Thursday, May 10, 2007

CSI: Where's Grissom?

Bring back Grissom. I don’t like the new guy. Some substitute named Keppler. He’s just like the Miami guys. Mr. Know-It-All the tenth. We don’t need another Mr. Know-It-All, thank you very much. Guest stars suck. Remember the time when Latino guy appeared in Vegas, trying to strut his stuff? Cheh, not like he has anything to strut. That was before Miami came to being if I’m not wrong and that was also when my dislike for him started. Trying to act all smart. Enough of the new-smart-guy strategies, Jerry Bruckheimer.

Why must Grissom disappear from the scene? Is this some plot to slowly erase Grissom from the picture? You can’t kill him. You absolutely can’t. It’s against the rule of the CSIs. If you take him out, the whole CSI crashes. That’s how important Grissom is. He can act all godly and it’ll still be okay. The others? No. If they try to, they’ll just be Grissom wannabes. Grissom doesn’t have to show up on the TV screen. You just need to know he’s there. In his office, drinking coffee or reciting verses from Buddha, or walking around, popping up to say hi once in a while. But no…they thought it’d be cool if he takes the sabbatical, and bring in Keppler. Keppler…a name can’t get any sicker than this. Cut the crap and bring back Grissom.


kopi said...

Grissom is gone!?! [sunk into depression for the next 10 years =(]

Arthur Bhenedict said...

good thing I don't watch CSI anymore... that guy in miami sure gets on my nerves

runawaycat said...

I hope he'll be back really soon. The only thing I see of him now is a package he sent to Sara and his name on some other package.