Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kung Fu Hustle

Remember Kung Fu Hustle? The movie by Stephen Chow? Well, if you've never heard of it, or never watched it before, go do it now :P

I just re-watched it earlier and have agreed that this is one of Stephen's best movies. To tell you the truth, I used to like watching his crazy acts when I was small, then slowly he got boring. Until Kung Fu Hustle of course. Now I feel like giving CJ7 a go. What do you think?

Anyway, let's do some video recap of Kung Fu Hustle shall we? I think it's no harm watching these parts, they're not spoilers, if you haven't watched it (that's the thing with comedies, nothing is a spoiler)

Remember the Axe Gang and their really funny dance?

This part was so funny (it still is), the cinema was roaring with laughter. Fine, we Malaysians find it funny okay?

And then there's the road runner and the landlady's magnificient flight. Remember that?

There's a reason why she's chasing him and it's super funny too but I can't find a Chinese version of it, only the dubbed ones. I'm not putting those here. You gotta look at the English dubbed ones. The words they used are not as funny, worse still is, their intonations are all wrong! If they think that's funny, then they'll die of laughter if they can understand Cantonese. I'm not trying to start a racist slur, but I feel no one can make a sentence any funnier than the Chinese. It's like there are words where you just can't translate no matter what, and if you don't understand it, you're on the losing side, humor wise.

Anyway, the original one I found is this. It's slightly longer but it gets funny (after 3 minutes). Trust me.

Shit it's 2:30 AM! And I'm hungry. Anyway, go watch it if you haven't.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a dream

Yea…think Westlife. No.

I was supposed to study just now but I got so lazy I made myself sleep even though I wasn’t sleepy. Never gonna do that again. All I got was nasty dreams.

I dreamt that I went to school and bought durians from the guard’s nest (i.e. their headquarters duh). I bought like a big and long net full of durians from them for only 18.80. Then I regretted horribly because, first, I don’t eat durians and second, mom breaks open the durians to see that they’re spoilt. Instead of looking like the yellow gooey ‘meat’, they looked like those salty eggs (hmm…what do you call them?). It’s transparent and you can see the orange yolk in the inside. Ugh…yuck. Then the scene turned into my apartment corridor and I started giving away the durians to neighbours I’ve never seen before. Nothing pleasant about that dream. And my eyes hurt after that. Damn.

Just like this morning when the alarm rang but I thought I’d take a nap and had a nasty dream. The dogs were really curious and attracted to my handbag and my mom said there must be something wrong with it. She took and shook it and out came 3 creepy crawlers, one of them being a centipede! I hate centipedes! Go away! Go away! They’re ugly, have many legs, are extremely fast, and like cockroaches, they usually chase you. Nightmare!!!!!!!!!

Ok why is my mom in all my dreams today? Gotta shoo her out next time I see her.

Talking about dreams, I had a weird one the other day. I was telling a story in my dream. It was about this guy living alone in a desert with a huge skull with glowing blue eyes. The guy had uneven teeth and one day the skull told him to go look for the treasure money hidden somewhere so he can get his teeth fixed. On his journey, he met a thirsty man, another man who I forgot what his problem was, and another girl who had no teeth. After he got the treasure, he went back and the skull asked him where the money was and why were his teeth still crooked. He said that on the way back he offered the thirsty man his drink and that the money is with the dentist.

I totally understood the ‘joke’ or ‘riddle’ behind the story but I’m guessing you must be scratching your head now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stare and you shall see

There’s this video that I’ve been trying to upload into crunchyroll for the millionth time but still failed. So just now, I decided to stare at the progress bar, millimeter-ing its way, believing that it’ll not stop if I’m looking at it.

This reminds me of one time when I was small, I decided to stare at the clock to see when the minute-hand moves. Its coz every time I turn around the longer hand of the clock would have moved significantly when I look again. I believe I was less than 5 years old that time and already I’m worried about the time. Sigh. Cursed life.

Of course, like the famous ‘saying’ puts it, if you stare too hard, you won’t be able to distinguish a change. That’s not a saying. I made it up. So it was a failed attempt. Plus, as another famous ‘saying’ goes, ‘as boring as watching the hand of a clock’, I wasn’t able to concentrate long enough before my eyes starts to wander and it was at that time when the asshole minute-hand stole a leap.

You might wonder, how’s the upload progress bar going? It stopped. Right before my eyes.

So un-(enter word)

Chinese New Year is so un-Chinese New Year this time. Other than having to watch Music Station Super Live, everything else was a snore fest. First, I’m stuck at home. That’s coz the car broke down (can’t get it fixed till Monday coz all the mechanics are having a wonderful CNY opposed to mine). Second, there was an electrical cut for hours yesterday morning, disrupting my sleep, and burning the skin off my back. Third, I see fewer relatives this year, and for some reason, they’re relatively inactive. Maybe they’re all on drowsy medication. And finally the fussy auntie didn’t call at all. She calls every CNY. Big, big, surprise. Although I hate being forced to go to her place, not going meant significantly less ang pau.

With all the inactivity, Runawaycat’s steamboat count is still at one. Perhaps I should change it to Runawaycat’s days rotting at home count. The latter would win without even having to compete.

CNY 2008 vocabulary: uncanny, uninteresting, un-active, unimaginable, un-happening, So Un-CNY.

Short entry? That's coz the yakuza has more things to say. The cat's in a mess now.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai YouTube style

I was searching for my favourite CNY commercial; the one where the grandma goes around the house telling everyone to get rid of black things and replace them with red. Still can't find it but I found other uh...funny ones unrelated to this festive season. Anyway...enjoy! And oh, if anyone knows where I can find that commercial I was looking for, do tell.

CNY so hot, I'm seeing things

It’s so hot, I’m hallucinating. The other day when I was driving, I saw water up ahead on the road. I thought someone had spilled water on it but no matter how far I drive, I get nowhere near it. It’s so freaking hot I’m seeing a mirage.

And today my back felt like it was on fire even though I wasn’t sleeping on it. When it started to feel like my skin was going to burn off, I got up to lie on the floor. It didn’t matter that my room floor was dusty. The icy cold dirty floor felt good. It’s still dirty now, even though we’re 4 minutes away from Chinese New Year, when you’re not supposed to sweep your floor anymore till the second day. Oh well, who said everything must be squeaky clean?

Sheesh why did I start talking bout my room? Sigh, it’s a warzone of dust. If you stand 10 feet away from it, you’ll see my room in a nice, pretty condition. That’s until you zoom in a 100x. Welcome to my room you farking dusts! It’s like all the dusts in the world is gathered in my room! Oh what the hell. It’s 12 am already.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Oh and I just had my first steamboat of the year. I’m predicting more to come. Hallelujah. Riggghhhhtt….

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm still alive, even if you don't care

I have nothing to blog about really. This is just a reminder to you that I'm still very much alive in the blogging world. But it's just that lately, I'm not so into it. I've been thinking about money and money only for the past few weeks. Ouch, materialistic, aren't I?

Oh, the elation hasn't stopped yet. And especially today, I'm ecstatic. Why? Why? Why? Coz....I'm going to Vietnam in 3 months time. Yahoo!!! Of course thinking about the tonnes of reports and assignments I have to do during the Chinese New Year break will kill off the mood, but let's all remain ignorant okay? Yes, you too. Ignorance is bliss.

Oh and anyone watched Sweeney Todd yet? I went into the cinema expecting anything but a musical and it turned out to be one. Yet it's still nice coz it's got dark humour, and shit, and piss (if you listen to the lyrics). Let's end this boring entries with the shit, the piss, the pie and the beach, shall we?