Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crying out loud in the middle of the dark place down there

Just in case you didn’t know, I went for a talk today, one which includes dinner in it. It was in g Hotel, a new hotel and I’ve never been there before. I have to say, the lobby was impressive. Since I couldn’t find any signs which could show me to the room where the talk will be held (the lobby was impressive but dark) I went up to the front desk and asked the man, “Do you know how I can get to the dinner talk by XXX?” He disappears into the back and I saw the automatic wall close behind him. Cool. Just like some secret passage. A moment later he came back and he asked me, “Are you sure it’s held in g Hotel and not Gurney Hotel? We do not have any dinner talks tonight.” Ok, right now I’m not so sure. If the front desk says they don’t have one, surely they can’t be wrong. I mean, they’re the front desk! I called my friend to confirm and to hell with the front desk, I found my own way to the room.

While the talk was going on, I was thinking about the food. No, no, I’m not saying the talk was boring. I was just hungry. And one of the three things I learned in the second half of 2007 besides being able to belch whether I like it or not and to sleep sitting up in class, was that my stomach could not resist not making noises when I was hungry. Surely I don’t want my stomach to greet everyone in the room right? So I had to think of when I can have the food. The talk? It wasn’t bad at all actually. However, what was bad was the food. It was still tolerable but I’m not going to talk about it. The broccoli was nice though.

Now, one thing that I can be sure is bad is the service. It’s by far the worse by a hotel. Not like I’ve been to that many hotels. The worse that I know of, at least. Sometimes the waiter didn’t even ask if you still wanted the food and would just grab your plate away and replace it with a new one. It didn’t happen to me, because I was only busy eating and I finished my food relatively quick, but it happened to my friend who was talking away. And they would refill your drink after every sip you take. It’s like the level of the water must not be 95.978% or less. It’s annoying! You’re like talking and he’ll come up and say, “Excuse me” and start pouring away, with his fat hands blocking you from the person you were talking to. You get the idea.

I won’t say how his sleeves were brushing against my glass when he was pouring water for the person next to me. Okay so I just said it. It’s just that I’ve been rather particular about customer services after reading the book Secret Service by John R. DiJulius. It’s an interesting read. Now I know I’ve NEVER experienced excellent customer service. Nor have I seen it. Maybe I would if I pay a thousand bucks for a dinner. But customer service shouldn’t just extend to the super rich.

Anyway have you been experiencing déjà vu lately? I don’t know why but it happened like a dozen times this week. When the waiter took the plate off the table, boom! Déjà vu. When I was driving home and I saw a man in blue riding a bike in front of my car, boom! Déjà vu. Oh and you know, the drive home was freaking long. Those dumb people decided it would be a great idea to tar the road on a Friday night and made the weekend traffic pile 4 km long. And with a bladder full of urine exceeding its limit didn’t help. To add salt to the injury, the engine vibration created resonance and the whole car was vibrating, at least I think it did, with the focal point just right below my bladder. Hallelujah.


joyfulchicken said...

And? Did you pee all over the car? Hehe.

runawaycat said...

I would if it's your car :P

Raein said...

Touche. Haha.

Bad food, huh. Makes you sad, doesn't it? :(

runawaycat said...

Yeah. Sigh. Why......???

Arthur Bhenedict said...

The front desk not knowing it's job should've warned you early on hehe

runawaycat said...

What's wrong with them? Where's their secret service? I want secret service! Their lobby is so nice, I want to have a reason to go back!