Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lonely nights

My Wednesday nights are lonely now. I used to be looking forward to watching CSI at 2 AM (fine, so it’s Thursday morning) but now that Season 7 is over, and yes, they left it hanging just like that! I have nothing to watch on Wednesday nights now. Should I resort to watching CSI: Miami instead and rant about it the next day? Maybe. But it’s too late already anyway. It’s already 2:45 AM.

I lost my ruler. You’re probably asking what this had got to do with my lonely Wednesday nights. No, it’s got nothing to do with it. But when you’re lonely, you start to mutter things, whether relevant or not. I was writing on the table when a friend called and we talked for like an hour and after that I couldn’t find my ruler. Heck. I am now ruler-deficit. I guess it’s good to not be ruled by anyone, or anything, for that matter. Hmm… Okay what am I saying?

Oh you know what? I’m gonna talk about another thing which is again, unrelated to the lonely nights. The toilet was leaking water for the past two days. It went from drips to flows and thank god I can sleep in almost any condition otherwise I would have to put an ear stud to sleep. Yea it is that loud. Especially at night when it’s pin-drop silent except for the sound of the flowing water. Freaky.

Mom asked if we should get someone to fix it and I was like, ‘Hell no.’ It’s probably just something that’s gone lose or the rubber needs to be changed. So today I opened the cover, flushed all the water out and inspected it. Ah! Piece of cake. I didn’t see what was the underlying problem which had first initiated the leak but I thought I should just solve whatever that I can see that’s causing the leak now. Well I’m lazy. I rummaged through dad’s tool box but couldn’t find a wrench small enough to fit in the small nook (Okay this probably isn’t the precise word to use, but it’s 3 AM so shut up). Then I thought, the plyers should do. Nope. The thing was too slippery for the plyers to grip on. Man, you should open yours to have a look at the stuff growing in there. Yuck. Then I noticed that that thing was like a 2 way screw, whatever you call it. One side had a nut and the other had a slotted head. So I took the screwdriver and did my wonders. It stopped leaking.

Lesson of the day: Screwdrivers are useful. Rhey, make sure you get your screwdriver back. Felt like saying it :)

I’m really yabbering, am I not? Well, it’s 3 AM and I think I’ll go make myself something to eat. JC, you hungry? I’m sure you are now.

P.S: My saliva kinda stinks tonight.


joyfulchicken said...

Of course I'm hungry.

Hey, you know what normal people do when they get bored at night? They sleep :-P

runawaycat said...

So I'm not normal? Sleeping is a waste of time. At nights, that is.

joyfulchicken said...

I guess you're right. Crap, it's almost 6 AM and I still can't sleep.

rheytarded said...

im hungry.

its 11:35 PM i still have 3 hours before bedtime. :P

i got back that screwdriver. if he didnt give it back, i would have gone to that b*tches place and demanded for it...

oh well, :p

runawaycat said...

Rheytarded - You could have just slept :) No?

Good that you got it back! Screw them! Haha!

rheytarded said...

did you think it was somebody else? lol

anyway, you wanna know what would be a handy tool? a chainsaw... or a baseball bat... :)


runawaycat said...

Yea, I didn't think it would be you. So now I'm pretty much confused. Who would the guy be!? Paolo?

Yea! First you hit with the baseball bat. Then you take your own sweet time with the chain saw. Sweet!