Thursday, May 31, 2007

CSI: ...morning...*yawn*

Why the heck am I up so early!!!! Thanks to an sms I received now I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Weird. I’m never hyperactive in the mornings. Not at 8:30 at least. Jeez, my friend wakes up that early? What the heck for?! Okay maybe she has to work. Totally acceptable.

Maybe it’s because the sms was about having to change dates for our trip and now I need to talk about it. I need to. I need to. I need to. We all have the obsessive-compulsive side in us. I cannot leave matters hanging in the air with no specific plans/dates/whatever. I love to plan. But not actually carrying it out. I’m still trying to break free from GoP you know. Hah I’m joking. When it comes to play, GoP is non existent.

Alright, alright! This morning’s topic is CSI. I stayed up watching CSI until 3:30 last night, all the more reason to not wake up at 8:30!! Actually I stay up late everynight. Sheesh! Don’t tell! For those who panicked when they found out Grissom was gone, worry not, he’s back, and they killed off Keppler. They literally killed him! Kill the substitute when he’s not needed anymore! Cliché. No? I don’t know. I can’t think. I just feel that way. His death happened last week but I was just too lazy to celebrate it here. It’s still not too late to do that. Cheers to Bruckheimer for making us think he’s turning CSI into another Miami. But it’s only a trick! Phew! Trying to test who’s loyal to CSI, eh?

Last night’s was fantastic. The miniature serial killer is back! We all thought he died but nope, they got the wrong person. That was another Bruckheimer trick. Do you think I’m giving him too much credit? Maybe nothing was ever his idea. They made you think like the miniature killer story is over. The end. Full stop. I was skeptical about it. That episode had a shitty ending. Vegas is not shitty.

The miniature killer series got me on tenterhooks. I wanted to know who the killer was but I don’t want to know. I don’t want it to end yet. Then of course the episode came where this idiot goes out admitting to the crimes and shoots himself. What the…!? That’s where they made you think it’s over. I was like, “But I thought this miniature killer thing is what Season 7 is all about!” And from there it just got shittier one episode after another. Grissom leaves, Keppler comes, and I wish he’s dead. I shouldn’t be so cruel. They killed him in the most shameful manner for a cop. No, they didn’t hang him upside down butt naked. They made him a criminal. I feel for him. I really do. But welcome back, Grissom!

Anyway last night’s was a blast. You should watch it if you haven’t. They fell riiiggght into the killer’s trap. A mockery. A meticulously crafted mockery. I will not spoil it for you by writing about it. Watch it yourself. *sheesh* I’m actually just lazy.

After Vegas I thought I might want to continue with Miami. After all it was only 3 AM. Yup, they changed the time again, making me miss the first half of they-killed-Keppler episode. And so I did continue watching. They still can’t act. Three words. Miami is shit. You know what? I’m not even gonna talk about it.


mann said...

watched that last nite. but i missed the last 10-15 mins cause i changed channel during the break. stupid right? =.=
and miami totally sucks. dont like that girl at all. dont even know what's her name lol

runawaycat said...

Aiya! Why did you switch channels? Now I can add another thing in mann's characteristic list. Impatient!

Which girl? Blonde girl with high-pitched voice? Black autopsy girl who's always in sunglasses?

You know the list of lousy actors go on and on and on...

mann said...

nvr paid close attention to her. but ya i think she's blonde. annoying character. hopefully they kill the character LOL

runawaycat said...

They'll never kill her. She's crucial in making Miami suck. I don't want her to die. They make such a fabulous I-can't-act-to-save-my-life team.

joyfulchicken said...

But she has big boobs, so I like her :-D

runawaycat said...

She does? I didn't notice that. Must be her voice. Even if she's standing in front of you naked, once she opens her mouth, you run.

Oh for the love of god, she shrills!