Saturday, July 14, 2007

Skeletons in the closet

I purposely went to Secret Recipe for their Hi-Fiber Cream Cheese cake. <--Oh looky, free publicity. Here's what wiki said. I’ve been thinking about it since the day my friends and I went there (another branch) where she got hers. I got in and told the girl at the counter I wanted the cake that costs 6.50 per slice (the rest is 5.50 per slice) because I did not know the name. Pointing to the cake, she asked if it was the one I wanted and I said yes. The cake looked like it just arrived because it was a full round cake. She turned around, meddled with something, with me thinking that she was going to turn back around to take the cake, but no, she wrapped everything up with her nice sexy back facing me. Finally she turned back to ask if there was anything else that I wanted. Oh by the way, the last time I went there, there was this other girl who didn’t even ask if I wanted anything else. She went straight to the cash register and punched in the amount, when I actually wanted another slice of cake. Seeing her do that I decided to not give her the business.

So this girl asked if I wanted anything else, and I asked for a Raspberry Cheese cake. I’ve never tried it before and it looked kinda nice so…gluttony got the better of me. She proceeded to take the cake out, slowly cutting it, slowly folding the cake box, slowly putting the cake in, slowly closing the lid, slowly moved around in slothish pace as she listened to her colleagues talk and gave a smile to their lame joke. She then continued to slowly move to the cash register, slowly click whatever she had to click in the computer and finally telling me the amount. I gave her the money and she slowly counted my change. Arghhhhhh!!!!!! By now you should know that she got on my nerves!!!

When I got home, to my horror, I found this.

Ah, bad font color. The hell with it. To save you the effort of straining your eyes to read, I said "All the toppings fell off" by the way.

Mind you, don’t go thinking the cake flew from one side of the car to the other when I made a turn because I had someone to reluctantly hold it.

And they call themselves masters in the cake industry. Well, they’re quite well known for their cakes here.

The nerves of her! How dare she give me a rotten piece of cake! No wonder she looked so secretive, like she did something sinful and was trying to hide it. Hmph. That’s the last time that particular Secret Recipe branch will see me. If you ever go there next time, be sure to ask to have a look at your cake before taking it home.

Rude, slow, secretive workers. I’m gonna have my own cake & pastry shop in the future so cursing their service right now is kinda like bad karma, who knows, I might get a lousy worker for my shop and have others curse at me. But I’m gonna post this anyway. I’m very particular about things I like. They have to be perfect or at least close to perfect. This is just wayyyy NOT. I can get better looking cakes in the stalls by the roadside.

I have yet to find a name for my cake shop but I definitely have found a tagline for it.

The best cakes in town! Be rest assured that we hide no secrets from you!


kopi said...

ah, the hamster feed fell off =)

CY said...

Erm, you didn't mention which branch is this? And how about the other cake's condition?

joyfulchicken said...

Hi-fiber cake? Is it made from cardboard? Yuck.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

err... if you don't keep any secret, I don't think your shop would last long

runawaycat said...

Kopi - Huh? Hamster?

CY - It's the branch in Bukit Gedung? Bayan Baru? Not sure what you call that area.

JC - Nope, unfortunately.

Arthur - Of course I don't reveal recipes because the master chef won't be around :)

杨宝茹 said...

Oooohhh...bud publicity for the cake shop... :P

rheytarded said...

but was the cake still good? you know, you always get me in the mood for food... lol

i hate it too when they ruin my cake... i hate it soo much it hurts...
oh well, if ever you do venture into the business, make sure you have room for expansion in the middle east... im willing ot invest.:)

runawaycat said...

Well, it was OK. I think it was better when my friend first had it. Maybe it's because she gave me the last slice from last week's. Damn her.

Yay! I have a business partner already! This is starting to sound like a food for the bosses :)

Rhey said...