Thursday, June 14, 2007


I think I’ve been having bad hair days ever since I got my hair cut. ‘Layers’ is a bad idea. Bad bad idea! I wake up with a porcupine head and I can’t tie my hair without it looking like I have patches of no-hair zones. When I tie it up as a ponytail, not only does it look all wrong, it kinda looks like the ponytail of the girl who despises me. I definitely don’t want that. So I tie it up as a bun to get all the hair out of the way but only to get it wavier and more unmanageable later. I can’t take this anymore!!! I think I’ll go cut my hair like hers:

It looks nice on her but it’ll probably make me look like a Chinese High School girl. Then I can join CY with his Chinese High School boy look. Plus I won’t be able to tie it up and it’s going to get in my way. Damn damn damn!

And I hate my mouse! It’s stupid and slow. Sloooooooww. I can’t move from one corner of the screen to the other without my mouse going over the table end. Arghhh!!! Shit!!!

I took a picture of my bad hair day and was supposed to edit it and post it up here. But my mouse was slow, which kills my mood, and I lost the pattern I was supposed to use to cover up my face. I tried to recover it but couldn’t so I tried to reproduce the same one but I can’t remember how I created it the last time. Shit!!! So many ‘buts’ in one simple task!

All I want to do now is curse more about it but my fingers just won’t let me type without making mistakes every 3 seconds. Really pissed right now. Really, really pissed.


joyfulchicken said...

Have you tried adjusting the mouse speed? Look in Windows' control panel.

Fix your mouse and post your picture so we can laugh at you already :-P

CY said...

You have, or used to have, nice long hair. Why did you cut it? Why why why? :)

runawaycat said...

JC - I did, when I first got it. Didn't make any difference but I'm going to try again.

Mouse can't be fixed so picture won't be posted. Haha!

CY - I don't know. I always cut it at least once or twice every year. Then at one point the gave my hair layers. Everything else is history.

rhey said...

i swear... december... wait for a package. hehehe