Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I shall prevail!

I hope I’m learning my lesson on why I must never procrastinate. No more procrastination! Dilly-dallying is bad. It’s an extremely dangerous chronic condition. And I must fight it. With all my might. I must. It’s like fighting cancer. I’m sure of that. Cancer survivors or patients please spare me from your merciless barrage of words. I trust that you can counter-attack in the most fashionable way possible, so there’s no need to show it to me. I may not know how cancer is like but I suffer from procrastinat-itis. It’s just as bad. Ok that’s a joke. I don’t want cancer just to prove that. I don’t want cancer just to prove anything at all.

God of Procrastination has got me under his thumb! I had a plan to do something, a deadline to meet (today!) and I totally did not follow it through. I’ll always have a reason not to do something that needs to be done. I’m so good at delaying tactics, I find it hard to believe. I actually have a talent! Anybody wanna hire GoP’s right hand? I seriously need a cure from procrastinate-itis! GoP, you win this round! But I’m taking the last laugh.

That’s it. I’m tying a red ribbon around my head just like how Rambo does and I’m going all out to fight this deadly disease. And I shall prevail!

*lifts up machine gun* God of Procrastination, eat this!

And this!

Owh, that’s heavy. I think I might fall if I move another inch.

I think I’ll just launch one of these:

Yes, I’ll initiate the plan in June. Perfect. Just one day away. Brand new month, brand new me. Ok wait, maybe I should see if I can find a red ribbon first. Where is it? I swear I have one. Oh no. Now how can I fight GoP?


joyfulchicken said...

So I guess this is the kind of blog entry that happens after you drink a whole bottle of wine.... :-P

runawaycat said...

Hahahah! Rambo is not cool huh? Yea...