Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guess how much

I have a feeling this place is turning into a food blog. Hahahah! I went out to get snacks today. There was this section in the supermarket which was doing a Japanese and Korean food fair. Yay! Foods imported from those places are usually really expensive and now they’re having 20-50% discount. My mom took a look at the snack that was on a 50% discount and saw that the expiry date was this month. She’s good at that, always looking at expiry dates. And they must be months and months away before they expire or she won’t buy it, even though we’ll eat it straight away, or at least I’ll do it for her. She asked the promoter whether they’re giving discounts because it’s expired. Guess what she said. “No, they printed the dates wrong.” What kind of an answer is that?? A kind where you try to con people into buying lousy goods, or more like ‘bads’.

Damn! I so wanted to buy them. It’s still expensive after discount but without discount it’ll be super expensive. But it’s expired or going to, so in this case I’m standing on my mom’s side. I did get 4 boxes of snacks from that section, ones without discount. And I got Pocky, but it has Thai words printed on one side. I initially took 5 different types but mom intervened. It’s gonna expire soon, yada, yada, yada. Here are the snacks, together with the others that I got.

Guess how much. If you guess right, I’ll treat you to a movie. You are permitted to a +/- 50 cents error. See, I’m being so nice. If it's not geographically convenient, I’ll give you something else. Haven’t thought about that yet. Oh and, all answers must be in by Saturday 10pm.

Terms and conditions apply.

And here’s the answer to Pic: Sex me. About time.


joyfulchicken said...

Hmm... 30?

Tell your mom not to worry about expiry dates on snacks. Those probably contain enough preservatives to last until the end of time.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

Hehe... I say tell your mom not to worry, I don't think they'll last through the week considering how few they are hehe... those are not the type of snacks I munch on, too expensive and too few... I can eat half of them watching an episode of Lord of the Rings =Þ

I say 25RM :) And you can treat me to a movie here in RP hehe...

mann said...

total is rm33 =p

CY said...

I'll go with 34 xD

Teach me how to do that!

runawaycat said...

JC - You try...If she buys it, she might ban junk food in the house.

arthur - Yea I know. I can finish them at one go too but I don't have the guts to. My mom will start to nag.

CY - Do what?

rhey said...

wow!!! chips more!
i so want to be with you right now... hahaha

runawaycat said...

Don't you have chips more over in your place?