Friday, July 20, 2007

Is it just a happy coincidence England has a Harry Pothead?

I’ve just watched the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday and it failed to live up to its standard of being able to make you go nuts. Or maybe I’m just a very difficult person to please. But really, why do people go all crazy when they see Harry Potter? I don’t mean Daniel Radcliffe, I mean the story itself. And if you’re wondering if Mr. Radcliffe himself is someone I’d go ga-ga over, the answer is no, Daniel Radcliffe failed to make my hormone levels go soaring high.

So what’s the deal with Harry Potter? Whenever a new book comes out or is coming out, the whole population of planet Earth gets excited. They would do advance bookings to make sure they are the first to get the book, and god knows what else they would do. Pfuh, you know you can’t be the first. Jeez, Rowling even bought insurance for the god damned transcript. Apparently a lawyer had to guard it all the way to its destination, wherever it was, and didn’t even dare to leave for the loo. That’s almost as absurd as J Lo insuring her ass. He could have at least brought it to the loo with him right? Or sell off the storyline to a gazillionaire Potter fan in the other end of the world and live the rest of his life in luxury with servants bringing the potty to him whenever he needs to go. Except he would be a fugitive for the rest of his days. A filthy rich fugitive. Filthy rich. I like the sound of that.

I don’t read the book so I really do not know how good it is. Once in high school, I read into the second page of the first book and lost interest. Maybe it was the wrong time. Maybe. But what I can be sure of is this: The movie is going downhill. Last year’s was shit. It sucked so much I was dumbfounded. Yet many went ga-ga over it and some watched it repeatedly till their eyes bled. This year’s wasn’t that bad, it was still okay but also confusing at the same time. What I would suggest is they make it longer and thus less confusing. They should have added in more details and developed the storyline better and made it a 3 hour movie. Or at least 2 and a half rather than a 1 hour 50 minutes movie. Come on, it’s a sure return. With the number of Potter fans around the world, the movie will earn enough to feed the African children for a decade.

What do I mean when I said not well developed? Take the Harry and Cho scenario for example. They didn’t show any clues to the love interest between them except for the miserable attempts of the director to put simple lines into Hermione’s mouth revealing Cho’s interest in Harry. That was just outright second class. Take out the kissing scene and the story would still do alright, if not better.

The only fun part was Dolores Umbridge. She chillingly resembles someone I know of. You might know who I mean. Good if you do. In the middle of the movie when Umbridge walks up to the stage to steal Dumbledore’s limelight, I started giggling slightly. Both my friends sitting on my sides turned to tell me of the astonishing resemblance between them. Truly remarkable.

So then, I still don’t know what the big deal with Harry Potter is. WarnerBros should have done a better job. Rowling, sue them.


Arthur Bhenedict said...

Cho has been Harry's love interest since Book 3, and since you didn't watch it, its hard to imagine this one.

But I agree, the movie lost a lot of the important details. No quiditch, and not much magic either. They next director would be hard-pressed to introduce Harry's new love interest on the next book.

Still, Dumbledore kicked ass here, so it's still pretty ok hehe...

joyfulchicken said...

Is Harry Potter dead yet? >:)

the philosphical bastard said...

compared to other Potter movies, this one was indeed darker. In an instance, when the gang of students went to the ministry of magic, my brother leaned over to me and said "they look like the xmen"

so yeah, i can say it's turning from a kiddie flick to a pop corn movie.

runawaycat said...

arthur - I watched it but I didn't read it. Did she appear in the movie before? The one with some ballroom dance?

JC - No he's not dead yet but he will be by Sunday. I hope.

Paolo - Everyone is still watching it no matter what. I watched it too for the sake of it being Harry Potter. Makes me wonder.

CY said...

I share JC's question xD

runawaycat said...

So you don't like Harry?