Thursday, May 17, 2007

Magic Button

I really don’t know my DVD player or DVDs very well. For example, I put in a DVD last night and funny thing is it didn’t have a menu. Which means I can’t choose the language or subtitles. Which sucked. You can’t watch a movie and not understand a fucking thing they said. I might as well watch Charlie Chaplin if so. I pressed ‘Menu’ but the screen shows ‘Operation not possible’. Fine. I tried ‘Top Menu’ instead. Still the same. Frust! But like they say, when you’re desperate, your brain works better. That was when I found this button!

Yay! Subtitles for me!

P.S: Does anyone know how to solve the problem of menus not showing when you play a DVD in your computer? I know you can right click and choose languages and subtitles there but sometimes it doesn’t work. And my Haali Media Splitter icon never appears on the taskbar. It has so far appeared only once when I was watching one of the DVDs. Is there a setting I should be changing? Or the DVD doesn’t support this?


joyfulchicken said...

Let me guess... it's a pirated DVD? If it is, too bad. I don't think pirates have customer support departments, heh.

runawaycat said...

No it's original. Or maybe they made it look original.