Thursday, August 2, 2007

There's no space for you on Noah's Ark

It rained heavily this morning as I was about to leave the house. Because I was going to be late if I don’t leave soon, I took out and umbrella and started running to the car which was only about 10 feet away. I still got wet all over. I should really get one of those inverted umbrellas for car drivers.

While at the traffic lights, not only did I get free acid rain car wash, I also got high pressure sideways puddle water splashed all over my car by the speeding cars from the opposite road. Yay! Free car wash! And the acid can even bite off the dirt coating my car. Ideal for lazy people like me.

We’re considered lucky because the rain wasn’t that bad here. Not that I hate rains. I love them actually. But not the ones Europe is having now. I find it funny, really, that almost every continent is experiencing floods. China, US, perhaps my own country (I stopped caring) and worse of all Europe. I hear their historical sites are being drowned in rainwater. Ouch for the historical sites. But that’s okay. It’s only adding another page into its history.

On another unrelated – but soon to be related – account, I saw a video of Charley the cat in Carnifex’s blog. He made it sound like he was going to show us a video of animal cruelty but no, it wasn’t. In fact, I found it cute. However, that made me think of a video I watched years ago – I think it was Shocking Asia – about exotic foods. I remember seeing a Thai man pulling a dog out of a really huge cage by the neck and hanging him on the tree. He then beat the crap out of the dog using a stick. I’m not joking bout the crap part. That made me want to look for the video over in Youtube and show it to you guys. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

But I found this.

That man threw the dog into boiling water alive!

If you think that was horrible, look at this. I cried. Imagine how the people who lost their loved ones did in the 911 tragedy. That’s how I cried. Yes, it’s that bad. I suggest you lock yourself in the room while watching this. If you didn’t have the slightest emotion towards this, then get ready for a boycott.

They were skinned alive!

Here’s another one along with a song to mock it.

So how is this related to floods all around the world? – Payback time. Humans are by far the cruelest species ever. And I don’t fucking care if your house is submerged 20 feet under water.

I may sympathize with humans; those abused, in famine, extremely poor, etc, but if I had the money for charity, they won’t be the first to get it. Not when I was a kid, not now, not in the future. They’ll always come in second. [Sentence deleted as it may be bad for the writer’s reputation, if she has one, that is]

So don’t you find it funny that almost every continent is experiencing storms and floods? And they’re complaining. Well, you have you yourself to blame.

What did you feel when a few years ago the giant tsunami striked? I was sad and angry. It was the first time any natural disaster ever hit our little country. Yea, I was sad alright. I felt sad I missed the chance to catch a glimpse of the big wave. In fact, deep inside I wished it would happen again. Selfish of me, but like I care. Yea, another fact to reinforce my twisted-ness.

I remember at that time, I was always sitting close to the door with my wallet and camera ready and every time there was a siren, I would jump. I was prepared to run to the beach. I live close to the beach then. But despite all the rumours of a second hit, it never did happen. Oh, well.

Of course, many who did not deserve to die died, but it can’t be helped. Take it as a message. The world is coming to an end. But do people care? You deserve it. It’s also funny that some – and many of them happen to be sinful – believe they’ll be sucked up into heaven while all the non-believers die on Earth and go to hell. It’s sad, I know. Let’s all laugh at them while they wait for the sky to open up moments before we all die. A free deathbed joke. No money charged. Truly a gift from God.

Oh and before you ask me if I’m not human myself, yes, I am human, I’m no exception, and I still hate humans. Do you see me complaining bout the disasters? Get what I mean? Vague? Go to sleep.


Arthur Bhenedict said...

Hmm... we're not getting flooded at all so I guess we're ok =Þ

joyfulchicken said...

That second video is particularly disturbing :-O

runawaycat said...

Arthur - You have a penchant for long articles :P just joking. Ironic isn't it? People on the other side of the planet is praying for no rain and here you guys are praying for rain.

JC - I'd be surprised if you found it amusing :P

rheytarded said...

for once i lost my appetite while im here...

i love dogs. i swear. if i see anyone beating up a dog, i swear, ill beat them up!

good gawd, this is disturbing... ill be having nightmares about dogs being beaten up.

yes human beings are the cruelest form... we're not only mean to animals but also to one another (physically, mentally and emotionally...).
sometimes i wish i were a dog... it seems easier... like if you pea all over yourself or lick your balls in public, no one would judge how stupid you are...

Cometh said...

This is some serious shit....Damn

runawaycat said...

I keep seeing the raccoon's (I think it's a raccoon, is it?) eyes. It's got nice curly lashes. He was still alive and turning his head looking around!

His eyes! I keep seeing it whenever I eat and it makes me wanna puke thinking about it. I hope those people who skinned the animals get skinned alive themselves. Then while being skinned they'll start getting flashbacks of what they did and feel super sorry but hah! TOO LATE!

宝茹 said...

Oh, so sad...:((

I have a pet dog at home. And I will cry buckets, seas, oceans, I might die inside, if something horrible, unnatural happens to him. :(

Petras said...

Uh... based on the comments I guess I'd rather not watch the videos :-/

runawaycat said...

宝茹 - Drown in your own tears? I want a dog too...

Petras - I guess you better not. But aren't you curious?

Petras said...

Ghhh, don't call me Petras when I am online!!! I just accidentally entered my real name while signing up, tsk tsk tsk :-(

I am Carnifex ;-)

runawaycat said...

Haha I know it's you. You're the only Petras I know. Oops. Carney.