Friday, May 18, 2007

Hair Impression II

Every time after a visit to the hair saloon, I will have something to say about it. This time is no different. I went to the same place again today, the place which I have blogged about a few times in the past.*

I usually have the apprentice do my hair, which is cheaper, but I’d ask for a more experienced one. When I sat down the first thing I told her was ‘no layers’. If you remember or if you’ve read the previous hair saloon post, I said I don’t want layers the next time around. And yeah, I got a girl again. Honestly I prefer guys to do my hair. After washing my hair and doing the massage – that’s the best part, but she wasn’t skilled enough – I sat back down and a guy took over. Ah! He looks skilled. Turns out he IS skilled. Everyone else came and surrounded us and suddenly I feel like a museum exhibit. The girl who was supposed to do my hair stood and watched too. The skillful guy who I presume must be the Sifu and probably the owner of the place started flaunting his skills as everyone looked in awe. But he only used one skill. The Diagonal Sliding Scissors. The skill which nobody dares to use, so says my mom who eavesdropped on their conversation. I’ve seen it before though. I wonder if I had a name for it then. Anyway, for now it shall be DSS. Sifu used the DSS kungfu for my whole head with intervals of Spinning Scissors moves. Now that is dangerous. Kids don’t try this at home. You might lose an eye or two. He tried a couple of different scissors and starts spinning them around with his fingers like how a cowboy would his gun. I don’t know, but you can do your ostentatious display another place but not right next to my head, thank you very much.

Now as he did the DSS, I wondered. Are those layers he’s doing??? My god, that girl didn’t tell him, did she? No! Stop standing there keeping mum! Say something! Oh well. Too late. I knew she was fresh. She smells like a person who doesn’t know jack about what she’s supposed to be doing. But it’s okay. Sifu is here to the rescue. I got layers but at least it was done speedily with top-notch kungfu moves. I won’t complain. I won’t.

After everything, it was time to blow dry my hair. Great. The part I love the most. Right… Usually another person would come help when blow drying time arrives. There I was, sitting on the chair with two turbo jet propeller engines blowing in both my ears. And as they have a tug of war with my head, the girl’s porcupine comb hit my face twice. All the more reason to say she’s a freshie. After the blow drying session, the girl called the Sifu to come inspect and again he decided to be flashy with his Spinning Scissors moves. After some really uncool moves he proceeded to randomly pick and pull my hair and started snipping away. ARHHH!! What are you doing!? You’re not a teppanyaki chef and my head is not a hot plate stove!

Guess I’m stuck with layers again.

Footnote: * For the sake of those who have no idea what I’m talking about you can read my old entries which I have reposted here. My hair saloon posts supposedly are my reader’s choice, as I was told. Well, actually only one so I’ll only post that. Hope you don’t mind the Manglish. I was too lazy to change it.


Arthur Bhenedict said...

Any pictures of your new hair? =Þ Maybe they should do a show with your saloon like Cutting Master Boy hehe...

Btw, how much does a haircut cost there anyhow?

runawaycat said...

It depends on where you go have your hair cut. The place I go to have apprentice or professionals to do your hair. Apprentice would cost 5 or 10 bucks. Professionals 35 bucks.

Nope. No pictures. It doesn't look very much different only shorter.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

All that kung fu for just the same hair only shorter?

runawaycat said...

Haha! The back part is different. Anyway this is who you call Sifu. Little things must be exaggerated with complex moves.