Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why it's good

Surely I have another reason to say today is better than usual. I went for squash and for the first time I felt like I was doing something right. I even got a few “Good” from the coach. He didn’t really tell us how to move or how to run or how to hold, tada tada tada so perhaps that made me perform better. Or maybe it was because I was hungry. You know, when you’re hungry you work harder. I think it’s a combination of both.

First, I’m not a robot. Things can difficult when you start telling people how they should hold the racket or how they should run to the ball and stuff. Yea sure you’re teaching us the skills to do it the right way, but it’s a bad start.

Like last week, a young guy taught us and he kept on talking and talking and talking and by the time it was my turn again I couldn’t even hit a ball. He kept talking about how you should do this and how you should do that I kinda lost control of everything. When you try to control every part according to how someone is telling you to, you miss the main point. I’m not a machine. You don’t say “First, lift your hands up 29.8 degress.” *Eeekk eek eeeekkkek* “Second, swing it downwards until it crosses over the front of your knees.” *Eekk crreeekkk craaakk ekkkekk* Read appendix 4 if you hear weird sounds. Appendix 4.3: When you hear a crreeekkk, it means you need to add oil. Instructions: Open lid, lift your hands to 45 degrees and pour oil. Don’t forget to close lid by turning it 9.7 rounds.

Get my point?

I saw him again today and I’m like, “Ughhh” He didn’t come near us though, which was good. Another thing, get a haircut. Make sure you get it from a hairstylist that has already done 196 styles on 785 heads. …. You know what, any stylist will do. The fashion of hair you’re wearing is what a 46 year old nerdy uncle would wear. It’s not gonna help you with the girls. Trust me. You’re gonna wanna thank me later.

There are of course, the not so hee hee haa haa parts of my day like how I was hungry since before squash until I got home at 9 pm and why I got home that late (because I had errands to run and everyone decided to take the same road that I did) and thus I had to just simply do an image of 3 plain people wearing crowns and not do something more elaborate. But I’m not gonna talk about them. Today is a good day.


joyfulchicken said...

Exercise supposedly releases happy chemicals in your brain. Yay!

But I bet you can get the same effect from drugs too. Yay!

runawaycat said...

Yea right. Do you feel happy when you exercise?

joyfulchicken said...

Sure, exercise feels great.

It's the aftermath that sucks :-D

Arthur Bhenedict said...

Errr.... I don't know about that... I hate exercising, it's the aftermath that's great hehe