Monday, July 9, 2007

Are you wearing your hair right?

It's important how you wear your hair. It makes a lot of difference. Take for example this guy,

Looks fine. Then see this:

Freaky! He looks like some really creepy nerd.

Here's another example:


Okay that's just not hot at all.

Oh god, puke bag please!

I'm just bored. Very bored.


杨宝茹 said...

Are they the same person?

joyfulchicken said...

Huh? There's a right way to wear you hair?

I just let the wind decide my hairstyle. It's easier that way.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

Well JC... what can I say that I'm reminded of the comment on the second picture =Þ

NC, how can you be bored just before school starts?

runawaycat said...

杨宝茹 - Yup. The first 2 is the same person and the last three is another person.

JC - That's a pretty natural way :)

Arthur - Why not? Actually this was written after the first day of school. This blog is getting moldy so I decided to crap. :P

rhey said...

i hate guys who have better hair than me...

杨宝茹 said...

I think I recognize the first person! Is he in Charlie's Angels? :D (I am really not sure. Forgive me if I am wrong. :D:D)

runawaycat said...

I don't think so. Though i can't say for sure if he starred in Charlie's. I got this from a drama called Nobuta wo Produce. :)

CareShare Network said...

All the looks work.