Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Disappearing act

The space patrol is here to catch me! I’m going to disappear for a few days and go hide 10 meters below sea level. What better way to hide but underwater?

A few weeks ago I thought I would be free a few weeks after that to make a ‘wanted’ poster. (Read that again and again until you get what I mean) So now, a few weeks later, I AM free. But lazy.

Last week, I thought I should be getting started with a ‘wanted’ poster to go with this space patrol hunting me thing. You know? Runawaycat: The most wanted in the Milky Way! Reward: 3000000 gallons of milk. That kinda thing. Yes, I was that free to think of doing this shit. Unfortunately, right until now I still haven't come up with a poster.

I actually got the idea from watching Black Cat. This whole cat thing is actually from there. TV influences my life. I’m a sad, sad, case.

[Image source]

I was pretty sure the poster looked much better when I first saw it.

I must make a 'wanted' poster. So now I’m doing some googling. That didn’t help much so I tried Google Image instead. The posters are still ugly but it’s better than my blank white canvas. 20 minutes passed and I still couldn’t make up my mind on which to get. Bah I give up.

Look! I found this:

[image source]


Sigh. I'll go pack my running away bag now. I promise to bring back cool pictures.


joyfulchicken said...

Stewie is the best....

"Victory is mine!"

kopi said...

Quahog's Most Wanted. With the curry puff head. Cute.

runawaycat said...

I've never watched Stewie before. It's something you can watch right? But he does look familiar.