Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meme: 5 Things You Never Knew About Me

What better way to start a new blog than with a meme? Hah I don’t mean those words. But anyway it does suit this situation as it’s about the 5 Things You Never Knew About Me, doesn’t it? A little introduction, eh?

Okay here goes, in no particular order:

1. I have a scar on my finger from trying to cut a chocolate. Why the heck would one do that?! I took it out from the fridge and it was as hard as hell and I have no patience so I took a knife and tried to cut it. Unfortunately a kid like me back then has hands too retarded to properly use a knife. So there you go. The story of me and the scar on my finger. It’s not like those how-I-got-the-scar-on-my-face stories but a scar is a scar. It’s barely visible unless you look hard enough, though. Well, now you know. You don’t have to look.

2. I absolutely cannot listen to the song Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley. It doesn’t matter who sings it. I can’t take it. It’s intolerable. I don’t know why. I’ve hated it since I was a kid. I remember my first time listening to it. I was sitting in the backseat of the car looking out through the back window when I heard it playing on the radio. A boy was cycling behind the car. And it was cloudy and about to rain. Funny how you remember certain things. Ugh fact is I hate that song. I’m Can’t-Help-Falling-In-Love-song phobe. When they play it in weddings – which they ALWAYS do, repeatedly – I would excuse myself to the toilet. Or I start humming out other songs or talk loudly. When my friends intentionally sing or play it when I’m in the room, I’d also excuse myself to the loo. Jeez it has become the toilet inducer song.

3. I’ve never slept through a sleep without dreaming. I always dream. There’s always something to dream about. I woke up this morning without any memory of having dreamt or not because I was rudely woken up by a call. Yea I know it was noon but hey, a cat can sleep till 12. She can sleep till 3 if she wants to. Darn. I could have dreamt about a cute guy and…Hah! I remember now! My dream! Not going to tell you.

4. My favourite spot when I was small was the stairs. I do everything there. I color there. I sit and day dream there. Sometimes I eat there. There were times when I slept there. Once I did superman there! Really! I cleared like almost 15 steps with one leap. I was a crazy girl. Woo-hoo! But when I grew bigger my butt can’t fit on the tiny steps anymore. So…Nah there was no ‘so…’. I don’t have any particular favourite spots anymore. Not one where I can do stunts, at least. Adults are boring.

5. I study on the bed. Nothing to say here.

Hey this is kinda fun. I think I’m going to throw in more. This is free information about me. Make sure you memorize them.

6. My favourite talk show is Parkinson. Not that I watch that many talk shows. I don’t see why people like Oprah. I watched it once and she was nothing but boring. Maybe it was the wrong episode. I watched Letterman but I can’t get his lame jokes. Some are funny, yes, but there are equal numbers of lame ones too. Then there’s this one, Koffee With Karan. This is nice too but Parkinson is nicer. The only reason I watch Karan was because you get to hear about Bollywood, which I never really cared about in the first place. I’m weird.

7. I was baptized into the Church of Animation last year, Sept 1.

8. Ok this one is more like an embarrassing confession. I don’t eat fish unless someone throws out the bones for me. Yes, I’m one lazy cat. A cat that won’t go very far for fish. Fishes don’t taste all that nice anyway. Chickens taste better.

I’d like to go till number 10 but I’ll stop here. If I don’t it might get lamer and lamer and then I can add a number 11 where I say I can doze people off just by talking about myself.

P.S: Will not be tagging anyone. Sorry for breaking it. Can't think of anyone to tag. If you want to do it, feel free to do it. You're just indirectly tagged by me. :)


kopi said...

ISH. i LIKE Oprah. She's my idol. Hrmph.

kopi said...

aiyoh you posted this at 4:44pm

runawaycat said...

Ahaha okok Oprah is not boring. I'll see if you can Oprah-fy me =)

joyfulchicken said...

Wise... men... say.... :-P

And yes, Oprah is boring. Sorry kopi.

kopi said...

And yes, Oprah is boring. Sorry kopi.

The chicken looks delicious. Maybe you should pass me the knife and fork instead, and I'll do my wonders.

joyfulchicken said...

Yeah, that's exactly what Oprah would do... eat her critics :-D

Just kidding. I don't want to stray into dangerous territory here, hehe. Still, I must blame her for unleashing Dr. Phil on the world.

runawaycat said...

She was the one who unleashed Dr. Phil? I've never watched Phil in action. Hmm you seem to know a lot about Oprah

kopi said...

Ah Dr Phil. I like her shows a lot more now that Dr Phil is no longer on the show. Too bad on us all.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

I promise to sing Can't Help Falling in Love when you visit us here hehe... "Wise men says...

runawaycat said...

You....*hands in a fist*

runawaycat said...

Heh philos, is that a formal invitation? =P