Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hypermart Hypernews

I went to the hypermarket (the one I went to yesterday) a few days ago with some relatives and my mom. That second time I went there since its opening (it’s a new place) the lady at the counter made some mistakes scanning the stuffs we bought. First she mixed up the stuff my aunt bought with the stuff my mom bought. So she had to cancel those she accidentally scanned but she didn’t cancel all the stuff because later for some reason she scanned one of it again and put it back as if it was not scanned yet. (hope you’re not confused now) So there they are, five of them, my mom, my aunt, the cashier, her superior, and my uncle who was trying to chat them up. Heh. He can’t close his mouth. He’s the chatty, teasing, jocular type. Me? Well, I just stood there and watched the confusion, and taking this picture, of course.

Take a look at the counter. Funny isn’t it? I can’t figure out where the customer is supposed to queue up. The thing that shows the price is facing the right in the picture, so obviously the customer has to be standing on the right. But the proper place where you give your million dollar signature is on the left. So you’ll have to walk around the counter to do that? And why are people from the next counter queuing up in the same place you’re supposed to queue up? That would create a lot of butt grinding, feet crushing, stares zapping, elbows thrusting bunch of angry customers. Really, where’s the sense in this design?

Yesterday, I went there again – you know that already, I got my mouse there – this time only with my mom. We paid at the counter and after that she asked me to check if the cashier accidentally scanned on any of the items twice. I looked, said no, but she didn’t believe me and checked it herself over and over again. Moms. After she experienced the clumsiness of one of the cashiers it’ll forever be etched in her mind that cashiers from that place is inefficient. Or maybe it’s because I looked at the receipt like I don’t care. But I did check, okay!

Let’s rewind the time now, back to when we first got there. When we reached there, mom didn’t carry a handbag so she asked me to keep her handphone which she took out from her pocket. Why? Because she was afraid it’ll explode. Moms! They get paranoid after watching news on TV. Apparently this guy in the news had his phone in his pocket while driving and it exploded, burning his balls.

“Mama, what’s the point of you bringing a phone if I’m the one keeping it? If I want to call you, I’ll be like calling myself.”

She laughed and took the phone back.

And you know, she’ll give lectures – they’re not long because I’ll stop her halfway – when I overcharge my phone or anything.

She’s not going to like it if she reads this. But of course, she doesn’t read my blog. So I’m safe.

More pictures of the hypermarket below! But be patient, we’ll get there. I got bored waiting for my mom while she chose onions so I took pictures. It first started with this guy trying to sweep under our trolley. He sweeps everywhere, every time! He sweeps while people are walking by, he sweeps under the racks, he sweeps the same spot over and over, he sweeps… While I looked at his always moving broom, his mopping friend decided to join in. So there they were, sweeping and mopping frantically. Oh no! Dirt! Sweep! Mop! Get off! That’s my spot! Of course while they fight over the same tiny spot, their happy friend riding the I-don’t-know-what-you-call-it thing came, and he wins! With one sweep over the floor, the dirt was gone for good! He would win no matter what because that thing he’s riding on can spray water and sweep it off, faster than you can say “dirt!”. So it’s like a mop and a broom. Brilliant. He then went circling around small display racks celebrating his victory. I’m not joking. He really did go round and round that small area. Obviously, this was the time I took out my camera. I tried to snap a picture of the happy guy but he was too fast. He disappeared into the crowd, or rather the crowd decided to block my view. That was when I saw that there were suddenly two more additions to the mopping gang! Four of them in that small little area! Is this some kind of a mob mop meeting?

I couldn’t get all four of them in the picture. They’re hidden somewhere behind the annoying photo-hungry crowds.

I won’t rest till I get a picture of happy guy and his little car so I went after him. There! I finally got it!

And there’s another mopping guy here too. They’re like doing the cleaner tango in the picture.

That’s it on today’s hypermart hypernews! There will be no hypermart news anymore. You can thank me by kissing my feet.

Oh did I say that they have cool chairs in the food court? I’d like to steal one someday.


rhey said...

astig! (our tagalog term for cool!)
actually 'astig' is a slang for someone hardcore... anyway, we use the term to describe anything cool or .. hardcore..


anwyay, that suppermarket is screwed up... hahaha they do have a nice mouse though. lol

runawaycat said...

Thank you! Hey what can I teach you in return? Bahasa Melayu? Hokkien/Mandarin/Cantonese? (maybe you already know that, I suck at the last two anyway) or my super limited simple Japanese?