Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dressed for the occasion

For the past two days I’ve been watching Hard Gay on Youtube. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon it, and it doesn’t matter coz it’s really funny. Personally, I don’t like guys who think with their dick, talk with their dick, or act with their dick. But I guess it’s okay for entertainment purposes. Some of my favourites:

Ramen (he's just scary!)
Social Improvement 3 part 1 (this is a series where he goes out and help people on the streets. The last part in the gas station is really funny, but it's only funny if Hard Gay does it)
Hard Gay and Tomy part 1 (hard persistence!)
Hard Gay and Tomy part 2 (he really doesn't know when not to cross the line)
Yahoo! part 1 (another of his persuading techniques)
Yahoo! part 2
I wonder, after all the persuasions, how would his hard gay pride take it if he's still rejected?
Cupid part 1

Okay that was a bit too much. You can search for more if you really liked watching it.

If it wasn’t for a class reunion, I’d still be home watching Hard Gay. The reunion didn’t turn out to be a reunion after all because only six people turned up. Some didn’t bother to reply the organizer’s message, which really is a piss, and some preferred to play Maple instead, which is even more of a piss.

The point of this post is my embarrassment. No, I did not stumble and fall on my face, nor did I recognize the wrong people to be my classmates. I’m not 90. I got there with black boots and bag, a blouse, and smelling like J’adore, while the oh-so-few people who turned up wore T-shirt and khakis. In short, I overdressed; I was in formal clothes, what the lecturers in my school would be happy to see except for the part with the jeans. *face turns pink* Man, at that time I wish I could just blend into the surroundings and disappear.

Next time I go for these things, I’m making sure I have thongs (slippers, mind you, what were you thinking of?) and T-shirts at hand. Well, ‘next time’ is a long time ahead for me to be planning how casual I should be. I’m off to watch more Youtube now. Adieu~


Euri said...

*pats* *pats*

It's okay. You're just damn too cool for them. Over dress? There's no such thing! *lol*

joyfulchicken said...

At least you didn't go dressed like Hard Gay :-P

CY said...

Lol, thongs.

runawaycat said...

euri - Yay!

JC - That was...uh...are you high?

CY - They're slippers, for heaven's sake.

CY said...

I know, just like to annoy you :P

I mean, come on, you talk about hard gay and then you mention thongs. What's the first thing that comes to mind? See, told you so :P

rhey said...

you would probably be sixty for the next one so thongs are going to be really scary...


runawaycat said...

Ahahha luckily the next one will probably be in December ;)

Yea I cannot imagine a 60 year old in thongs...

Arthur Bhenedict said...

hmm... I think the hard gay videos are disgusting hehe... is he even allowed to go near kids like that? =Þ

runawaycat said...

HAhaha! Yea that part is kinda disturbing...But other than that it's funny :P