Thursday, June 7, 2007

Moon Child

Youtube has been really kind to me lately. It loads just fine. I’m so happy. Just yesterday I watched Moon Child on Youtube. Yea, it loaded fine. I used to get problems where it’ll load the first few seconds and jump straight to the end.

So what is Moon Child all about? Uh…Honestly, after watching it, I still don’t know. It’s one of those movies where you watch till the end and you still can’t get the point in it. I can’t see how the ending is like, which is a good thing because you really don’t want to watch something where you already know the ending after 10 minutes into the show, like the typical Korean dramas. But in this case, I can’t see how the ending is like because there isn’t really a story to begin with. It’s just like your life and my life (ok fine, I don’t know how your life is like, it could be interesting), day in day out, fast forward 10 years then fast forward another 10 again, and you die. Only thing is, it involves vampires. Correction. Vampire. And you thought with a vampire your life could be interesting, but no, the vampire has a boring life too, one just like yours.

There is one thing I can’t help but notice throughout the movie. Costumes. Cool costumes? Yea sometimes. But it’s the fact that they seem to wear the same thing over a span of like…30 years in the movie.

Year 20XX

Notice that fella’s (Hyde) red jacket.

Nine years later

Notice this fella’s (Gackt) white jacket.

And Hyde returns after disappearing for 9 years, escaped in prison clothes, but here he is with his red jacket again.

Gackt dying, his white jacket tainted with blood.

Year 2045

There they are, with the same jacket, after something like 10 years? Ok the years don’t add up right now. Never mind. They should at least get new costumes. Low on budget? I could sponsor them some. I mean it doesn’t make sense that you still wear the same jacket aeons later.

What? Why not? They got new ones? Fine! They got it custom made. I was wrong. So sue me. Happy?

No, really, they should get more costumes.

I wouldn’t want my name up there.

I quite like the ending though. Not the and-they-lived-happily-ever-after ending. It’s more like how I would end my stories (stories I write, not my life story, thank you very much), but not how I’d like the movies I watch to end. Yea I like to watch happily-ever-after movies because it’s only in TV where such a thing exists. So I’m shallow. So what?

The ending line was so my style: "Kei, here comes the sun."

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend watching the movie. Unless you’re a diehard Gackt or Hyde fan. Or Lee Hom’s. Yea he’s in the movie too and he can’t really act. One word to describe the movie? Cheesy could be my word for it, but like I said I don’t really know what it’s all about so…

Oh well, you can’t expect much from a more than four century old amateur writer can you?


CY said...

Maybe they wear the same suit so viewers can easily identify them, much like how doctors always have that funny mirror thingy on their head in comic strips.

Alternatively, maybe they bought in bulk from a cheap sale xD

runawaycat said...

Is that a mirror or light?

Hmm...not a bad jacket for a cheap sale. Know where I can find such cheap sales? =P

CY said...

Oh right, it's a light -- with mirror around it. It's actually used by cave miners I think, to see in the dark, and not by doctors.

Well, obviously these cheap sales are very rare, as the lead characters never managed to find another one in 30 years! xD

The white jacket looks like your lab coat though... :)

Ps. This Sun, on?

runawaycat said...

If only lab coats are that cool.

I guess on kua. Haven't told my friend yet. I'm now GoP you know.

Tizy*~ said...

Ah, I actually download Moon Child from YouTube a few weeks ago too. <3 At last I watched it!

I've been downloading some other subbed movies I'm finding. I found again NANA and Kamikaze Girls which I watched last year, and now watched Kagen no Tsuki too (weird movie).
The last movie I need to watch is The Prince of Tennis. Then I'll see what else I find.

runawaycat said...

Hehhh! Sugoi!

I was trying to find suicide club but they don't have it. And yea I wanna watch NANA! Yay! Ok I'll go watch that weird movie too =)

Euri said...

I so love that white car. =3

runawaycat said...

euri - Are you neko yuki? Yea me too! And this scene is so nice. It's got like a peaceful touch to it.

runawaycat said...

Oh sorry I mixed you up with another person! I remember now...Hmm...suicide notes up yet? =3

darkMaiden said...

this one not actually a happily ever after thing.. its more like a "Happily ever after-life" they all died and meet up in the after-life.. kinda cute.