Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I dream of Dim Sum

Actually I dreamt of ice cream last night. Lots of them, with all sorts of flavours you can think of. But I'm not gonna be having ice cream soon though. The last time I had one was the day after the US National Ice Cream Day. Hmm...Why did I dream of it? Is it some kind of a revelation? Eat ice cream or die! Okay... Anyway, back to topic.

I’m going to have dim sum this Friday night! Yay! Can’t wait! And because of that I’m googling for dim sum names. I figured it’s time I learn the names, if I ever think of opening a dim sum shop. Hahah! Yea I know, at first it was a cake and pastry shop, but of course it’s still in my cloud cuckoo land. I’m just greedy. Excessively greedy.

Whenever I go for dim sum I’ll have to point to whatever it is that I want or practice some self-service. This time, I’m gonna practice some showing-off. Bling bling. Yay! I’m gonna read out the names of all my favourites and stun the lady behind the dim sum push-cart. Here I come!

Anyway, this place I’m going to is the only place I know of that sells dim sum at night. The last time I went there, I had Har Gau, which is this (the bottom one):

Picture from Wikipedia. Look at it. The texture, the colour. Don't you just wanna sink your teeth in it?

And I can’t wait to eat it again! It’s got juice flowing out when you bite into it. Of course, any health conscious person would say it’s oil but to me, it’s dim sum juice! Oh my god…the juice…I can’t wait.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perhaps a Crispy chain reaction now?

I very innocently started a chain reaction of Kit Kat cravings. It went from Rhey to Paolo to…uh…I don’t know who else but when I saw Kit Kat in the supermarket the other day, it reminded me of Rhey. So I bought it! There:

Rhey, I’ll eat it on your behalf. Itadakimasu!

It says International Recipe but I don’t taste the difference. But it wouldn’t be fair for me to say it because the last time I ate Kit Kat was so long ago, I don’t remember how I used to eat it. You break it in two!

I went to the supermarket again today – for some reason my mom didn’t want to stock up food on the day I bought Kit Kat – to get food, of course. Food at home was running really low; I had to survive through this morning just by a packet containing 3 pieces of biscuits. But it was okay, I wasn’t really hungry.

Does that ever happen to you - Not hungry in the morning? It’s so sad. I used to be hungry all the time when I wake up. It’s like a motivation to wake up to a brand new day of food. But after moving here, we’re always low on food, and we have lousy breakfast, and I stop getting hungry in the mornings. It’s so sad. Tsk.

Well anyway, we got a packet of Cadbury 3 in 1 Hot Chocolate Drink. I’ve always wanted it but was too stingy to pay for it, and today I finally convinced my mom to buy :P Dad pays for it anyway. I can’t wait to get hungry tonight so I can have cold chocolate drink! Yay! You’re probably asking why I can’t have it now. The answer is simple. Right now my stomach is having a corrosive acid beach party, digesting away the tomyam mee I just had minutes ago. Ahh…it was bliss.

Of course, besides the cookies and what not, I also got milk. What’s so special about that? Well, this is actually milk with multigrain. That’s what the carton says. I’ve never tried multigrain milk. Have you? It’s short expired so I got two for the price of one. Now I have to finish 2 cartons before 4th August. Good luck. It better not suck.

And finally, I got Crispy for 1 buck! It’s not my favourite but, 1 buck! I can’t remember what else I got. My brains have to concentrate on digesting tomyam mee. It doesn’t matter because they’re all mine! Bwahahahah!

The story of Shit

After food, we poop. So here, I present to you, the pooping story.

Who here cannot poop in a loo other than the one at home? I used to be like that. Once I went to another state to visit my relative for 2 weeks and I had to force it out by sitting in the toilet for 1 hour. And I think I only did that once. Imagine. I did not poop for more than a week. Makes me wonder where all the poop went. But the moment I came back home, my bowel started screaming for the toilet. Amazing isn’t it?

Now my bowel has found another place to call home; the other place I work in (I work in two places), the one with no cockroach trap. I’ve been going there for maybe 6-7 times and I’ve already pooped there twice, and had to hold it in for more than twice, including today. I didn’t want to go because the loo isn’t exactly in a favourable condition. The water from the pipe leaks and I don’t want to come out with soggy shoes. And today, about 3 hours before work ends, Mr. Shit was already screaming let-me-out. I didn’t want to oblige so Mr. Shit called on Mr. Air. I had to hold in Mr. Air too, but he was more persistent. I failed a few times and Mr. Air and co. made their way out and mingled with Mr. Air-We-Breathe. I sure hope my colleague didn’t smell anything funny.

So, who here has Mr. Shit that calls on Mr. Air whenever he wants attention?

Although pooping at home comes naturally, it wasn’t always so. There was this one time when I was in the toilet for 1 hour with Mr. Fat Shit stuck in between reality and fantasy. He was one fickle poop. I don’t ever want that again. The elasticity can only last so long. Ugh. Have I made you happy, joyfulchicken?

At least I now know I can shit elsewhere. Then, who here can shit in places other than at home, but their Mr. Shit is dehydrated? Me!

Home is still the best.

Diligent me

I finally made a bag for my water tumbler! Look!

[photo removed to protect privacy]
Nice isn’t it?

[photo removed to protect privacy] I like saying that last part. 'To protect privacy' Haha! Perhaps I shouldn't have put it up at all. Never mind, it was a short term thing. Yay!
And it can turn inside out to another design, just like another bag I made. I love myself.

And while shopping today I saw this lacey belt – I’m attracted to lace – and guess how much was it? 23.90! Blood suckers! I took a look at it and it was such a piece of cake work. I can make one too in a shorter time than it takes to make a tumbler bag. Hmm…and I think I will make one. Man, if people would buy it from me for 20 bucks, I’d be rich.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Do they need to bark too?

1:30 AM. First laugh of the day.

I was browsing through suga-shikao.net to look for songs in his albums when I came across this in the 'Information' page.

Upon reading the 'Skills', I gave a slight laugh at the drunk point but when I reached 'Favourite type of woman', I tell you, I just couldn't believe it. Is this his kind of joke? Or maybe he's serious. I don't know, he can like whatever type of women, but how would the woman feel if say he tells her he likes her? Should she take it as a compliment or an insult?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Meme: Two of them!

I’ve been tagged by Philos of the Chickenmafia gang. There’s actually two portions to this meme. So he actually owes me two :P


Instructions: Just change the answers and tag somebody else as per the rules below. Pretty easy, right?

A – Age: Turning 22. Note the word ‘turning’. It’s a hint, you know.

B – Band Listening To Right Now: Mr. Children

C – Career: Probably your parent’s dream job for you.

D – Drink or Smoke: Drink if it’s nice AND free. Smoke? Come on. Do I look like I do fag?

E – Easiest Friends To Talk To: Hmm…I’m thinking someone I can totally open up to. Someone I can tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. Hmm…none. That’s coz I don’t really have a deepest, darkest secret. I only have a dark secret. I think.

F – Funniest Moments: Can’t think of any right now. There’s always something to laugh about everyday.

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Both taste the same. They just look different. Since in this case only the taste matters, I say both.

H – Have a Girlfriend: Of course. I have plenty.

I – In love: Define love please.

J – Junk Food You Like: I like most junk foods. But ones I always get would be Mr. Potato.

K – Kids: None.

L – Longest Ride Ever: I’ll have to agree with Philos. School. All the way from kindergarten up to now.

M – Hey Philos! You missed M! What’s M?? I’m not supposed to find out myself. I’m amazed nobody noticed. Not even Carney?

N – Names For Your Future Kids: I’m not 5 anymore so I don’t think of getting married and have kids. But say if I really do, it’ll be monosyllable eg: Kai, etc. Monosyllable is cool. I have one too. Shou.

O – One Wish You Have Now: I’ll go for the extreme. Eternal bliss. No, the church cannot grant me that. A valid cheque which I can fill in whatever amount can. So grant me one, meme!

P – Phobias: Cockroaches. Big waves with nowhere for me to run to, like a stupid cliff behind me and nothing else.

Q – Favourite Quote: None that I memorized. Read further and you’ll know why. But I like sarcastic ones.

R – Reasons To Smile: When I’m going to watch my favourite show or when it’s about to start. The last day of exam a.k.a the first day of holidays.

S – Sleeping hours: 2-3 am average.

T – Time You Woke Up: During the holidays? 9:30, 9:45, 10:00, 13:00. When I have no choice but to wake up early? 7:45, 7:55, 8:00, 8:05

U – Unknown Fact About You: I may not want it to be known, so…

V – Vegetable You Hate: I don’t know vegetable names. Seriously.

W – Worst Thing About You: Why would I tell you that? But it’d have to be procrastination. I’m GoP’s right hand, remember? Hmm…I think I’ve already been promoted to GoP, if I’m not wrong.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Chest. Or another word for it which I learnt from Philos, pectoral.

Y – Yummy Foods: Cheesy food, chocolaty food, sushi, junk food, in general foods that will block your arteries, give you stroke, and eventually kill you painfully.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Another entry for R – Regrets: I have none but now I do. I regretted following you in typing the first letter of the words in capital. Now the little finger of my left hand is sore. Thanks.

II. 7even

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

I’ve already done something like this, in fact I added 3 more to the 5 Things You Never Knew About Me meme. Now I regret. Great. Two regrets in one post. The extra 3 could have gone in here. How would I know! Anyway, here’s another 7:

1. In high school, I memorized the World History notes word for word, and almost the entire book. The book and the notes are different things. I loved the book. And I got 99 for the exam. Missed a point. Damn. This is one of the memorizing kung fu I can be proud of and can only reflect upon it and not practice it because I’m too lazy to do memorizations now.

2. I like Mountain Dew. Though I can’t say for sure if I still do because the last time I had it was years ago. But it’s probably still good.

3. People say I have a thing for lace. And they also found out I have a thing for brown things. Either they have good observation or I’m simple.

4. I may not look like it but I love to eat. I don’t eat everything, I’m quite choosy, but I just love to munch. It’s a form of exercise. Oh did you know, I woke up feeling heavy for the rest of the day and later that night before I had supper I found out I was 2 kg heavier. I went ahead with supper. Oh jeez, if I turn fat, will you still love me?

5. Oh, it can be habits as well. Let’s see…habits…my hands love my ears.

6. I like Archaeology, Ancient History, and the like. Some of you may not know this, and I’m pretty sure I’ll soon forget my interests, as I have the previous ones, so I’m putting it here to remind myself. I have a new one: I think I like to write – I always forget that, I think by now you know I’m forgetful – although I can’t write well. Heck.

7. Damn I’m taking too long to think of the seventh. Okay…let’s see…hmm… [10 minutes later][after a walk around the house] ... I don't know, guys. I can't think anymore. Mentally exhausted. Gimme a break! Gimme a Kit Kat. (My god, look at the list of Kit Kats!)

Great. Now I have to tag 7 people. I'm mentally exhausted. Didn't I just say that? I'll tag CY. And Thad. I'll let them tag the rest of my five and his won seven. :P I know the rest won't do it. Oh heck. Here's another two. PC and aL. Okay three more... I don't want to be hated! Okay I'll use the reason of anonymity. I cannot tag people. Yay!

Harry Potter is dead!

“…It seems Rowling, intent on being one step ahead of Christian Poterresque writers, sets Harry up to sacrifice his life--out of love for all the muggles, mudbloods and magic folks alike. He is then to be resurrected and will thus spoil Voldemort's afternoon tea.” – Philos, of the Chickenmafia gang

Joyfulchicken of Chickenmafia announced a decree two days ago. In the spirit of link love (as he puts it) you have to tell everyone that Harry Potter is dead, and the cause of his death.

“Harry Potter is dead! Dead dead dead dead dead! Oh, how tragic! Now cry, damn it, cry!” – Joyfulchicken, of the Chickenmafia gang.

So here goes:

After escaping from her cell, Dolores Umbridge, who felt betrayed by her beloved ministry, turned her disappointment for the ministry into love for Voldemort. In order to win the attention of the one-who-can-now-be-named, Dolores went all out to practice the spell Megatronus Primus, a hybridization of the forbidden transforming spell. After succeeding, she immediately transformed into Cho, Harry Potter’s love interest. We shall now refer to her as DoloCho. However, the spell also transformed Cho, turning her into Dolores. Unfortunately for her, the ministry thought she was Dolores Umbright and threw her into the fat lady’s jail cell.

“Harry! Shall we have lunch later?” DoloCho asked as she ran up to Harry.

“Why, sure,” Harry replied in a rather deep, evil voice. “Why, sure,” he said again, correcting his tone.

“Great, then, see ya baby,” DoloCho said as she pretended to be in delight, thinking that was what Cho would say. Of course she thinks everyone is a flirty bitch except herself, which we all know is not true. Well, at least we know she’s a bitch. I’m not so sure if she can ever be successful in flirting. Puke bag please!

The hair all over Harry’s body stood like Hogwarts’ school anthem was playing.

[Later at lunch]

DoloCho switched one of the chopsticks with a wand and placed it on Harry’s bento. She had prepared sushi for him ala Japanese style, although she is not Japanese. Dolores probably didn’t know that.

“Hie, Cho,” Harry called as he walked up casually to their table.

“Sit down, Harry,” DoloCho ordered him.

“Oh, my! Sushi! My favourite! And they all look so yummy! Aw…Cho…you shouldn’t have…not your native country’s food!” Harry gave her a chorus of flatteries. Harry probably didn’t know she wasn’t Japanese too. Or maybe he didn’t know what sushi is. But he did get one thing right, sushi is yummy. ‘Nuff said.

They both should have taken up Asian studies.

“Well, why don’t we start….,” DoloCho paused. Harry was already eating away. “Wow, you’re good with chopsticks, Harry,” she continued.

“Of course I am, my ex was Indian,” he replied, proudly. Indians use chopsticks? Seriously, do some Asian studies.

“Are you trying to test if I can use the chopsticks?” he asked.

DoloCho smiled.

As Harry reached for a Mayo Kani (Mayo crab), DoloCho interjected.

“Do you know what that’s called? It’s Deprimo*.”

Harry took it between the chopsticks and looking at it, he said, “Deprimo? It’s…” KABOOM! Before he could finish his sentence, he was thrown 10 feet into the air and then all the way down he came, landing with a loud thud. A deep hole penetrated his brain through his eyes. DoloCho looked down at him and his handsome face was no longer handsome. He now looked like DoloCho’s big crush. Yes, Voldemort.

With his index finger pointing at her, he said, “You…you…it’s Mayo Kani! Kani neh*!” His hand fell back and as he took his last breath, he said, “I am Voldermort, the one who must not…”

“Eikkkkkkkkkk!!!” DoloCho shrieked! She realized that she had killed her love. No, she had made him kill himself. Why, of all people, why would my beloved Voldemort be so stupid as to fall for my trick!? She thought, and hands over her head, screaming like a mad woman, she disappeared into the woods.

On the other end of the land, Harry was running about in circles, mumbling, trying to figure out a way to make him look himself again. As you know – if you don’t already know, stupid you – Voldermort also used the Megatronus Primus spell, and Harry had transformed to look like him. Unknown to him, DoloCho’s screams had brought about dark clouds across the sky and… ZAP!!! Lightning had struck Harry, and he dropped flat onto the barren field, with a lighting bolt-shaped scar over his forehead, still looking like Voldemort. Harry is dead.

Footnote: *Kanineh is a foul word in Hokkien. EDIT: And it also means "It's crab, isn't it?" in Japanese.

*Deprimo is a spell that causes an explosion to occur where the wand is directed at.

P.S: I want some sushi. For the record, I had the most sushi this year. And this year is not even over yet. Yay!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Is it just a happy coincidence England has a Harry Pothead?

I’ve just watched the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday and it failed to live up to its standard of being able to make you go nuts. Or maybe I’m just a very difficult person to please. But really, why do people go all crazy when they see Harry Potter? I don’t mean Daniel Radcliffe, I mean the story itself. And if you’re wondering if Mr. Radcliffe himself is someone I’d go ga-ga over, the answer is no, Daniel Radcliffe failed to make my hormone levels go soaring high.

So what’s the deal with Harry Potter? Whenever a new book comes out or is coming out, the whole population of planet Earth gets excited. They would do advance bookings to make sure they are the first to get the book, and god knows what else they would do. Pfuh, you know you can’t be the first. Jeez, Rowling even bought insurance for the god damned transcript. Apparently a lawyer had to guard it all the way to its destination, wherever it was, and didn’t even dare to leave for the loo. That’s almost as absurd as J Lo insuring her ass. He could have at least brought it to the loo with him right? Or sell off the storyline to a gazillionaire Potter fan in the other end of the world and live the rest of his life in luxury with servants bringing the potty to him whenever he needs to go. Except he would be a fugitive for the rest of his days. A filthy rich fugitive. Filthy rich. I like the sound of that.

I don’t read the book so I really do not know how good it is. Once in high school, I read into the second page of the first book and lost interest. Maybe it was the wrong time. Maybe. But what I can be sure of is this: The movie is going downhill. Last year’s was shit. It sucked so much I was dumbfounded. Yet many went ga-ga over it and some watched it repeatedly till their eyes bled. This year’s wasn’t that bad, it was still okay but also confusing at the same time. What I would suggest is they make it longer and thus less confusing. They should have added in more details and developed the storyline better and made it a 3 hour movie. Or at least 2 and a half rather than a 1 hour 50 minutes movie. Come on, it’s a sure return. With the number of Potter fans around the world, the movie will earn enough to feed the African children for a decade.

What do I mean when I said not well developed? Take the Harry and Cho scenario for example. They didn’t show any clues to the love interest between them except for the miserable attempts of the director to put simple lines into Hermione’s mouth revealing Cho’s interest in Harry. That was just outright second class. Take out the kissing scene and the story would still do alright, if not better.

The only fun part was Dolores Umbridge. She chillingly resembles someone I know of. You might know who I mean. Good if you do. In the middle of the movie when Umbridge walks up to the stage to steal Dumbledore’s limelight, I started giggling slightly. Both my friends sitting on my sides turned to tell me of the astonishing resemblance between them. Truly remarkable.

So then, I still don’t know what the big deal with Harry Potter is. WarnerBros should have done a better job. Rowling, sue them.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm promoting food again :P This time it's groundnuts.

This is one of the best groundnuts I've ever had. It's big, sweet, and good in general. See the thumbs up? But only go for this Ngan Yin Shandong groundnuts though. There's another one with a red packet which I don't remember how it tasted like because the last time I had it was like decades ago. Ask me why! Ask me why! It's not nice. Duh.

And this gold Ngan Yin is also consistent in terms of quality. I'm into the third packet already, actually I finished it already, and all three tasted good. It has ISO xxx standard. :) Not like some of the others where you'll have to depend on your luck to get the good ones.

But there was one abnormal groundnut in my third packet. Look at this:

It's a baby peanut! Groundnut! Ok what's the difference? I'm too lazy to do a search. It doesn't matter so long as they taste good. Can you see it? Here's a clearer one:
I'm yellow! I can also assure you that I'm red inside, not white.

Of course there's also this:

I don't think I've showed you before. I actually had this weeks ago and it looked too nice to not take a picture of it. The taste? So-so lah... Not recommended even on a monthly basis.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tune Hotels

Look what’s new! It’s every traveler’s dream! Ok it’s my dream come true. Check out the new Tune Hotel, Asia’s first no frills hotel. You can get a room for as low as MYR 9.99! That’s cheaper than guest houses which I would usually opt for. Of course you'll have to pay for the air-con but that doesn't bother me because I don't need it :) The unfortunate thing is it’s now only available in KL. Well let’s hope it expands soon enough throughout Asia. Yay!

I shall say no more. Check out the website if you're all interested already.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Skeletons in the closet

I purposely went to Secret Recipe for their Hi-Fiber Cream Cheese cake. <--Oh looky, free publicity. Here's what wiki said. I’ve been thinking about it since the day my friends and I went there (another branch) where she got hers. I got in and told the girl at the counter I wanted the cake that costs 6.50 per slice (the rest is 5.50 per slice) because I did not know the name. Pointing to the cake, she asked if it was the one I wanted and I said yes. The cake looked like it just arrived because it was a full round cake. She turned around, meddled with something, with me thinking that she was going to turn back around to take the cake, but no, she wrapped everything up with her nice sexy back facing me. Finally she turned back to ask if there was anything else that I wanted. Oh by the way, the last time I went there, there was this other girl who didn’t even ask if I wanted anything else. She went straight to the cash register and punched in the amount, when I actually wanted another slice of cake. Seeing her do that I decided to not give her the business.

So this girl asked if I wanted anything else, and I asked for a Raspberry Cheese cake. I’ve never tried it before and it looked kinda nice so…gluttony got the better of me. She proceeded to take the cake out, slowly cutting it, slowly folding the cake box, slowly putting the cake in, slowly closing the lid, slowly moved around in slothish pace as she listened to her colleagues talk and gave a smile to their lame joke. She then continued to slowly move to the cash register, slowly click whatever she had to click in the computer and finally telling me the amount. I gave her the money and she slowly counted my change. Arghhhhhh!!!!!! By now you should know that she got on my nerves!!!

When I got home, to my horror, I found this.

Ah, bad font color. The hell with it. To save you the effort of straining your eyes to read, I said "All the toppings fell off" by the way.

Mind you, don’t go thinking the cake flew from one side of the car to the other when I made a turn because I had someone to reluctantly hold it.

And they call themselves masters in the cake industry. Well, they’re quite well known for their cakes here.

The nerves of her! How dare she give me a rotten piece of cake! No wonder she looked so secretive, like she did something sinful and was trying to hide it. Hmph. That’s the last time that particular Secret Recipe branch will see me. If you ever go there next time, be sure to ask to have a look at your cake before taking it home.

Rude, slow, secretive workers. I’m gonna have my own cake & pastry shop in the future so cursing their service right now is kinda like bad karma, who knows, I might get a lousy worker for my shop and have others curse at me. But I’m gonna post this anyway. I’m very particular about things I like. They have to be perfect or at least close to perfect. This is just wayyyy NOT. I can get better looking cakes in the stalls by the roadside.

I have yet to find a name for my cake shop but I definitely have found a tagline for it.

The best cakes in town! Be rest assured that we hide no secrets from you!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Are you wearing your hair right?

It's important how you wear your hair. It makes a lot of difference. Take for example this guy,

Looks fine. Then see this:

Freaky! He looks like some really creepy nerd.

Here's another example:


Okay that's just not hot at all.

Oh god, puke bag please!

I'm just bored. Very bored.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I regret!

If I picked a question from the Miss Universe box which goes like this:

What’s the one thing you would like to change in your past if you had the chance?

My answer would be “Nothing”. I’m happy with how things are. Or maybe I’m just ignoring the ugly facts and is very successful in forgetting them. But right now, there is something I want to change.

I find it hard to believe that school is going to start. I feel unprepared. Not like there’s anything to prepare, but I just feel like I’m not ready. Suddenly I can feel the pressure of the things I had left undone. The things that were supposed to be done in the holidays. My god, what did I do?! Now I can feel all the tasks staring down at me, making me feel minute, and suffocating me under their enormous weight.

There was a point during the holidays when I wished it (the holiday) could just end because I got so bored I could die and I start to think of really dark thoughts. Scary. Yea. But that desire for the holidays to end faded as sudden as how it had started. And I lived in blissful ignorance forever thinking that I still have 1 month of total freedom. No deadlines. No alarm clocks. No tick-tocks. No-no.

But that is soon to end. And now that I have only a few more days to go, the reality bomb has finally hit me. The blissfulness disappeared substituting itself with some degree of panic. There’s just too much to do! *regretful tone* Sigh.

Should I spend my last days (sounds like I’m gonna die) trying to cut down the weight of the tasks that are burying me beneath it or should I just enjoy? And by enjoy I mean do nothing at all. Like those Christians who believe in Saturdays as days where you don’t do anything at all. You just lie in bed. No TV, no nothing. No exams too. I know someone who didn’t go for the national exam paper because it happened to be on a Saturday. *audience gasps*

Jeesus, I didn’t even do the lying-in-bed-staring-at-the-ceiling thing this holiday. I was always sitting upright – ok maybe not, I was slumping – in front of the computer. Oh no! Tick-tock, tick-tock. What should I do!? I’m not ready! I think I’m gonna have a mental breakdown. Oh shit.

My answer to the question would be I’d like to have more time. Kamisama mou sukoshi dake!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Links section

Yay! I'm finally finished with the links section. Lazy me finally decided to sit down and settle all of it. Okay not exactly all. I wanna do some animation on it but that'll have to wait. Wait till the time I know how to do it, or to actually get down and try doing it.

Go to the sidebar to visit the SpaceParaders or scroll to the bottom of the page. The concept of the new links section is this: The readers who usually comment here and also happen to blog will be the cats, or should I say the characters in the movie. Well, one of them is actually a floating amoeba called Meeba because he didn't want to be a cat. What's wrong with being a cat?! The rest of you silent readers or whomever in the blogging community I want to link to will be the silhouettes, or the viewers. Sorry, I can't link to some of you who doesn't have a site. But you can send me a link of your webpage if you have one. Okay, now there's only one thing left undone. I really hope those that are the silhouettes can submit some kind of image of yourself so I can put it up. Arigato~


30/07/07 UPDATE: Anybody can be the cat or the spectators. It doesn't matter. I'm having a headache trying to arrange. :P

Monday, July 2, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...

At work today, I accidentally kicked something that was on the floor. It was made of cardboard folded in a box-like shape except the ends were open and it had small holes through it, something like a window to a house. I didn’t read what was printed on it coz it looked like a product display which was probably unwanted and chucked onto the floor.

I picked it up meaning to throw it away already when I caught sight of something inside the so-called product display. It was dark brown in color, but looked almost black in the light-deprived interior of the box. And there was not only one of it. There were three, possibly four…COCKROACHES!!! Immediately I took a deep breath. Put it back! Put it back! Oh my god!!!

That thing was no product display! It was a roach trap! Damn! I lay it back down on the very spot I picked it up and looked around to check if anyone saw my stupid act. Phew. Had those little creepy roaches move, even just a tad, I would have created the next best work symphony. I would scream and my colleagues and the customers would too, thinking that I’ve met their deepest darkest fear.

I hate cockroaches. Ok fine, I’m afraid of them. I remember once, when I was small, I was rummaging through a box of toys when I was frightened by a cockroach in the box. I started hitting it repeatedly with whatever I was holding in my hand, screaming all the way, and only to realize that it was already dead. If it was not it won’t be sitting there comfortably for me to hit it. But I tried to convince myself that it was me who killed it and even told my mom how smart I was. Kids. I tried to cheat myself into believing that I’ve overcome my fear. Bull crap. Cow dung. I will always be afraid of cockroaches. They chase after you. They know your weakness. And when they spread their wings and fly, I tell you, you’ll wish you were never born into this world where cockroaches roam the lands.