Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have a dream

Yea…think Westlife. No.

I was supposed to study just now but I got so lazy I made myself sleep even though I wasn’t sleepy. Never gonna do that again. All I got was nasty dreams.

I dreamt that I went to school and bought durians from the guard’s nest (i.e. their headquarters duh). I bought like a big and long net full of durians from them for only 18.80. Then I regretted horribly because, first, I don’t eat durians and second, mom breaks open the durians to see that they’re spoilt. Instead of looking like the yellow gooey ‘meat’, they looked like those salty eggs (hmm…what do you call them?). It’s transparent and you can see the orange yolk in the inside. Ugh…yuck. Then the scene turned into my apartment corridor and I started giving away the durians to neighbours I’ve never seen before. Nothing pleasant about that dream. And my eyes hurt after that. Damn.

Just like this morning when the alarm rang but I thought I’d take a nap and had a nasty dream. The dogs were really curious and attracted to my handbag and my mom said there must be something wrong with it. She took and shook it and out came 3 creepy crawlers, one of them being a centipede! I hate centipedes! Go away! Go away! They’re ugly, have many legs, are extremely fast, and like cockroaches, they usually chase you. Nightmare!!!!!!!!!

Ok why is my mom in all my dreams today? Gotta shoo her out next time I see her.

Talking about dreams, I had a weird one the other day. I was telling a story in my dream. It was about this guy living alone in a desert with a huge skull with glowing blue eyes. The guy had uneven teeth and one day the skull told him to go look for the treasure money hidden somewhere so he can get his teeth fixed. On his journey, he met a thirsty man, another man who I forgot what his problem was, and another girl who had no teeth. After he got the treasure, he went back and the skull asked him where the money was and why were his teeth still crooked. He said that on the way back he offered the thirsty man his drink and that the money is with the dentist.

I totally understood the ‘joke’ or ‘riddle’ behind the story but I’m guessing you must be scratching your head now.


joyfulchicken said...

That last dream has such a complicated plot. Is it a dream or an episode of Lost? I don't get it :-(

Arbet said...

I'm too old. I remember that song being sung by Westlife AND ABBA.

宝茹 said...


runawaycat said...

JC - So I managed to get you lost? Yay!

Dreams don't usually have plots do they? :P

Just to amuse you: It's a dream about me telling a story about a guy living alone in the desert. Imagine your friend approaching you and saying, "Hey, wanna listen to...?"

Arbet - Yea Westlife. Did ABBA sing it too?

KM - Another lost girl? :P

joyfulchicken said...

A dream about you telling a story? So complicated.

I once spent a whole day watching TV, and that night, I got a dream with a theme song and scrolling credits at the end. Seriously.

CY said...

Yeah, I Have A Dream was originally sung by ABBA.

To your final story, is the girl the dentist??

And JC, tell us about that dream! :)

joyfulchicken said...

Don't remember much about the dream except that the Power Rangers were in it, which is strange because I've never watched a single episode of that show in my life :-D

runawaycat said...

JC - Whoa... Ending theme and scrolling credits!
Producer: JC
Story: JC
Script: JC
Editor: JC
Actors: Power Rangers

Hahahah! Hey if you're never watched a single episode of Power Rangers, how did you know they're Power Rangers but not Ultraman or Super Rangers or anything for that matter?

CY - No, the girl is not the dentist. The guy gave the girl the money to get her teeth fixed (she had none remember?) so in a way, the money is with the dentist.

When I woke up I felt pride to be able to dream like that. Now I think it's silly.

joyfulchicken said...

I do know vaguely what the Power Rangers look like, but hmm, maybe it was the Biomen? :-D

dominiqueban said...

O.o what is Biomen?
Nice dream kitty!!!
It had me laughing because i see no sense. LOL

runawaycat said...

Ban - I also don't know who/what is Biomen. Maybe they're only popular in the Philippines?

JC - Power Rangers...Brings back memories, although I don't watch them. They're the colourful people right? Haha. Lame.

宝茹 said...

Ahhhh...Power Rangers!!! I've always wondered why Pink Ranger is the only one with the skirt. :P

dominiqueban said...

O.o issit? is she wearing skirt??

runawaycat said...

KM - Really? I didn't know that. Maybe it's coz she's a she? But really, there's a skirt? That's so...swimsuit.

宝茹 said...

Hahaha...yeah she's wearing a skirt!!! Lookee lookee at her pics! :P Anyway, if I get to choose a Power Ranger, I get to be Pink Ranger, hahahaha... :P

runawaycat said...

Ahh so we have a Power Ranger fan here :P