Thursday, August 16, 2007

August is the new Christmas

I’m fucking pissed. Yea, it’s 10:30AM and I’m fucking pissed. My 6 day holiday is almost over. I have 3 days left, so that’s ALMOST over and I can’t find a single freaking day where I can loiter around the house, do nothing at all, and feel miserable. What the fuck!

And you know what? I can’t even find a proper time to charge my phone these last few weeks. When it’s low on battery, I would have to go somewhere. Oh yea. There is that many places to go. Though I can’t remember any of them. Why? Because they were not for leisure. And when the phone’s charging, it rings non stop. I’ll be doing something else 10 kilometers away from my charging phone and every time it rings I’ll have to do an Olympics sprint. Not only do I get a spinning head from running back and forth, my phone never charges! Because you guys can’t STOP calling!

And today is my friend’s birthday so we’re going out to celebrate. One friend tried to make me go out to celebrate it last night at 11:15PM although I said I wanted to do it today. HELLOOOO!!! Go out at 11:15PM? Do you by any chance know that I live with my mother in this month of the Hungry Ghost festival?!? What the fuck do you want me to tell me mom? So you think I should quarrel with her so I can fucking fetch you from your nest to the party? And I didn’t like his tone when I said I didn’t want to go. If I don’t go then there wouldn’t be enough cars to fetch everyone? Fuck! Stop being selfish. Ride your own freaking bike! Oh and did you know what he said when I asked him to do so? “Huh? Bike?” Ok I think that’s what he said. But I can interpret it for you. What? You’re asking me to ride my bike that far?? E.x.c.u.s.e moi, but my dad is more than half a century old and he can still do that. In fact, he can ride a bike around the freaking country if you asked him to.

Yea sure, I know you’re stressed from having loads of work to do. I totally appreciate what you’re doing. But does that mean you can go around and vomit offending words at people? Remember what you called me? I took it as a joke but honestly, that’s not a word to joke with. You’re probably not reading this but I don’t care. I felt like it. And man, all those F words did make me feel better. It’s like I’m screaming through my fingers. What a wonder.

Back to why today and the rest of the week is fucked up. I realized I have a long shopping list and I’ll have to eat out for both my lunch and dinner today. Hallelujah. Where the fuck can I find that kind of cash? Don’t shop? No I can’t. I’ve been going on for weeks without proper face wash and now the whole set is finished. 50 65 bucks ~fly~ (update: and that's after discount!)Then everything else in the shopping list are presents for those graduating. Totally understand that. They’re all compulsory. But I’m sorry my close friend’s birthday fell on this month. Perhaps I should have seen this coming and put aside a 3 cm thick pile of cash. But at least I’ve already bought her a present. Sure I can go to the ATM. And I even have 200 bucks at hand right now for the external hardisk I didn’t buy. And then I need to visit the optometrist. Damn I should have said yes when dad ask if I needed money. But how can I? It’s been too long I don’t remember how to ask anymore.

So I guess I’ll have to grit my teeth and go to whatever fancy restaurant they have in mind tonight huh? Sigh. And it’s my close friend’s birthday. If I say no, Mr. Smartass the Offender is going to throw a bag of offending words at me. Yay. I bet my friend understands.

Coming up: CSI:Miami. More rants! But we’ll have to see if I have the freaking time to write that.

UPDATE: I went to the mall again with the birthday girl and I got myself bags. Yes, you got that right. Bags. We were looking around, me at clothes, she at shoes, when I turned around and saw one of the bags which got my attention last month in the bin! At 50% discount! Arhhh!!! Attack!!! Hahaha. And since I found two of them nice, I bought both. They weren't that expensive. And it's got a 50% discount tag.

And my mom asked me to buy her something. I know I'll most likely get it from her for buying two bags so I resorted to bribery. I had it all planned out. I was going to say that she need not pay me for the thing she asked me to buy. Perfect! I got home and I told her what i had intended to but she still nagged me. "Is your money biting into your skin?" She asked. Sigh. But after some thinking she concluded that it was a worth buy. Yay! Peace in the house :)

Oh ask me how my day was. It was bad in the morning, ok in the afternoon, ranty in the evening, and finally superb at night after buying the bags! Really, even after we met the rest for dinner and seeing Mr. Smartass, I still felt happy. Yay yay!


Sugarscamp said...

I really hate ppl who owns a bike but doesnt want to ride it far. WE have a friend like that too if you realize, whenever we wanted to go somewhere far and she'll be saying, "Motor arr? far" Gets on my nerves sometimes. I know how you feel about the car, isnt it painful to own a car sometimes?

runawaycat said...

Yea suddenly it's like our duty to fetch them. I mean I don't mind but don't step over my head or I'll make you regret for the rest of your sorry life.

joyfulchicken said...

I'm sure that watching CSI:Miami will improve your mood :-P

宝茹 said...

breathe in...breathe out...~~

runawaycat said...

JC - Already watched it. Just haven't blog about it. I'm not sure if I want to spoil my happy mood right now.

宝茹 - Fuu...Fahh...Huuuu...Haaahh..Ah shit. My saliva is all over my keyboard. Damn. But I feel better now :p

rhey said...

(typing with a broken wrist)
shopping always makes me feel better when im pissed. that's why im always broke and in debt... coz im always pissed. hahhahaha

oooh... do show us the bags. :)

and... and... i dont know. lol

runawaycat said...

Ahahahaah!! Coz you're always pissed!
I can show you with a drawing in the friendship book :) I feel like drawing. Lalala~~

Arthur Bhenedict said...

haha... finally read this one, man, were you pissed! me, whenever I'm pissed, I buy a big snack and watch a good funny movie alone... its fun! :)

and don't you people use the public transpo like we do here?

runawaycat said...

We don't exactly have a desirable transport system. The routes are inconvenient. But we have a new system and I'm going to try it this week. Yay! Can't wait! I'll blog about it!