Thursday, June 21, 2007

*gulp* *choke, choke* Help!!!

I don’t think anybody who reads this can beat me in having the most boring life. I wake up at lunchtime, stare at the computer for a couple of hours, laze around the house, stare at the computer for a couple of hours more, don’t know what I do after that – you can fill in the blanks – and finally watch some TV before I go to bed and again repeat the same cycle. I go through this whenever I’m not working or not hanging out with friends, which I don’t because everyone has much less boring life than mine. As much as I hate my current situation, I shudder at the thought of going back to school. Okay let’s not go there. What I wanna talk about today is the invitation to go swimming.

A friend asked if I’d like to go swimming with them to which I hesitated at first but agreed later. Why not? I haven’t been swimming for months and surely it’ll be great. Not. After 25 meters of breaststroke, I was breathless. Even this two can’t produce the same effect.

Unless I get a smooch from them. Ahh…*lost in fantasyland*

That time I was mid way to the other end and mind you, it’s 2.5 meter deep at the center of the pool. I was panting – and trying to hide it – grabbing hold of the pool edge. What a loser. I managed to go to the other end at last, took a rest and swam back. I didn’t do another round. By that time my shoulders felt stiff, like it could break any time soon, so I just swam around close by. I can’t go that 50 meters distance again or I’ll sink to the bottom like a rock midway through. I’m beginning to suspect it’s my breathing that gets me short of breath and all. I’m not breathing right. Not swimming right either. The last time I ever swam in the right manner was 8 years ago, I know because I was getting lessons from someone who trained the state swimming team or something. Now I’m as good as a drowning cat. So much for the paid lessons.

Wanna know what else spoilt swimming for me? My goggles leaked water. Yay! Now I don’t have goggles. Heck, it feels weird anyway. For the past few months, whenever I’m in the water I’d have a mask on. Goggles are tiny compared to the mask and that made it feel weird on my face.

I just got a message from my friend telling me she’s very sad because a customer told her she looked 30 even though she’s only 23. Hey is that even a problem compared to my fashionable dog-panting, almost drowning, reality bomb experience? Get a grip.


rhey said...

diving is one thing i want to do aside from bungee jumping!

you look good... especially with the mask on. :)

ps. i cannot swim so even if you cant do it right atleast you are floating in the water. lol

joyfulchicken said...

Chickens don't swim. Swimming is for ducks.

runawaycat said...

rhey - I do? Thanks!
Well, you can dive even if you can't swim. That's another good about it.

JC - Hmm, I'm not a chicken. And even if chickens can't swim, they can dive. Hahaha! I cannot imagine.