Saturday, May 26, 2007


I just finished watching Fire Challenge (oh my, I’m addicted to the show). Today’s episode is just so sweet I can’t wait till tomorrow to write about it. I have to do it now else I can’t sleep.

This woman sought the help of Fire Challenge because she found out her husband of 3 years is gay. “Found out.” Well, I don’t believe her. She must have been blind if she doesn’t know because these two guys are inseparable. His lover always tagged along all through the one year the woman and the man dated. The man later married her to please his mother. So now that she “found out” about his little secret, she wants him to leave his lover.

Aww…Look. He’s so protective. The wife tried to hit his lover time and again and she actually succeeded.

His lover is cute. He’s the cutest guy to attend the show in all the episodes that I’ve watched. But he’s gay. Sigh. The Chinese words reads “Totally doesn’t know”. It’s telling the fact that his lover didn’t know his 1 year old kid was his biological kid he had with his wife. Heartbreak! They had a little fight but patched up right away. Seeing that, the wife again asked him to choose. “Me or him?” To which the husband said he will never leave him and jumped to kiss his lover. Smooching!

Why censor?! I wanna see smooch smooch. God I said that twice.

His mother later came out and again his lover got hit, and again the man defended him. Her hand missed his face but got his eye instead.

I tell you, of all the episodes I’ve watched, whenever the man says he loves the woman, he never really means it. Why? Because when the aggressive opponent’s hand swings forward, the man is nowhere to defend the woman he ‘loves’ oh so much. He can’t be there to take the blow for her. What a loser. But this guy is different. Which makes it so sweet. Aww… Sorry I can’t help it. I go “aww…” whenever I think of it.

His mom later threatened to kill herself if his lover wouldn’t leave him. After that threat got sour she changed her strategy. She said to the cute guy, “If you can have a baby then I’ll let you be with him.” What a load of shit. You know that’s not possible. Control freak. Just makes you hate her even more. Her son got fed up and walked out with his lover hand in hand. They’re hand in hand all the time. Aww…

His mother and wife immediately knelt down begging him and he did the same begging them to let him go. You can see them in the background.

Look at their hands. Aww… I know you’re gonna strangle me if you hear another “aww…” but like I said, I CAN’T help it.

The people on the show persuaded them to get back on stage and later made him choose who he wants to be with, as they usually do. After the 10 seconds countdown, he turned to his wife and said he doesn’t love her and apologized; turned to his lover and said “Wo ai ni, dan shi wo bu nen gou ai ni.” I love you but I’m not able to love you. Then he turned to his mother and said he loves her too but he’s had enough of her controlling his life, and he left the studio! Hey! I think you forgot your lover!

What a shitty ending. He should have taken his lover along. I’m not satisfied. Hmph!

Moral of the story:

  1. Never try to control people’s life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re his parent or not. It’s just wrong.
  2. Say no to force. By force I mean compel.
  3. Don’t leave your lover behind.

Ok now that I’ve posted this, I can sleep with ease.


Man! He should have taken the cute guy with him! Wtf.


Lucas said...

Moral of the Story for me:
Making such shows and turning everything into mockery kills the drama ;-)

But Man, we have similiar shows in Europe, but they aren't staged in such comic fashion (they actually try to be serious, but of course they fail right at the beginning), but I see that in this case Jerry Springer style rules all the way :-)

joyfulchicken said...

Moral of the story:

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

runawaycat said...

I need to watch Jerry Springer.

rhey said...

this is so funny!
do they really have these shows?

ohmg... he took all of that for his lover but left him in the end?... dang!

i cant take it...
im rolling on the floor!!!

thanks for dropping by though. :) work is always something we have to do, whether we enjoy it or not... lol

looking forward to your return.

runawaycat said...

Looks like boss won't be in town for a few days so I don't have to worry. Wee!

Yup they have these shows. It's aired on CTTV Asia (I think).

And yea, he just left him there. What an ass. I still blame the mother.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

Hmm, I think this is disgusting to watch... I don't see why people would subject themselves to such humiliation.

runawaycat said...

I agree with you on that part as to why they would subject themselves to humiliation. But of all the episodes I've watched, this one has nothing humiliating about it. Others had their deepest, darkest secrets revealed, I would never want to be in their position.