Monday, June 25, 2007


I had to make a ‘house’ for the monitor today, to cover it up so others cannot see it (don’t ask me why). I took the largest box from the store room which had just the right size to fit a computer monitor. But I was too stupid to realize it wasn’t deep enough before cutting the box cover off (the part that folds to close the box, if you know what I mean) So, due to my near sightedness, I had to reconnect pieces of the cardboard box which I had cut off.

Work ends at 2pm today but since I was not done with the box yet, I thought I’d stay back and finish it. It was 80% done anyway, I might as well finish it before I go. But the thing is, there’s an auntie that works the same shift as me too, who for some reason has to go back on the dot. She can’t do a little extra and yet too paiseh* to leave alone. As I cut the cardboard sheets…

Auntie: It’s time to go back, leave the rest for K (another colleague).

Me: Never mind, you go first, I want to finish this.

Auntie: *facial expression changes a little* Let me help you stick it together. *grabs scotch tape before I could do anything*

Me: Uh…okay. *puts the pieces together*

She starts sticking the cardboard together with the tape in a rather hasty way. You know, if you don’t stick the tape properly, it’ll create creases, and I hate that! I absolutely hate that! And that was exactly what she was doing in her hastiness. At that point I was starting to get annoyed already. I know you want to go back, so go back! You don’t have to help me finish my work faster so you can go back! So stop rushing me!

There was one more piece for me to cut and stick together but she quickly took one that was left over from the one previously cut.

Auntie: Nah, use this.

I took it and tried to match them.

Me: No, it doesn’t fit. I’ll have to cut another one.

Auntie: *sounding persuasive* It won’t matter la. Just stick it together. It’s OK one. *grabs scotch tape again*

Me: *throws that cardboard away* Never mind, I want to cut another one. I want it to fit nicely.

I tried to say it as nice as possible, as if I wasn’t aware that she was rushing me and that I was getting angry. My annoyance level was reaching its peak and I was trying to not show it. I then took a new cardboard and started cutting it. She stood and watched. Peer pressure! As soon as I was done cutting the thick piece of cardboard, again she tried to grab the scotch tape. But I was faster! HAHAHA! No creases this time!

After sticking it together, a customer came so I left the box for a few seconds to see if my help was needed. K got everything handled so I went back to my box. Where’s my box!? It seems that the auntie had already taken the box and put it over the monitor, and she did it the wrong way round. No! No! No! That’s not how you do it! And I’m not done with the box yet! Worst of all, she had already kept the scissors and tape I used! *annoyance level peaked* How is she so fast?!

I smiled and said nicely that she was putting it the wrong way and I’m not done with it yet and quickly grabbed the box. I continued taping the edges and K came to help as the auntie looked on. As I put the final piece of tape in its place and took it to the monitor, the boss walked past, towards the toilet. Seeing that, the auntie quickly grabbed her bag, bid goodbye, and ran off.

Ahh…My box, all done! The boss came out, and I took my stuffs, ready to go.

Me: Bye everyone!

K: Bye!

Boss: Neko ar, you’re so bad la.

Me: Huh?

Boss: You made her go back late! *starts laughing*

You see, once, this auntie abandoned whatever she was doing just like that exactly on the dot when her shift was over. She just left everything on the table and ran off. So it was funny that she couldn’t go today because the boss was there and I didn’t want to go yet too.

Boss: Next week, we can all put up an act. You stay for an extra hour and I don’t go to the toilet, see what happens!

Oh no! It’s 2 pm! My carriage is turning into a pumpkin! We gotta go~~~!!!

Footnote: *paiseh: the only word I can think of is ‘shy’ which is not right in this context. ‘Paiseh’ here means something like ‘not nice to do something~’, in this sense, it is not nice to leave alone when your colleague who works the same shift as you hasn’t left. If you know the word for it, tell me!!!


joyfulchicken said...

Cover the monitor with a box? Why? Oh, right, don't ask.

You need to post a picture, hehe.

runawaycat said...

That monitor is connected to the cctv so he wants to cover it up so people don't see it. I answered you anyway ;P
Hmm...maybe I will get a picture...

CY said...

Ah... why keep the cctv to yourself? ;) ;)

mann said...

Boss: Next week, we can all put up an act. You stay for an extra hour and I don’t go to the toilet, see what happens!

do this next week! and let me know what happens :D haha

paiseh = embarrass?

runawaycat said...

CY - Huh? I don't get what you mean.

mann - I ma have to work extra 1 hour without pay!? No thanks.
Hmm...your word for paiseh is definitely better than mine. But it still doesn't really fit in the context. English can't beat Hokkien in this sense. ;P

P.S: I thought CY would be the one to come up with a word or something.

CY said...

Erm... unfortunately, couldn't think of a better equivalent :)

Shy is right, but in your context, maybe 'feeling guilty' is more like it.

...and yet feels guilty about leaving alone...

runawaycat said...

Ahhh... Almost perfect!

rhey said...

hmmm... my philosophy is, if your shift is over and you dont get paid overtime- ITS YOUR RIGHT TO GO!!!
dont bother about the guilty feelings. :p unless its your job that isnt done.

runawaycat said...

Yea there's nothing wrong with going back on time but somehow it's not 'polite' to leave whatever you're doing half way and just run off. That was what she did once and the boss remembers. It's not wrong but well, we just have to be a little 'wiser' not to be so calculative with the boss.

As for me I don't mind the extra 10 minutes :P
But if there's a hunk there I wouldn't mind an extra hour! Hahaha!