Friday, April 25, 2008


Bed-day. That’s what I lack. I haven’t had a single bed-day for 2 months. And my situation now is implying that I probably won’t have any until 8th of May. When I don’t get adequate bed-days, I get grumpy. I have so mant things to do, typing this blog is a pain. I wish not to do it, but I feel I kinda need to update it for I probably wouldn’t get to for quite some time.

Exam ended yesterday,23rd Arpil, but it felt like it was 2 days ago. I’m tired. I’ve been hanging out with my friends since the last paper until now, 9:51 PM, 24th April. And my butt aches. I feel numb right now – not my butt of course, my butt hurts – but mentally.

I’ve gotta go shop for a shoe tomorrow and to exchange money. USD went up I think. Not like it would matter much, those few cents, but mom is nagging me for not listening to her; to exchange it when it was only 3.11. I’m broke. I need like a thousand. Tsk tsk tsk.

Then on Saturday my aunt’s gonna come over and we’ll most likely go out shopping with her. Sigh. Can I not go?

And Sunday will be luggage day. And at night my long journey starts and it’ll never end until the 7th. My holiday is supposed to be enjoyable. I hope it still is.

Let’s see what I’ve done so far. Went for bowling, 2 movies, a dinner, a supper, a meeting, a lunch, and a wake. A wake. You got that right. my lecturer passes away yesterday. I saw her in the coffin today, and I dare say, I’ve never looked at a corpse at such a close distance before. I didn’t see my grandparents because I was too short that time. This time, looking at her, I don’t know what to feel. She looks empty. Just like a shell. The air felt heavy for a moment. I think I have my ways of viewing death different from you guys but that’s another day’s talk.

I finally remembered why I never played bowling again after my first time. But when I remembered it was already too late. I chipped the nail on my thumb. Not nice.

I watched Escape from Huang Shi. It was good. I finally got over my can’t-cry-in-human-presence syndrome. And I just came back from watching L: Change the World. I have to tell you I was disappointed. L was supposed to awe me with his intelligence but no. L acted as the eccentric stunt man. I know they’re probably trying to show the other side of L, but I want a piece of his intelligence! Sigh. He could speak a few languages fluently though. I like polyglot guys. They’re juicy. But I’d probably like it more if I know more than them hahahah!

Besides discussing non stop in the cinema, my friends cried, watching L. I don’t get it. I hate people who cry over really small things. Or maybe I took it as a small thing because my syndrome is back. When I have that syndrome, my cry threshold is higher.

I’m not even gonna reread what I just wrote. I have to do a banner design and my dad’s income tax tonight. Pray that I get my bed-day ok?

UPDATE: I’m now only posting this entry because I was typing on the sofa just now and I don’t have WiFi. It’s 1:20 AM. Got some problems with the banner. Need a vector logo, not rasterized!!! And I still haven’t started on the confusing income tax form!

UPDATE Update: My flight is Tues morning! Not Monday! This means I leave on Monday night. Everyone has been asking me when I'm leaving and I told them Sunday night. Oh no! I told my friend who went to buy tickets we're flying on Monday! OMG!!! I hope she realizes!


CY said...

Here's the logo. Thank me now! :P

joyfulchicken said...

What's the definition of a bed day? You probably sleep at least a few hours every night. Doesn't that count? :-/

runawaycat said...

CY - I already have that. That cannot be used ok? It's jpeg. Rasterized. Cannot expand :(
Nvm the printer has that logo. I have one more logo left to find.

JC - Bed day is a day where you spend the day on the bed, doing nothing but napping, or staring at the ceiling, or tracing circles on the wall, you get the idea :P