Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Wait

Do you think it’s safe to say that half of our lives are dedicated to waiting? We wait in the queue when we’re buying food. We wait for our parents to fetch us from school when we were small. We wait for the elevator when we need to get up or down. We wait for our friends who know how to come fashionably late. We wait for the advertisements to end and our movie to start in the cinema. We wait for the stupid video to load on YouTube (or the other slow streaming sites for that matter). We wait for our boyfriend/girlfriend to return our call. We wait in the car for our mothers to finish their grocery shopping. We wait for the traffic lights to change. You know, I bet I can think of a hundred more and this entry will never end but the main problem I wanna stress today is, yes, the main bitch that sparked off this entry is my broadband connection upgrade.

Almost 3 weeks ago I received a call for an offer to upgrade to 2Mbps. I said ok and was told that within 7 working days their contractor (so they call him) would come with my new modem and IPTV (free trial). So I waited for 1 week and their highly competent contractor hasn’t called yet. I waited for a few more days before I called them again and the girl on the line said she would check. And so after that I waited for another 4 days before I called them again and finally got their undivided attention (right…).

Now, after all those calls I’ve finally managed to get the highly competent and I’d like to add, super busy, contractor here to fix the cables. Guess how surprised I was when I was told that the service hasn’t been upgraded for me yet. And off he goes rushing out of my house as if he saw a gun hidden in my room. I had to stop him so I could ask a “what’s-going-on?” question to which he answered half-heartedly while going down the stairs towards the corridor. How busy can a man be? This is your job, hello? And you’ve already made me wait, like, 3 weeks, hello? Don’t I at least get a decent explanation??

He told me not to call those peeps from the provider company but call him instead. I bet those peeps were putting pressure on him yesterday to come to my place. But I called them anyway. Somebody has to answer me okay?

Operator: Mr. Y (the one I was supposed to seek for problems) is currently engaged with another customer, could you wait for him to call you back? You’re Ms. Runawaycat right?

Great. I called them so many times the whole office probably knows who I am already. So I waited. After like 3 hours, he finally called and cleverly passed me another number which I should call if I have any further problems. And as for the activation I was told to wait another 24 hours. I think I might as well multiply that by 3.

There goes another long wait. When it comes to the billings they would most definitely be efficient but…

With more waits to come I’d like to dedicate this song to all you hopeless people out there and whatever you’re waiting for.

We line on the left and we line on the right,

And we wait, and we wait, and we wait all night,

With a groan and a sigh and a half life gone


With a yay and a sigh but a new queue is found!

It sucks I know. Whatever.


joyfulchicken said...

I'm not procrastinating. I'm just waiting. Yay!

runawaycat said...

Then you must have spent 90% of your life waiting :/