difference actually, because you don’t usually talk when you’re watching a movie, do you? And lucky for me the two girls seating next to me shared the same sense of humour. If not it would have been really weird for me to be laughing alone. The part on the broken toe was really funny. Three of us laughed but I couldn’t stop. I had to shut my mouth up before I start to look like an idiot. I was quivering in my seat though. Had to try to stop that too. Just in case you didn’t know, my friend and I laughed like there was no tomorrow when we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2. There was this scene where they were captured in a net and started swaying from one side of the cliff to another. We both laughed and seeing ourselves laugh only made us laugh louder and louder. Imagine what they person next to us thought. I don’t wanna know.

Well anyway the wait for the movie sucked. They showed endless advertisements and almost showed the national day parades. A friend who watched in another state told me that they showed every year’s parade since the 70’s. What, is it the national day tomorrow? It’s a freaking three months away. With nobody to talk to I chomped on my popcorn and managed to shovel it all down even before the movie started. Yea I had to gobble it all up so I could say I finished it before the movie started. Haha! Nah. Did you think I would really do that for the sake of blogging? Honest blogging?

The guy who sold me the popcorn was grumpy. My friend dragged me away after I got my change because he couldn’t contain his eagerness to tell me bout that guy’s badge. Grumpy guy wore a badge which said: “Tell me if I’m not smiling”. I’m really blind. If only I saw it. I could have said, “You’re not smiling”, and see his response.

I just wanna finish this off. My left eye hurts. Damn.

Oh yea, Jack Sparrow rules. Nobody can ever walk and talk like him and still be lovable.


CY said...

Apasai dgn u mia left eye?

mann said...

ahhhhh u watched PoTC already! huhuhuhuhuhuhu =(

runawaycat said...

CY - Tak tau la...skrang tadak sakit lagi

mann - You go watch la -_-

CY said...

Lu pi ngintip orang mandi ya? xD

sugarscamp said...

Yeah!! Johnny Depp is so hot, he'll probably burn through my skirt

runawaycat said...

CY - Eh? How you know?

sugarscamp - Yea! I like the way he walks especially. And he's funny too! Well, Jack Sparrow at least. Don't know bout Depp.