Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red or White?

I think I’ve written a couple of posts with the title ‘Today is not my day’ or something along that line. Today however, is slightly different. It’s not to say I had a great day, but it was better, I guess.

One of the teachers gave us an IQ question to think over the week but he said “If you can solve it in less than 3 minutes, you can come down here and teach, and I’ll sit up there.” *points to us* (3 minutes because he himself had solved it in 3 minutes)

And this is the question:

There are 3 people of different heights with the shortest one standing in front and the tallest one right at the back. All three of them stood facing the same direction; the direction faced by the shortest guy. And then there were 3 white hats and 2 red hats. You put a hat on each of them without letting them know which color hat are on their head. Then you ask the tallest guy, “Do you know the color of your hat?” And he answers, “No.” They have to be a 100% sure of the answer, by the way. So you proceed to the second tallest guy and you ask the same question and he answers “No” too. Then you go to the last guy, the shortest one, and he says “Yes, I know the color of my hat and am a 100% sure of it.”

What is the color of his hat and how did he know?

For some crazy reason, I knew the answer immediately. Ok, maybe not immediately. But I can be sure I took less than 3 minutes :P Now, I’m not exactly ‘fast’ when it comes to IQ questions. For the religious, they might say God delivered the answer to me, but I’d rather think of some other crazy reason like the answer in the teacher’s head bounced off the ceiling into mine. I answered it and I was right. I hope he was joking about the teaching part.

So what’s your answer?

UPDATE: Carney solved it. So if you really wanna do this, don't look in the comments :)

Why it's good

Surely I have another reason to say today is better than usual. I went for squash and for the first time I felt like I was doing something right. I even got a few “Good” from the coach. He didn’t really tell us how to move or how to run or how to hold, tada tada tada so perhaps that made me perform better. Or maybe it was because I was hungry. You know, when you’re hungry you work harder. I think it’s a combination of both.

First, I’m not a robot. Things can difficult when you start telling people how they should hold the racket or how they should run to the ball and stuff. Yea sure you’re teaching us the skills to do it the right way, but it’s a bad start.

Like last week, a young guy taught us and he kept on talking and talking and talking and by the time it was my turn again I couldn’t even hit a ball. He kept talking about how you should do this and how you should do that I kinda lost control of everything. When you try to control every part according to how someone is telling you to, you miss the main point. I’m not a machine. You don’t say “First, lift your hands up 29.8 degress.” *Eeekk eek eeeekkkek* “Second, swing it downwards until it crosses over the front of your knees.” *Eekk crreeekkk craaakk ekkkekk* Read appendix 4 if you hear weird sounds. Appendix 4.3: When you hear a crreeekkk, it means you need to add oil. Instructions: Open lid, lift your hands to 45 degrees and pour oil. Don’t forget to close lid by turning it 9.7 rounds.

Get my point?

I saw him again today and I’m like, “Ughhh” He didn’t come near us though, which was good. Another thing, get a haircut. Make sure you get it from a hairstylist that has already done 196 styles on 785 heads. …. You know what, any stylist will do. The fashion of hair you’re wearing is what a 46 year old nerdy uncle would wear. It’s not gonna help you with the girls. Trust me. You’re gonna wanna thank me later.

There are of course, the not so hee hee haa haa parts of my day like how I was hungry since before squash until I got home at 9 pm and why I got home that late (because I had errands to run and everyone decided to take the same road that I did) and thus I had to just simply do an image of 3 plain people wearing crowns and not do something more elaborate. But I’m not gonna talk about them. Today is a good day.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crying out loud in the middle of the dark place down there

Just in case you didn’t know, I went for a talk today, one which includes dinner in it. It was in g Hotel, a new hotel and I’ve never been there before. I have to say, the lobby was impressive. Since I couldn’t find any signs which could show me to the room where the talk will be held (the lobby was impressive but dark) I went up to the front desk and asked the man, “Do you know how I can get to the dinner talk by XXX?” He disappears into the back and I saw the automatic wall close behind him. Cool. Just like some secret passage. A moment later he came back and he asked me, “Are you sure it’s held in g Hotel and not Gurney Hotel? We do not have any dinner talks tonight.” Ok, right now I’m not so sure. If the front desk says they don’t have one, surely they can’t be wrong. I mean, they’re the front desk! I called my friend to confirm and to hell with the front desk, I found my own way to the room.

While the talk was going on, I was thinking about the food. No, no, I’m not saying the talk was boring. I was just hungry. And one of the three things I learned in the second half of 2007 besides being able to belch whether I like it or not and to sleep sitting up in class, was that my stomach could not resist not making noises when I was hungry. Surely I don’t want my stomach to greet everyone in the room right? So I had to think of when I can have the food. The talk? It wasn’t bad at all actually. However, what was bad was the food. It was still tolerable but I’m not going to talk about it. The broccoli was nice though.

Now, one thing that I can be sure is bad is the service. It’s by far the worse by a hotel. Not like I’ve been to that many hotels. The worse that I know of, at least. Sometimes the waiter didn’t even ask if you still wanted the food and would just grab your plate away and replace it with a new one. It didn’t happen to me, because I was only busy eating and I finished my food relatively quick, but it happened to my friend who was talking away. And they would refill your drink after every sip you take. It’s like the level of the water must not be 95.978% or less. It’s annoying! You’re like talking and he’ll come up and say, “Excuse me” and start pouring away, with his fat hands blocking you from the person you were talking to. You get the idea.

I won’t say how his sleeves were brushing against my glass when he was pouring water for the person next to me. Okay so I just said it. It’s just that I’ve been rather particular about customer services after reading the book Secret Service by John R. DiJulius. It’s an interesting read. Now I know I’ve NEVER experienced excellent customer service. Nor have I seen it. Maybe I would if I pay a thousand bucks for a dinner. But customer service shouldn’t just extend to the super rich.

Anyway have you been experiencing déjà vu lately? I don’t know why but it happened like a dozen times this week. When the waiter took the plate off the table, boom! Déjà vu. When I was driving home and I saw a man in blue riding a bike in front of my car, boom! Déjà vu. Oh and you know, the drive home was freaking long. Those dumb people decided it would be a great idea to tar the road on a Friday night and made the weekend traffic pile 4 km long. And with a bladder full of urine exceeding its limit didn’t help. To add salt to the injury, the engine vibration created resonance and the whole car was vibrating, at least I think it did, with the focal point just right below my bladder. Hallelujah.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yes food, No brain

Cometh blogged about something he got from his mail: Brain and Liver health tips. Since I have nothing to blog about, I’m going to steal his. Well, actually only those that would concern me. I know, it’s all about me. It always has been.

Brain Damaging Habits!


It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

No wonder I’m a little bit behind in everything lately.

High sugar consumption

Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

Joyfulchicken, perhaps this is the answer to your stick figure?

Sleep deprivation

Sleep allows our brain to rest. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

See! Another reason why I’m so dumb lately. No wait. This makes me dumb all the time.

Liver Damage!

Sleeping too late and waking up too late – Damages your liver!

Goodbye liver.

Too much eating – Damages your liver!

Again, tata.

I was too lazy to read on. I don’t want to know anyway. My liver’s probably gone anyway so what’s the point? And who knows, I might go before my liver. So eat on!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why I hate my life

This will be just one of the reasons why I hate my life. It’s more like a momentary thing and I hope it’s not going to turn permanent like a stubborn ink on your million dollar wedding dress. It would kill you, I know. Warning: Don’t read it.

I skipped class today so I could sleep late and have time for myself. I did sleep late. I only woke up at noon when I set the alarm for 10 am which would give me six hours of idle time. But of course the six hours had been reduced to four when I woke up later than planned. Four is nothing if you look at your analog clock hanging on the wall. It’s just a small portion of the pie.

And then I had to take mom out to get some things done and by the time I got home, I took my lunch and now, I have only an hour left. And then I ask myself, “Am I very sure that I have nothing to do at all? No deadlines to meet? No emails waiting for replies? No tests I haven’t studied for?” Then I start to get uneasy. It happens whenever I have some free time. Oh by the way, we were told yesterday that this week’s test has been postponed. And I was like “Huh? We were supposed to have a test this week!?” I would go through my planner and I’ll find that there really isn’t anything for me to do. Then I would stand there staring into it and think, Did I forget to write in it? I always forget to write in it, by the way. Sometimes you’re too busy, you lose touch. You forget you have a planner.

So now, I think I have nothing to do, but I’m keeping myself busy by typing this shit. I have to keep myself busy because I’m so used to it. Now, I may give you the impression of a busy career woman rushing here and there carrying her big fat planner. If I did, then I must have exaggerated the situation coz I’m not. I do get idle times, just that I spend them wondering why I get them. It feels surreal. And I hate my life for that. It’s amazing how some people can tell you that you have time when you don’t. And they keep giving you tasks to do because they think you have the time. If there are some people I want to kill right now, it’s them.

I missed the days when I was 18, when I would return from school before two o’clock and just lie on the sofa, stare into the ceiling and finally fall asleep until five. A couple of years from now, my life is going to turn out just like my colleague. All I’ll do is wake up for work, go back home after that, do some house chores, go to bed and a new but similar cycle starts all over again. I’ll lose touch from the world and from myself. I wouldn’t know that there’s a sale going on and I wouldn’t know what movie is in the cinemas. I’ll only know my work. What an empty sad life. It’s happening already. I used to be the person who gets all her art displayed in primary school. Then when I reached high school, I slowly stopped doing artwork and then finally the creative juice stopped flowing. You could say I was like a walking zombie. I believe so. A human with no creativity is not a human at all.

(I now have 30 minutes before I have to get ready for squash, which I really don’t feel like doing, but I have to. Damn) I really hope I can escape this. I think this is the second or third time I’m writing this kind of yucky stuff. Just the other day I was about to write something like this then I held back. I could make my readers sulk at their life. But this one is not as bad, I think. However, if I still succeeded in putting you into a bad mood, which I doubt I can, don’t look at me. Told you not to read it.

Earth calling mars, earth calling mars.

[pic source]

I’m not even in mars. I’m nowhere.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the the the the

I’ve noticed a trend among the people I’ve recently had contact with. Hey, hey, not that kind of contact. These people have a tendency to use ‘the’ in almost all their sentences. Here I am, editing an assignment, and I can’t tell you how many ‘the-s’ that I’ve already come across. Right now I have the headache and I’m not sure the mind of mine can last any the longer. Look. That sentence sounded fake, I know. I just can't do it like them. And I can’t copy and paste it here because it’s supposed to be confidential. It is, if I wanna survive another 2 years around them unharmed. Haha. Nah, it’s not that serious. I just told joyfulchicken that I’m a nice person, so I’m going to prove it by stopping here. You guys are all the nice people and I will stop talking about the the-s in your language and the headache you’re giving me. I still suck at it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I hate my life

This has nothing to do with the title. The title is just an impulse.

Today was graduation for the seniors and they weren’t so lucky with the weather. It threatened to rain since the afternoon and it finally did just when they came out of the hall. Funny thing is when I drove into the compound the rain started to get heavier than it was when I was outside. It’s as though the clouds were looming above the place and the place only. I was lucky to find a parking space and carrying bags of soft toys in one hand and the umbrella in another, I walked towards the hall. It was so crowded I wouldn’t even know if Brad Pitt walked pass. Not like I think he’s cute. I used to think he’s cute. Not anymore.

Ok back to the topic. It was such a chaos there I couldn’t find the people I was looking for. Never in my 2 ½ years of time spent studying there have I walked so many rounds around the hall and back. Ok I don’t even know how to arrange the words. You know what I mean right? And the thing is I didn’t even complain. Hmm…

I don’t even know how to describe this. I couldn’t get any of them on the cell so I was just walking around aimlessly, squinting my eyes in the process, trying to scan through every face wearing a graduation hat. And the droplets of sweat forming below my eyes weren’t helping. It made my already blur vision blurrier. You know what else didn’t help? Walking around the wet ground in a 2 ½ inches wedge sandals, wet wedge sandals, with the bottom of my jeans and my NEW handbag soaked in water and sweat respectively (heh), and my bra hanging on for its dear life. I can’t believe I just told you that. Finally after more than an hour I managed to catch all of them. My job is done!

People are making graduation such a big deal. I don’t really see why. But when that day comes I know I’d be happy too. I’d be super duper happy even before it comes. I can see myself celebrating right after the last exam paper. But let’s not go into that. I know it’s going to be a momentary thing and if I start describing it, I’ll have to move on to the not so happy parts eventually. Delete!

You know what? I don’t even know what to say. It’s Sunday night. I hate my life and I’m not going to start telling you about it. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August is the new Christmas

I’m fucking pissed. Yea, it’s 10:30AM and I’m fucking pissed. My 6 day holiday is almost over. I have 3 days left, so that’s ALMOST over and I can’t find a single freaking day where I can loiter around the house, do nothing at all, and feel miserable. What the fuck!

And you know what? I can’t even find a proper time to charge my phone these last few weeks. When it’s low on battery, I would have to go somewhere. Oh yea. There is that many places to go. Though I can’t remember any of them. Why? Because they were not for leisure. And when the phone’s charging, it rings non stop. I’ll be doing something else 10 kilometers away from my charging phone and every time it rings I’ll have to do an Olympics sprint. Not only do I get a spinning head from running back and forth, my phone never charges! Because you guys can’t STOP calling!

And today is my friend’s birthday so we’re going out to celebrate. One friend tried to make me go out to celebrate it last night at 11:15PM although I said I wanted to do it today. HELLOOOO!!! Go out at 11:15PM? Do you by any chance know that I live with my mother in this month of the Hungry Ghost festival?!? What the fuck do you want me to tell me mom? So you think I should quarrel with her so I can fucking fetch you from your nest to the party? And I didn’t like his tone when I said I didn’t want to go. If I don’t go then there wouldn’t be enough cars to fetch everyone? Fuck! Stop being selfish. Ride your own freaking bike! Oh and did you know what he said when I asked him to do so? “Huh? Bike?” Ok I think that’s what he said. But I can interpret it for you. What? You’re asking me to ride my bike that far?? E.x.c.u.s.e moi, but my dad is more than half a century old and he can still do that. In fact, he can ride a bike around the freaking country if you asked him to.

Yea sure, I know you’re stressed from having loads of work to do. I totally appreciate what you’re doing. But does that mean you can go around and vomit offending words at people? Remember what you called me? I took it as a joke but honestly, that’s not a word to joke with. You’re probably not reading this but I don’t care. I felt like it. And man, all those F words did make me feel better. It’s like I’m screaming through my fingers. What a wonder.

Back to why today and the rest of the week is fucked up. I realized I have a long shopping list and I’ll have to eat out for both my lunch and dinner today. Hallelujah. Where the fuck can I find that kind of cash? Don’t shop? No I can’t. I’ve been going on for weeks without proper face wash and now the whole set is finished. 50 65 bucks ~fly~ (update: and that's after discount!)Then everything else in the shopping list are presents for those graduating. Totally understand that. They’re all compulsory. But I’m sorry my close friend’s birthday fell on this month. Perhaps I should have seen this coming and put aside a 3 cm thick pile of cash. But at least I’ve already bought her a present. Sure I can go to the ATM. And I even have 200 bucks at hand right now for the external hardisk I didn’t buy. And then I need to visit the optometrist. Damn I should have said yes when dad ask if I needed money. But how can I? It’s been too long I don’t remember how to ask anymore.

So I guess I’ll have to grit my teeth and go to whatever fancy restaurant they have in mind tonight huh? Sigh. And it’s my close friend’s birthday. If I say no, Mr. Smartass the Offender is going to throw a bag of offending words at me. Yay. I bet my friend understands.

Coming up: CSI:Miami. More rants! But we’ll have to see if I have the freaking time to write that.

UPDATE: I went to the mall again with the birthday girl and I got myself bags. Yes, you got that right. Bags. We were looking around, me at clothes, she at shoes, when I turned around and saw one of the bags which got my attention last month in the bin! At 50% discount! Arhhh!!! Attack!!! Hahaha. And since I found two of them nice, I bought both. They weren't that expensive. And it's got a 50% discount tag.

And my mom asked me to buy her something. I know I'll most likely get it from her for buying two bags so I resorted to bribery. I had it all planned out. I was going to say that she need not pay me for the thing she asked me to buy. Perfect! I got home and I told her what i had intended to but she still nagged me. "Is your money biting into your skin?" She asked. Sigh. But after some thinking she concluded that it was a worth buy. Yay! Peace in the house :)

Oh ask me how my day was. It was bad in the morning, ok in the afternoon, ranty in the evening, and finally superb at night after buying the bags! Really, even after we met the rest for dinner and seeing Mr. Smartass, I still felt happy. Yay yay!

I got a halo

Cometh introduced his readers to this thing called The Gematriculator in the site The Sect of Homokaasu. It’s suppose to analyze your website and see how good or evil it is. I didn’t read the rest in the site because it sounded technical and I’m lazy. So I took the test and this is what I got:

Oh come on! I’m only 28% evil? Come on!

Fine. So I’m good. I should be happy. Perhaps the chicken mafiosos should try.

Look at the intricacies of the ‘calculations’:

My mouse loves attention

My mouse is giving me a reason to feature him here again. Wait, I don’t remember, was my mouse a he or a she? Oh never mind. He can be gay. Anyway I remember the box saying that the mouse has a limited clicking life but did not mention anything about limited cycles the scroller can take before it kongs. Yup, you guessed right, it’s konged. KO, RIP, Bye Bye. Sometimes when I scroll up, it would go down, and vice versa. Sometimes it didn’t take me anywhere.

I got fed up with it so I hit it hard with my index finger and guess what I discovered? When you hit the scroller, a little circle with two arrowheads appears and if your cursor moves down it’ll scroll down and you don’t have to click or use the scroller anymore. How great!

So you already know about this? Ok laugh all you want. Laugh at the Tarzan who has never used the optical mouse. Tarzan who? Surely not me.

Sigh. Not even three months into its life and the scroller is dead. It was already giving me a lot of trouble the moment I got it and now this. Its as good as junk now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hemorrhoid attack!

I woke up today half crippled. Why? Because I played squash last night. It was probably the first time I really ever stretched my leg muscles in a while. By ‘a while’ I mean months, probably years. Horrified? Yea, yea, I know, I’m a lazy sloth.

Yesterday’s practice was actually nothing compared to real squash. Yesterday’s was just a beginner’s lesson (yes, I’m taking a lesson and I’ve never stepped into a squash court before this, not in my 21 years of life, did I horrify you again?) and I can’t imagine how it’d be like next week. Thank god I have a short holiday now meaning I can rest at home. “Rest.” Read the word properly. My version of resting is to take mom out and do chores for dad. And one of them required me to climb a freaking two storey high flight of stairs! My legs! Oh my legs!

For the last 3 hours I was going in and out of the car and climbing steps like a 70 year old woman. Can you picture an old lady getting out of the car? She would have to carefully step out, making sure her feet were on firm grounds, both hands looking for support and with one thrust stand up as fast as possible to relieve some weight off her thighs. Since I’m not an old lady, people might have thought I have hemorrhoids or something. Oh no! And when she needs to climb the stairs she would again look for support and go up step by step with her back a little bent. Thank god there were too many people there and the vain version of me kicked in and I have to look like I don’t have hemorrhoids. So I rushed up the flight of stairs and you know what, rushing up didn’t hurt that much as it would if I do the old lady stunt.

Whatever it is, I’m now in the comforts of my home and I certainly hope everything will be fine tomorrow.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I pulled the string

I finally pulled the string. You can never guess what happened. Okay I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it short.

So I went there on Wednesday and went straight to the shelf where the string was hanging down. I looked around, and signaled my friend to keep watch. I grasp the string and with a deep breath, I pulled. Immediately the lights which lighten that particular shelf went out. My friend gave a slight giggle.

“Keep watch, you!” I reminded her.

Then I heard three beeps and the next thing I know, all the lights illuminating each alley went out one by one. Oh no! What did I do!? I pulled the string again but there was no response. The lights continued to go off one by one.

“Neko, someone’s coming!”

I could hear quick footsteps heading our way and I knew we had to bolt there and then. We rushed away from the footsteps and my mind was frantically searching for an excuse to bail us out of the situation if we were ever caught. At the same time I was also blaming everyone for encouraging me to pull the string. Damn you guys!

“Hey you there!” a man’s voice called out.

We froze in out steps. I knew he was referring to us. There wasn’t anyone else there. My friend made sure of that before I pulled the string. I turned around and said the stupidest thing ever.

“I didn’t pull it.”

It’s true. I didn’t pull it. And the friend? She chickened out at the last minute. She didn’t even enter the library with me. At least I did, alone. I went to that floor and searched for that alley with the string. It was then that I noticed every alley had one, only that they threw the string up the shelf so you don’t see it unless you were looking for it, that is. And now that I was looking from a far, I also noticed that next to every triangular cone which the string hung to, were two fluorescent lights. I was pretty sure they were for the lights.

But to turn on the lights by going through each alley isn’t very practical. Surely you’d want to wire them to a common spot. Any smart person would have thought of that, no? At least that’s how they do it in the other library.

I was still doubtful. It wasn’t practical at all. At least not for a lazy person like me. so I thought I’d pull it. But there was a room with glass walls directly overlooking that particular alley and a man was in it. And I hesitated. The next thing I know, I was outside, reminding my friend of her promise to pull it with me, which she broke.

I might still pull it. When there really isn’t anybody around. Well, you should be glad I didn’t because if I did, I’m sure the only scenario that will probably happen is up till where that particular light went out. Then it’d be a boring one-of-the-lights-went-out story, and not the interesting story you just read.

Surely a bracing encounter

I was just going through my messy table when I noticed something which brought back some memories.

There was this time when I went to the supermarket and one of the promoters started a considerably long conversation with me. I was waiting for my friend to arrive so I took a troll around the toiletries section. This woman came up to me and started asking me to try her product. I don’t remember what it was but it was something I already had, only of a different brand. Somehow the conversation led to what I do for a living and what I study and that was when she noticed my pearl and crystal bracelet. From there the conversation carried on to her interest in crystals and she started exhibiting those of her own. Of course I don’t know anything about crystals, at least not like her, so I just answered whatever she asked with a straight face.

“Where did you buy it?” she asked.

“I didn’t buy it. It was a gift from my aunt.”

“I don’t know if they’re real crystals though,” I continued, knowing nothing about what she was going to say.

“You can’t say that! It’s a gift from someone, and you must not doubt the authenticity of it!”

I was taken aback. She continued on with her lecture and I just stood there speechless, muted, tongue-tied. I played dumb because I know there was no point to provoke her, but I must say she certainly did me, though not enough to make me smack her. So I tried to amuse that old lady and simply smiled at her every word. Thank god my friend called and I had a good excuse to leave her. Politely.

I was a bit angry I didn’t defended myself, but heck, who’s she to deserve my two cents?

Just for your information, I like the bracelet, plus the color of the crystal is yellow, which signifies wealth. I love money.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lonely nights

My Wednesday nights are lonely now. I used to be looking forward to watching CSI at 2 AM (fine, so it’s Thursday morning) but now that Season 7 is over, and yes, they left it hanging just like that! I have nothing to watch on Wednesday nights now. Should I resort to watching CSI: Miami instead and rant about it the next day? Maybe. But it’s too late already anyway. It’s already 2:45 AM.

I lost my ruler. You’re probably asking what this had got to do with my lonely Wednesday nights. No, it’s got nothing to do with it. But when you’re lonely, you start to mutter things, whether relevant or not. I was writing on the table when a friend called and we talked for like an hour and after that I couldn’t find my ruler. Heck. I am now ruler-deficit. I guess it’s good to not be ruled by anyone, or anything, for that matter. Hmm… Okay what am I saying?

Oh you know what? I’m gonna talk about another thing which is again, unrelated to the lonely nights. The toilet was leaking water for the past two days. It went from drips to flows and thank god I can sleep in almost any condition otherwise I would have to put an ear stud to sleep. Yea it is that loud. Especially at night when it’s pin-drop silent except for the sound of the flowing water. Freaky.

Mom asked if we should get someone to fix it and I was like, ‘Hell no.’ It’s probably just something that’s gone lose or the rubber needs to be changed. So today I opened the cover, flushed all the water out and inspected it. Ah! Piece of cake. I didn’t see what was the underlying problem which had first initiated the leak but I thought I should just solve whatever that I can see that’s causing the leak now. Well I’m lazy. I rummaged through dad’s tool box but couldn’t find a wrench small enough to fit in the small nook (Okay this probably isn’t the precise word to use, but it’s 3 AM so shut up). Then I thought, the plyers should do. Nope. The thing was too slippery for the plyers to grip on. Man, you should open yours to have a look at the stuff growing in there. Yuck. Then I noticed that that thing was like a 2 way screw, whatever you call it. One side had a nut and the other had a slotted head. So I took the screwdriver and did my wonders. It stopped leaking.

Lesson of the day: Screwdrivers are useful. Rhey, make sure you get your screwdriver back. Felt like saying it :)

I’m really yabbering, am I not? Well, it’s 3 AM and I think I’ll go make myself something to eat. JC, you hungry? I’m sure you are now.

P.S: My saliva kinda stinks tonight.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hello, I'm a bad cop

I know you guys have probably read this but I still want to copy and paste it here. It's funny. I wonder what Tiffy thinks of it though.

BANGKOK, Thailand - Thai police officers who break rules will be forced to wear hot pink armbands featuring "Hello Kitty," the Japanese icon of cute, as a mark of shame, a senior officer said Monday.

Police officers caught littering, parking in a prohibited area, or arriving late — among other misdemeanors — will be forced to stay in the division office and wear the armband all day, said Police Col. Pongpat Chayaphan. The officers won't wear the armband in public.

The striking armband features Hello Kitty sitting atop two hearts.

"Simple warnings no longer work. This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor," said Pongpat, acting chief of the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok.

"(Hello) Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It's not something macho police officers want covering their biceps," Pongpat said.

He said police caught breaking the law will be subject the same fines and penalties as any other members of the public.

"We want to make sure that we do not condone small offenses," Pongpat said, adding that the CSD believed that getting tough on petty misdemeanors would lead to fewer cases of more serious offenses including abuse of power and mistreatment of the public by police officers.

Hello Kitty, invented by Sanrio Co. in 1974, has been popular for years with children and young women. The celebrity cat adorns everything from diamond-studded jewelry, Fender guitars and digital cameras to lunch boxes, T-shirts and stationery.


Now, laugh you, laugh!


RunawayCat wants to go to Namibia. Correction, RunawayCat needs to go to Namibia. She needs to volunteer in the Noah’s Ark Project* and is in dire need of money. Needs, needs, needs! She needs approximately MYR 10000. That’s about USD 2900. USD makes it look so little compared to MYR, doesn’t it? But it’s still a lot. If not she wouldn’t be asking, would she?

Help RunawayCat. Contribute to her fund. It’s for a good cause. For donations, leave a comment.

Q&A: *By any chance does it have anything to do with this post, There’s no space for you on Noah’s Ark? – No, but it does have something to do with animals. It is after all, Noah’s Ark. There’s a reason for the name.

Like a greedy kid in a toy store, only everything is free

What do I like about libraries? Simple. You get to read books you otherwise wouldn’t get to unless you pay for them. In the library I get to read for free.

I just went to the library again, nope it’s not the one with the strings. This is the other one in the uni, the one where the staircase smells like that of a newly built multi-storey car park, where the lighting is brighter and the shelves less crowded (i.e. the whole world can see what you’re doing) and where the pull-out book rest on the shelves don’t make high pitch creaks. And also the one where you can find a lot of business related books! I just found that out a while ago. Now I get to read about why McDonalds is where it is and how I can make huge profits on eBay. I’m excited!

There is a catch though. You can read for free, take it home and make hundreds of copies (though I don’t really see the need to) but you can only borrow four. And I’ve already reached that quota! I hate this. I think I have to finish one of the books tonight, return it tomorrow and get another one done as soon as possible too. Damn. I have no time! To hell with the Astro Max advertisement where that Indian man says “I’ve got time, I’ve got time, I’ve got time” repeatedly. Everyone has the same amount of time each day asshole. Just because Astro Max (it's freaking expensive too) lets you record the shows doesn’t mean you’ll have the time to watch it. Just like in my case, I have the books staring at me right now but that doesn’t mean I have the time to finish it. And what am I doing here telling you all this, wasting my time? Heck, time’s ticking!

Kthxbye. And that would be the influence of the folks in ChickenMafia have on me.

Note: Tried looking for the Astro Max advertisement online but to no avail. If anyone happens to know about it, let me know. By the way, Astro is a satellite TV service provider here.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Friendship Book

I learned about the Friendship Book from Tiz and guess what? I want one too! Tiz knows all these cool stuffs. Simply love her!

Ok if you’ve never heard of it, I sure didn't, stupid me, it goes like this: You make a little book with a few pages in it, write whatever you want about yourself and send it to a penpal, for instance. Then he or she will send it someone else and it goes on, traveling the world. But of course you need to have your address there to make sure the book returns to you at the end of the whole trip. Yay! I should go make one soon! Hmm…who should I send it to? I sure hope it leaves the country and comes back to me one day.

Shit happens

I went for dim sum on Friday night as I said I would, equipped with my camera. You know, for some cam-whoring and stuff and also to show you guys the Har Gau. Before going out I checked the camera to see if it was low on battery. It happens all the time whenever I take it out without charging. But hey, I hardly use it lately so by right it should have enough power to last a few shots at the least. I turned it on and everything was fine, there were no ‘low on battery’ alerts and everything was good to go.

Before the dim sum we went to a concert. After parking the car we saw a nice fountain and thought it’d be a fantastic spot for some cam-whoring. So I took out my camera – I bet you know where this is leading to – turned it on and all I saw was a black screen with the words “Change the battery pack” DAMNIT!!! I didn’t even get to take one single picture! Little did I know, I had used up the portion of what’s left of my camera battery at home while checking if it still had power. DAMNIT!!! Fine. No pictures then. FINE.

The concert was ok but we left in the middle of the last song because Har Gau was more important. It was getting late anyway and my Har Gau won’t wait. No photos to show you guys unfortunately. I hope I can get some of the ones my friend took with the 2MP phone camera ASAP. The Har Gau was below my expectation; I don’t know why it didn’t taste as good as it did the last time. Maybe I had too high of an expectation but whatever it is, the Siu Mai sure was good. That’s the only 2 dim sum names that I know of, so I can’t tell you bout the rest. It didn’t matter because they were the best two anyway, so there’s no point talking bout the others.

And it has been confirmed that Mr. Shit prefers the toilet where I work. The next day I went to work and pooped out all the dim sum there.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

There's no space for you on Noah's Ark

It rained heavily this morning as I was about to leave the house. Because I was going to be late if I don’t leave soon, I took out and umbrella and started running to the car which was only about 10 feet away. I still got wet all over. I should really get one of those inverted umbrellas for car drivers.

While at the traffic lights, not only did I get free acid rain car wash, I also got high pressure sideways puddle water splashed all over my car by the speeding cars from the opposite road. Yay! Free car wash! And the acid can even bite off the dirt coating my car. Ideal for lazy people like me.

We’re considered lucky because the rain wasn’t that bad here. Not that I hate rains. I love them actually. But not the ones Europe is having now. I find it funny, really, that almost every continent is experiencing floods. China, US, perhaps my own country (I stopped caring) and worse of all Europe. I hear their historical sites are being drowned in rainwater. Ouch for the historical sites. But that’s okay. It’s only adding another page into its history.

On another unrelated – but soon to be related – account, I saw a video of Charley the cat in Carnifex’s blog. He made it sound like he was going to show us a video of animal cruelty but no, it wasn’t. In fact, I found it cute. However, that made me think of a video I watched years ago – I think it was Shocking Asia – about exotic foods. I remember seeing a Thai man pulling a dog out of a really huge cage by the neck and hanging him on the tree. He then beat the crap out of the dog using a stick. I’m not joking bout the crap part. That made me want to look for the video over in Youtube and show it to you guys. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

But I found this.

That man threw the dog into boiling water alive!

If you think that was horrible, look at this. I cried. Imagine how the people who lost their loved ones did in the 911 tragedy. That’s how I cried. Yes, it’s that bad. I suggest you lock yourself in the room while watching this. If you didn’t have the slightest emotion towards this, then get ready for a boycott.

They were skinned alive!

Here’s another one along with a song to mock it.

So how is this related to floods all around the world? – Payback time. Humans are by far the cruelest species ever. And I don’t fucking care if your house is submerged 20 feet under water.

I may sympathize with humans; those abused, in famine, extremely poor, etc, but if I had the money for charity, they won’t be the first to get it. Not when I was a kid, not now, not in the future. They’ll always come in second. [Sentence deleted as it may be bad for the writer’s reputation, if she has one, that is]

So don’t you find it funny that almost every continent is experiencing storms and floods? And they’re complaining. Well, you have you yourself to blame.

What did you feel when a few years ago the giant tsunami striked? I was sad and angry. It was the first time any natural disaster ever hit our little country. Yea, I was sad alright. I felt sad I missed the chance to catch a glimpse of the big wave. In fact, deep inside I wished it would happen again. Selfish of me, but like I care. Yea, another fact to reinforce my twisted-ness.

I remember at that time, I was always sitting close to the door with my wallet and camera ready and every time there was a siren, I would jump. I was prepared to run to the beach. I live close to the beach then. But despite all the rumours of a second hit, it never did happen. Oh, well.

Of course, many who did not deserve to die died, but it can’t be helped. Take it as a message. The world is coming to an end. But do people care? You deserve it. It’s also funny that some – and many of them happen to be sinful – believe they’ll be sucked up into heaven while all the non-believers die on Earth and go to hell. It’s sad, I know. Let’s all laugh at them while they wait for the sky to open up moments before we all die. A free deathbed joke. No money charged. Truly a gift from God.

Oh and before you ask me if I’m not human myself, yes, I am human, I’m no exception, and I still hate humans. Do you see me complaining bout the disasters? Get what I mean? Vague? Go to sleep.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To pull or not to pull

Teachers always say we students never like going to the library and they’ll try all sorts of attempts to make us go. Well, listen up. Not everyone hates the library. I for one, do not. That’s fact no. 1. But of course it depends on what you look for in the library. Whatever the teachers said has an indirect truth, at least in my case. I go to the library but I don’t look for books related to the subject I major in, i.e. the things the teachers teach. That’s fact no. 2. Still, to say we don’t like going is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anyway, what I was going to say is, today, when I was in the library, in one of my favorite sections – that’d be CC, P, T, TR, yet to check out TT, the not so often QB and QC, though lately I frequent T – I saw a string hanging down from the ceiling. I don’t think I saw it before or maybe I was just too oblivious to notice it until today. I looked up and there its end was, attached to the ceiling by some cone shaped object, like some old fashioned bulb holder only there’s no space for one. Thank god it wasn’t this (watch the second video). My hands were itching to pull it but I hesitated. What’s gonna happen if I do? Will an alarm go off? Hah. No. Will the lights to the whole row of shelves turn off? That’s going to attract attention. I don’t want that. What’s gonna happen?

I looked back at the books and around me to see if anyone was looking at my awkward staring into the ceiling pose. I wanted to look at it, to scrutinize it, to know what its function was. But what if it’s a hidden camera to trap unsuspecting, dupable people like me? Well, of course I was full of suspicions, but who’s gonna know? I looked up again at it, pretending to be looking at the books high up on the shelves. What the hell is it for!?

In the end, I didn’t pull it. And I still don’t know what it is for. All the while I was too conscious of who or what might be looking at me. Idiot.