Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live from Hanoi

...and uh, Hanoi is in Vietnam. A number of people have asked me, so I guess it's best I explain before proceeding.

This will not be much of a blog anyway coz I don't really have that kind of time. The first entry of this trip will be a long one coz some drama took place so it's best to sit down and devote all my time to write a proper entry, right?

So we'll meet again about 2 weeks from now. I hope I still remember whatever happened today after I come back :)


Monday, April 28, 2008


I was looking through my CF card when I found something I had wanted to show you guys since I studied for the psychology paper.

See the name above the words (well, one half words) highlighted in red? Try reading that.

You fold you die

The income tax form came in the mail with a prepaid envelope folded like this:

And you know what’s funny? On it says, ‘Jangan lipat’, which means do not fold.

I now what they mean. I just felt like making them look stupid. Well, they are, aren't they? At least send it to us unfolded, right?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

All Stars wallpaper

For the past 2 hours, this is what I've been doing:

It's not done yet, but my back's killing me already. So far I have Hyde, Suga Shikao, Hirai Ken and Mr. Children.

I've been wanting to do this for a month now and finally I'm half done! My mom thinks I should pack my bag instead of doing this :P

Mom: Is this your school project?
Me: No. This is for fun.
Mom: What? Go pack your bag!
Me: It's 2 days away!

I'm yabbering. Actually I just wanna show off my 2 hours of photoshop-ing. Hehe. Anyway, how is it? The shadows on the floor aren't so nice I think. But I'm too lazy to start over.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Bed-day. That’s what I lack. I haven’t had a single bed-day for 2 months. And my situation now is implying that I probably won’t have any until 8th of May. When I don’t get adequate bed-days, I get grumpy. I have so mant things to do, typing this blog is a pain. I wish not to do it, but I feel I kinda need to update it for I probably wouldn’t get to for quite some time.

Exam ended yesterday,23rd Arpil, but it felt like it was 2 days ago. I’m tired. I’ve been hanging out with my friends since the last paper until now, 9:51 PM, 24th April. And my butt aches. I feel numb right now – not my butt of course, my butt hurts – but mentally.

I’ve gotta go shop for a shoe tomorrow and to exchange money. USD went up I think. Not like it would matter much, those few cents, but mom is nagging me for not listening to her; to exchange it when it was only 3.11. I’m broke. I need like a thousand. Tsk tsk tsk.

Then on Saturday my aunt’s gonna come over and we’ll most likely go out shopping with her. Sigh. Can I not go?

And Sunday will be luggage day. And at night my long journey starts and it’ll never end until the 7th. My holiday is supposed to be enjoyable. I hope it still is.

Let’s see what I’ve done so far. Went for bowling, 2 movies, a dinner, a supper, a meeting, a lunch, and a wake. A wake. You got that right. my lecturer passes away yesterday. I saw her in the coffin today, and I dare say, I’ve never looked at a corpse at such a close distance before. I didn’t see my grandparents because I was too short that time. This time, looking at her, I don’t know what to feel. She looks empty. Just like a shell. The air felt heavy for a moment. I think I have my ways of viewing death different from you guys but that’s another day’s talk.

I finally remembered why I never played bowling again after my first time. But when I remembered it was already too late. I chipped the nail on my thumb. Not nice.

I watched Escape from Huang Shi. It was good. I finally got over my can’t-cry-in-human-presence syndrome. And I just came back from watching L: Change the World. I have to tell you I was disappointed. L was supposed to awe me with his intelligence but no. L acted as the eccentric stunt man. I know they’re probably trying to show the other side of L, but I want a piece of his intelligence! Sigh. He could speak a few languages fluently though. I like polyglot guys. They’re juicy. But I’d probably like it more if I know more than them hahahah!

Besides discussing non stop in the cinema, my friends cried, watching L. I don’t get it. I hate people who cry over really small things. Or maybe I took it as a small thing because my syndrome is back. When I have that syndrome, my cry threshold is higher.

I’m not even gonna reread what I just wrote. I have to do a banner design and my dad’s income tax tonight. Pray that I get my bed-day ok?

UPDATE: I’m now only posting this entry because I was typing on the sofa just now and I don’t have WiFi. It’s 1:20 AM. Got some problems with the banner. Need a vector logo, not rasterized!!! And I still haven’t started on the confusing income tax form!

UPDATE Update: My flight is Tues morning! Not Monday! This means I leave on Monday night. Everyone has been asking me when I'm leaving and I told them Sunday night. Oh no! I told my friend who went to buy tickets we're flying on Monday! OMG!!! I hope she realizes!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mahther farking people

I’m living in a fucking fucked up country where killing in broad daylight is totally legal. Two (or three) dogs were shot here today by government officials because somebody made a fucking report. Somebody with the following characteristics: surname – Mah, personality – Conservative, thinking - Narrow. When this three comes together, you get a fucking bastard.

This explains the tree branch covering a big stain on the road when I came back. They were not able to clean away the stain. I think one of the dogs which I happen to like was shot too. She was such a sweet dog. When the van which sells food comes in the morning she would patiently wait a distant from it for the seller to throw her some food. Unlike some uncivilized people, she doesn’t push and elbow. Fuckkkkkk!

I wasn’t around when they came and did their holy act but I was told that four shots were fired and the dogs were killed right on the spot, on the road in front of our unit. This has happened before in my old house too; the dog ran and hid in the drain and they just shot him, right in the drain and fucking in front of my gate. Of course that time it wasn’t a Mah that reported. It was a just a bastard with a fucking attitude.

Everyone knows who reported; we don’t know exactly which individual did it but the first criteria of the three would most probably fit that bastard.

The dogs did nothing wrong; they did not bite, they did not bark. If the chief complain was them dragging rubbish everywhere, then can I complain to the government that some uncivilized people had thrown the rubbish carelessly on the ground and have them shot? If they’re dead, there wouldn’t be accessible rubbish for the dogs to rummage in. The dumpster is so big and spacious (and smells really nice too), so why can’t they throw it in instead of leaving it AROUND it? What’s the fucking point of having a container to contain rubbish if you’re just gonna line it up around its circumference? And can I add a fourth point? – they’re also uncivilized. Let’s do a little Grade 1 logic.

Mahs = uncivilised
Uncivilized = litter everywhere
Therefore, Mahs = litter everywhere
Shoot them!

I don’t know why these type of Mahs hate dogs so much. Note: ‘type’. I’m not generalizing. Fucking assholes in their fucking country. They make this place so warm and fuzzy, uncivilized aliens are coming into the country in droves. It’s so nice and comfy it hurts so much that I need to leave. Fuck you Mahs. Hope you rot in the hell you created for yourselves. I’m a racist. So shoot me.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I guess we are stupid after all

In response to the first entry 'Are we stupid?' and also to prove a fellow commenter's point:

Robber Leaves Resume Behind @ Yahoo! Video
(Lousy Yahoo that doesn't allow embedding. Stupid too)

I shouldn't think too much about the face I saw in that video. He does look like a nice but desperate person. Tsk. A stupid, straight person would surely be better than a sly, cunning one no?

Spill out, damn it!

We all have funny ways of trying to recall things. Some people stare at the ceiling. Some close their eyes. Some grit their teeth. Some jump around like mad. And then there’s also another way which is quite common…

Today in the exam hall, the guy who sat next to me drove me nuts! He was trying to recall the answers to the questions and when he couldn’t (I know because I’m smart :P) he started stomping his feet on the floor. And it’s not just any floor, it’s a floor made of wooden planks where it would send gigantic vibration waves across the room even if you were to just walk on it.

And he did that for 2 hours! As if stomping your feet can make the information spill out of your head. My god, I really wanted to smash his head to pieces. I gave him my vicious stare twice but did he notice? NO! He was to busy trying to put a hole through the floor!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Are we stupid?

Know who is Lim Goh Tong? No? Ok how bout the founder of Genting, one of the richest guy in Asia? Still no? I guess I have to call in Wikipedia.

Anyway the point of this entry is there are people out there who actually has so much time on their hands, they would create nonsensical emails to be forwarded to everyone.

This is one I got which says that this is the grave of Malaysia's late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

Oh really?? How come none of the people there look like Malaysians? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it obvious this is NOT his grave? (But there's always the possibility he made one exactly the same, but I doubt that). If you google 0sss0.com, it is actually a site full of arabic words which I understand none of. Hmm that would really explain why EVERYONE in the picture looks like the middle easterns!

Idiot with too much time on their hands.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Soap Land

After watching Love & Pop yesterday, I scrolled down to the comments section. Someone posted a comment in response to the action of the pervert in the movie who used the hand of a girl he paid to work his tool.

If you're wondering, this movie is about high school girls engaging in enjo kosai or compensated dating. The movie was filmed on hand-held digital cameras, which I thought would make it lousy with the shakings and stuff but it turned out okay. And it's got unusual camera works which makes it unique.

So anyway, in the movie this guy who paid this girl to accompany him to the video store grabbed her hand and shoved it in his pants. One person commented, "That hand-rapist shoulda gone to Soap Land or something..."

Funny!!! So funny I almost choked drinking water. I don't know why I find it so funny, but it's like the high point of reading comments haha. I don't understand 100% what he or she is trying to say but there's just this sarcastic tone to it. Neat. I like sarcasm.

Words of the week: Soap Land

The Wait II

Not only do I have to wait in reality, I even had to wait in my dream. After telling you guys about ‘the wait’ I dreamt that I was at the airport and had to wait 30 days for my flight. The wait was so long (super obvious!) the airport provided a hotel room for me. Now normally if your flight is 30 days away, you stay at home. But it’s completely normal to wait for a month in the airport in my dream. I had a hotel mate but he only had to wait 15 days so I took the calendar and started to plan who I should find for my other lonely 15 days. And uh, that’s about it.

Now back to reality. Remember the place that I called a million times? I don’t know exactly what they do there so let’s call them Call Center 1. If you still remember, Call Center 1 cleverly passed me Call Center 2’s number. So I called Call Center 2 yesterday.

Call Center 2: I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you. You will need to call this Mr. X. He’s in charge of your case. Here’s his number XXX XXXX.

Today I checked the contractor’s number and Mr. X’s. They’re different. So 2 people is in charge? I decided to give the contractor a try first.

Contractor: No, the problem is with the service provider itself. They have not changed to a line capable of providing 2Mbps speed.

So I tried calling Mr. X.

“This is the voice mailbox…”


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't pee in your pants

We can hardly find signs like this in Malaysia. But if you do, don't pee in your pants.


...which do you think is the female washroom? I think I'll go with the left.

There are more but I'm too lazy.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Wait

Do you think it’s safe to say that half of our lives are dedicated to waiting? We wait in the queue when we’re buying food. We wait for our parents to fetch us from school when we were small. We wait for the elevator when we need to get up or down. We wait for our friends who know how to come fashionably late. We wait for the advertisements to end and our movie to start in the cinema. We wait for the stupid video to load on YouTube (or the other slow streaming sites for that matter). We wait for our boyfriend/girlfriend to return our call. We wait in the car for our mothers to finish their grocery shopping. We wait for the traffic lights to change. You know, I bet I can think of a hundred more and this entry will never end but the main problem I wanna stress today is, yes, the main bitch that sparked off this entry is my broadband connection upgrade.

Almost 3 weeks ago I received a call for an offer to upgrade to 2Mbps. I said ok and was told that within 7 working days their contractor (so they call him) would come with my new modem and IPTV (free trial). So I waited for 1 week and their highly competent contractor hasn’t called yet. I waited for a few more days before I called them again and the girl on the line said she would check. And so after that I waited for another 4 days before I called them again and finally got their undivided attention (right…).

Now, after all those calls I’ve finally managed to get the highly competent and I’d like to add, super busy, contractor here to fix the cables. Guess how surprised I was when I was told that the service hasn’t been upgraded for me yet. And off he goes rushing out of my house as if he saw a gun hidden in my room. I had to stop him so I could ask a “what’s-going-on?” question to which he answered half-heartedly while going down the stairs towards the corridor. How busy can a man be? This is your job, hello? And you’ve already made me wait, like, 3 weeks, hello? Don’t I at least get a decent explanation??

He told me not to call those peeps from the provider company but call him instead. I bet those peeps were putting pressure on him yesterday to come to my place. But I called them anyway. Somebody has to answer me okay?

Operator: Mr. Y (the one I was supposed to seek for problems) is currently engaged with another customer, could you wait for him to call you back? You’re Ms. Runawaycat right?

Great. I called them so many times the whole office probably knows who I am already. So I waited. After like 3 hours, he finally called and cleverly passed me another number which I should call if I have any further problems. And as for the activation I was told to wait another 24 hours. I think I might as well multiply that by 3.

There goes another long wait. When it comes to the billings they would most definitely be efficient but…

With more waits to come I’d like to dedicate this song to all you hopeless people out there and whatever you’re waiting for.

We line on the left and we line on the right,

And we wait, and we wait, and we wait all night,

With a groan and a sigh and a half life gone


With a yay and a sigh but a new queue is found!

It sucks I know. Whatever.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stress your head a little

If you don't mind the slowness of Veoh (or maybe it's only slow to me alone) you can try doing this.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

That fella on the left, his face is so funny I smile everytime I think about it. Even when I'm angry.