Friday, May 30, 2008

Ants with brains

I believe I’ve found the world’s smartest ants. Don’t know if you’ve seen them before but they’re more fragile than other ants. Press on them and you can reduce them to fossil (well, given time :P).

I left a cheesebread on the table last night and when I touched it this morning, a line of ants started escaping from it. I immediately went to the kitchen and passed it to the maid before the ants could crawl all over me. Just as I was about ready to crush whichever remaining ant on the table, they were all gone. Smart huh? Stupid…erm…normal ants usually linger around or run aimlessly but this subspecies went into hiding and they did it quickly too. It’s like they steal your food while you’re sleeping but once they know you’re awake, they run and hide. Becareful, they could take over the world after we humans nuke ourselves. Oh wait. They're fragile. The cockroaches still rule then.

P.S.: Hah! I think it's one of those ants that eats bananas. Or maybe they were just hiding. Hmm...

Oishi Sponge Crunch

Nice nice super nice! I can't stop eating! Oishi Sponge Crunch. Mecha mecha oishii desu! They should reward me with more of this for advertising for them :P

Afther I learn how to spell...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Runawaycat in Singapore

Today’s long journey has come to an end! For now I’m just gonna stick at home until tomorrow afternoon.

In the Penang flight to KL, I saw a group of guys who looked like Vietnamese and it turned out they are! Lapchai! I was wearing a cap with the words Vietnam on it and when he saw it he was like, “Vietnam! Are you Vietnamese?” in super fluent English. Too bad I was already seated in the plane and he had to move to the back, like really, really back. So I ended up talking to the Dubai guy next to me.

And during the flight to Singapore from KL, one Chinese sat a seat away from me. I couldn’t discern whether he was a she or a he so I refrained from talking to him/her. It’s dangerous when the situation is this way. You might get in trouble (Just use your imagination). If only a cute guy was sitting next to me. I could have started a conversation and maybe get myself a tour guide, if he’s from Singapore :P

My first flight was with Air Asia and for the first time I thought I’ve finally found an Air Asia flight with nice stewardesses. How wrong was I. When we reached LCCT, the plane stopped for a while and 2 guys stood up to get their bags. The stewardess asked them to sit. Then later the plane moved and stopped again. This time a couple stood up and walked along the aisle. This totally pissed off the stewardess.

“Please sit down” she said in a teacher-threatening voice.
Then she continued, “Can’t you understand simple English?”

Ho ho ho! Monster stewardess.

From this point onwards I’m gonna share my agony with you. My backpack was almost 10 kg, thanks to the compulsory formal wear (which meant extra pairs of shoes too) that I have to bring. And my laptop bag was, what, 4 kg? I don’t know, it’s just goddamned heavy. It was agonizingly painful to carry. And my boarding gate had to be at the very end. Thank you for inventing the travellator, whoever you are! Though I wish you could have made it faster, like the escalator in the MRT stations. Gawd, it totally reflects the hectic Singaporean lifestyle. And when I reached Singapore it had to be the peak hours and I didn’t even get to sit all through the confusing MRT journey. I can’t help but see the sign “Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you” everytime and feel betrayed. Does carrying a 10 kg bag with an almost bent to the max spine, looking like a half-dead fish not count as someone who needs the seat more than all you bastards glued to the seat? When I finally reached my destination, I couldn’t feel my shoulders anymore. I need Yoko Yoko.

And I’m gonna end this now because it’s taxing my shoulders to be typing so much.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Colonel Sanders would be proud

I went out to buy supper just now. I don’t know if it’s the hunger that was making me nauseous or the boredom. I guess it’s both. Anyway I thought McD could do the trick so off I went. Unfortunately it’s Friday night and all the other nauseous people thought they’d flock to McD as well. I couldn’t find a parking space and I can’t risk vomiting in the car so I turned to the less crowded KFC. Expensive and small.

I told the girl I wanted Colonel Burger Combo and she was like, “Colonel burger?”

“Yea, Colonel Burger Combo.”

“Colonel burger? You mean this one? *points to colonel burger image*”

Man I seriously wanted to slap her. Better still, vomit on her. What other Colonel burgers are there? Colonel Ass? Or General Burger? Lieutenant Burger? Sheesh.

Lousy and slow service. Sheesh. I don’t even want to start a racist slur.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which butt stands taller than Lopez's?

You wanna see my new car? You know what? I’ll even throw in my old car.

See, the thing is, it’s taking longer than I expected for me to get used to the new car. First of all it’s longer than the old car. I thought they were the same coz the look the same, but no. This new car sorta eats up all the parking space. And it’s got a rear as high as Jennifer Lopez’s (lying down on her stomach, can't be too explicit) I think I’m gonna have to get it insured like how she did. I can’t freaking see anything behind me (On the rear mirror. Again, you can’t be too explicit with words). I can only see the sky (Ok that was a little exaggerated).

(None are my actual cars)

Old car


I can’t get the specs. The car is so old nobody cared to measure its length back then.

New car

Length: 4.477 m

That’s long isn’t it? According to this site, it's longer than every car it listed there except Toyota Avensis. Is that something like Avanza? Whatever.

Anyway it’s not the length that’s the matter. It’s the butt. I can’t see the big shopping trolley (that some idiot left behind) at my back while I was trying to park the car. Luckily I didn’t take that lot. Yea sure there’s the sensor but I usually park the car following my guts. I hated the sensor. Guess I’ll have to start liking it now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm a stray cat!

I think I know qualify to be a stray cat. The dates of my training in Singapore has been postponed for 1 week and unfortunately for me I've already booked my flights (Huh flightS? If you're wondering, I have not lost my mind...yet. I have connecting flights okay) Now I have 1 week free in Singapore with nothing to do but most importantly NOWHERE TO STAY. Either I pay a tonne to change my flights or I pay a tonne for accommodation in Singapore...Hmm... which is it?

I've searched hostel/guesthouse sites and the cheapest I can find is SGD 12 per person per night. Now the thing is this hostel lists SGD 12 in one site and SGD 18 in another site. Wth? Make up your mind please. But it wouldn't matter because those prices are for private rooms (? It says dorm but the price says whole room. Shouln't you just pay for the bed in dorms?) and I most probably will have to foot the bill of the rest of the invisible beings that will be occupying the 'empty' beds in the room. That would make it unthinkably expensive. Tsk help.

Anyone know of a cheap hostel that caters for a single person? Anyone free enough to keep a cat? Anyone with an empty house looking for someone to look after it for a month? I'll do it free of charge *blink blink*


EDIT: Not a stray cat anymore :P

Wallpaper done!

My 'abandoned' project is finally done. Looks crowded don't you think? Really crowded...You probably know none of them. No Jpop/rock fan reads my blog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camp of a lifetime

I’m back home again after 4 and a half days in Kedah, which is a neighbouring state to Penang. I was there for a school project and we were assigned to stay with families in the area where our project took place, i.e. homestay. The whole program was like attending an army camp yet an anorexic treatment camp at the same time.

It felt like an army camp because our project leader has anger management problem; imagine those generals you see on TV, or your school’s discipline teacher. It was an anorexic camp because our ‘foster parents’ kept feeding us food; not that it’s a bad thing, considering my financial status, but that gained me 1 kg. Some participants had to go out and buy themselves food, whereas I came back home with my packets of security instant mee untouched.

Honestly, for the past 4 days, I sorta hated food. Or should I say I sorta hated lunch, tea, and dinner times. Breakfast was ok because I’d be hungry after a long night’s sleep (long in terms our stomach hours). On the first day I had 2 lunches in 1 hour. Imagine that. When we arrived we ate the lunch that was provided and when we arrived at our foster parent’s home, we had a second lunch. We told them we already had lunch but apparently we were ignored. It’d be rude to not eat so we had to swallow everything down no matter what. Before we even had time to digest our lunches, it was time for tea. Oh the horror. Don’t you call this a camp for anorexics? But, but, but…I still have to say this, thank you for not making me buy my own meals!

The family was nice to us and the auntie even gave us a big ang pau this morning… it’s all about the money hahahah. (I just came back today and I’m tired yet here I am. See how dedicated I am to the what little concerned readers I have :P I deserve a treat, don’t you think?)

As for the army camp, I would have written a 10 page blog 2 days ago if I had access to the computer but I think I’m just gonna forget it now. Too much anger isn’t gonna do me any good, though if you’re interested I’d be glad to tell you, if I still remember, that is. Now I’m just happy it’s over.

So I have another one week before I start packing my bags again. Sigh. I’ve been leading a one-week-stay-home-interval lifestyle for a month now. One week after my finals I went to Vietnam, one week after I came back from there I went to Kedah. Now one week after this I’ll be going to Singapore. And one week after that the new semester would start. I guess this is the busy traveling lifestyle I dreamt of? Not so fun considering I have things to do at home and my fragile paper pocket that’s going to tear anytime soon. I think I’m gonna have to skip the end year holiday. Tsk.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What? Packing bags again?

Did you realize that most of the entries on this page are about my packing bags, leaving the house, going another place, yada yada yada? Well, I’m going to be doing it again, this time for ‘work’ which I’d much rather not have to go. I won’t be updating again for until the end of this week so the rest of the Vietnam entries will have to wait till next week.

Just a little something to divert from this monotonous bag packing entries: I bade goodbye to my car today. Tsk. My new car (well, my dad’s new car) arrived today and I enchanged my old car keys with my new one. Tsk. Bye my old car, my first car. You’ll be missed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hiatus again perhaps?

My head is in a mess. I don't know why. Maybe it's coz I was in Hanoi for too long, I got used to not having to think about anything besides what to eat and where to go. Now that I'm back, the air feels stagnant. Stale. It's back to procrastination.

I have to think of work to do. Money to earn. Right now I've got no cash flowing in. This gives me a headache. Goddammit I wish I'm still on holiday.

On Hanoi

I've started to write on my trip. Check it out from the yakuza blog. You can find the link on the right column. It's there for a reason you know. Click! Click! Click!

I hope I can finish writing all 9 days before I leave the state next Wednesday. This is going to be a busy 'holidays' for me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm back!

I can finally feel my computer again haha. Vietnam was fun and I wish I was there longer. Coming back home wasn't really what I looked forward to. Coming back here meant coming back to reality. Now that I think of it, the time spent there was quite surreal. I had totally forgotten all my problems (including that stupid broadband of mine!) and it was like I was totally disconnected from everything at home.

I hope I'll be blogging about it soon. Still lazy right now. I wish I could use jet lag as an excuse but it was only an hour difference between here and Vietnam. Well, see ya soon? *snore*