Monday, June 11, 2007

You need to know me better, trust me you do

If you noticed, I updated my blogger profile. No point looking coz it’s nothing really. I just had this urge to make profiles of myself. You know, you can brag – well not exactly – about yourself there instead of doing it in your blog and sound egoistic and all. And perhaps you can understand me better too and know why I write what I write. I can just say “read this if you wanna know why I’m saying this” instead of having to explain things. Understand? No? Never mind. I don’t too.

Since I don’t know where I can do that I started with my blogger profile. But that wasn’t enough because it was very limited so I started googling for ways I can do that. But what do I google for? I don’t even know what I want actually. Anyway I went and created a LiveJournal account. (Someone I met online said I should get one but I didn’t and we stopped our message exchanges. Got reminded of her when I thought she was someone who commented on one of my posts.) So I thought. Why not?

I’m not the kind of person who likes to create accounts. I hate them. The more you have the more you have to memorize just so you don’t leave remnants here and there and forget about them.

The part I dislike most about creating new accounts would be the part on the username. It’s either the name is taken or it’s not valid and you have to crack your head like a coconut and have all the juice sucked out and still end up with a lousy username. But I got my second choice for LiveJournal which is good.

The next would be the password. This is another part which gets me a little fickle. I’ll need something I can easily remember. I tried one and hit submit. The screen mocked me by saying my password is too easy to figure out and I’ll need a longer one and it must contain at least a number or a symbol. Fine. I entered a longer one with a number/symbol and hit submit. Again the screen threw contempt at me saying my password is too common and I’ll need a complex, convoluted, impenetrable, not so often used password. Wtf? What’s not so frequently used, you tell me! If everyone gets that message they’ll not use the simple “commonly used” passwords and in the end all LiveJournal accounts will have the “not so common passwords” which will in turn become common in LiveJournal.

Can anyone tell me where I can create a profile and link it to my blog? Then I can delete LiveJournal if I find it serves no purpose. I don’t want networking sites like Friendster please. Thank you very much. You can try figuring out my LiveJournal password if you want to. Clue: It’s long, complex, uncommon, and has a number in it.

I wrote this this evening but didn't post it up, I don't think I wanna make profiles anymore, or do I? I don't remember what I said and am just too lazy to reread whatever I wrote. I just want food.


CY said...

Good point on the 'not-so-common' passwords becoming common in the end!

rhey said...

profiles are fun.. just dont take it too seriously...

although i hate painting a picture of myself since i am not that good a painter but after finishing the profile we end up finding out what we think of ourselves...

oh hell, i hate it too... hahaha

runawaycat said...

Usually I'll get very into writing it and then regret later. So I think I'd rather not do it :3