Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. Bean

So I finally went out. After hours of fluctuating moods on whether to go out or not, I finally dashed out when the going-out-mood was at its peak. Thank god I darted out because if I were to take my time, my mood would have taken a plunge. Anyway, to the topic…

Have you ever had the Mr. Bean moment? The times when you feel you just have to look like a suspect? Like when in the bank, you make suspicious moves? Or just simply look suspicious? Heh. I have. Weird eh? I don’t exactly do really suspicious things like reach into my coat as if to pull out a gun or anything. I don’t know what I do. Just look suspicious, I guess. Before you say I’m trying to get the attention of the security guard, mind you, he’s an old man. I’m not interested in old men unless they look like Richard Gere or Junichiro Koizumi.

This Mr. Bean moment applies in shopping malls as well. You know, you act like you’re gonna steal something and… Ho! Ho! You’re not! I think Mr. Bean moments can take place whenever there is a security guard. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because of his nature to suspect people and then he suspects you, so you thought you might just amuse him a little. Maybe.

Like I said, I went out today, to the mall. I got into the department store and something caught my eye. It was sheets of suggestion forms, suggestions made by customers to the department store pinned up on a board. Man, I should have brought my camera. They would make nice blog reads. Anyway, I was happily reading their comments on stinky toilets and very “helpful” chit chatting staffs when the security guard came and stood three feet from me. Ahah! Time for Mr. Bean moments? Nah. As much as I am a Mr. Bean-suspicious-looking type, I’d much avoid a chat with the guard. What’s his problem anyway? Aren’t they there for people to read? Do you have to come look at me as I read? Sheesh!

If I had a camera and if I took it out, I’ll definitely get a chat with him. Hmm. Why can’t we take pictures in shops? Have you ever taken pictures in shops, be it a big or small one, they would come up and tell you not to? Why?

Later I saw some really cool designed water bottles or tumblers as how I would call it when I was small. Tumblers. Tumblers. Now it’s beginning to sound weird. I thought of getting it but there were too many designs I switched to fickle mode. Should I take the one with the brown cover (I’m attracted to brown) or the one with the brown design or the one with some quotes on happiness (I’m obsessed with the word ‘happiness’, its meaning or any other word related to it) or the zen looking black and white one? Oh! I can’t make up my mind! So what happens when you can’t make up your mind? You don’t make one. I left with no water bottle.

But I got myself cheap sushi! Yay! And I got pistachios and Mister Potato too! And of course Kickapoo. I was starting to get dizzy and the only thing that can help me is sweet drinks. And preferably yellow in colour too. Mountain Dew used to do the trick but they don’t sell it anymore. Nobody sells it anymore. I think it’s easier to buy a gun than buy Mountain Dew. Why? Why? Why? Do you know some people might die if they don’t have Mountain Dew? Why? Is it banned? It’s been so long since I’ve had Mountain Dew. I can’t remember how it tastes like. I want some!


joyfulchicken said...

Want a sweet yellow drink? Heh.

runawaycat said...

I didn't know urine is sweet. You must have tasted them before. At least you've tried civet poop. That's close enough. You must be obsessed with poop/pee food.

joyfulchicken said...

Well, the urine of someone with diabetes would probably be sweet, haha.

runawaycat said...

Yea I've heard of that. Diabetes was taught not long ago too. *tries really hard to remember what I learned in class* Nope, can't remember a thing about this. Either I've forgotten or school doesn't teach you practical home DIY diagnosis techniques.