Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camp of a lifetime

I’m back home again after 4 and a half days in Kedah, which is a neighbouring state to Penang. I was there for a school project and we were assigned to stay with families in the area where our project took place, i.e. homestay. The whole program was like attending an army camp yet an anorexic treatment camp at the same time.

It felt like an army camp because our project leader has anger management problem; imagine those generals you see on TV, or your school’s discipline teacher. It was an anorexic camp because our ‘foster parents’ kept feeding us food; not that it’s a bad thing, considering my financial status, but that gained me 1 kg. Some participants had to go out and buy themselves food, whereas I came back home with my packets of security instant mee untouched.

Honestly, for the past 4 days, I sorta hated food. Or should I say I sorta hated lunch, tea, and dinner times. Breakfast was ok because I’d be hungry after a long night’s sleep (long in terms our stomach hours). On the first day I had 2 lunches in 1 hour. Imagine that. When we arrived we ate the lunch that was provided and when we arrived at our foster parent’s home, we had a second lunch. We told them we already had lunch but apparently we were ignored. It’d be rude to not eat so we had to swallow everything down no matter what. Before we even had time to digest our lunches, it was time for tea. Oh the horror. Don’t you call this a camp for anorexics? But, but, but…I still have to say this, thank you for not making me buy my own meals!

The family was nice to us and the auntie even gave us a big ang pau this morning… it’s all about the money hahahah. (I just came back today and I’m tired yet here I am. See how dedicated I am to the what little concerned readers I have :P I deserve a treat, don’t you think?)

As for the army camp, I would have written a 10 page blog 2 days ago if I had access to the computer but I think I’m just gonna forget it now. Too much anger isn’t gonna do me any good, though if you’re interested I’d be glad to tell you, if I still remember, that is. Now I’m just happy it’s over.

So I have another one week before I start packing my bags again. Sigh. I’ve been leading a one-week-stay-home-interval lifestyle for a month now. One week after my finals I went to Vietnam, one week after I came back from there I went to Kedah. Now one week after this I’ll be going to Singapore. And one week after that the new semester would start. I guess this is the busy traveling lifestyle I dreamt of? Not so fun considering I have things to do at home and my fragile paper pocket that’s going to tear anytime soon. I think I’m gonna have to skip the end year holiday. Tsk.


joyfulchicken said...

Tell us the boot camp details :-P Share the hate.

philos said...

Err... did you just say what I thought you did... hate food?

runawaycat said...

JC - Didn't think you'd want to hear me rant. It's too long, I'm too lazy to type... Didn't think anyone would ask. Maybe next time I should watch what I promise :P

philos - Yup you read that right. I wished I didn't have to eat. They made me eat things I don't like to. Think african kids, think african kids; that's what I had to tell myself each time.

宝茹 said...

I'm seeing a lot of "tsk" in your blog. :P

Ang pau!!! That makes everything a whole lot better, right? :P

runawaycat said...

What does 'tsk' represent to you?

Hehe yup :P

宝茹 said...

Is this like "what is the meaning of life"? :P

Tsk can be frustration or something of wonder but to you, it sounds more of frustration~~ :P

runawaycat said...

Actually for me it's like a soft sob...regarding my sad fate :P Hehe

The meaning of life? Which are you referring to?

宝茹 said...

No, no, I meant the way you asked the question--"What is 'tsk' to me?" It's like so profound yet so not~~~ hehehehehe just ignore me. :P