Monday, December 3, 2007

One year older, no less a procrastinator


I dreamt that I was heading towards the doomed age. Someone was telling me that…no, someone was stating to me the fact that 22 will be the last of your best years and 23 means something like bad luck and 24 means you die. If you say 24 in Cantonese, it does mean you die easily. But 23 should mean born easily, no? Haha. But everything seems to make sense in the dream and I thought I was doomed. What a dream.


I thought I’d have to work tomorrow. But not anymore! Yes! I’m never a big fan of working. Never!

It’s funny how some people never answer you when you ask them questions. Take my mom for example. I’d ask her something but she’ll not reply. So I’d ask her again and get a rude I-heard-you-already reply. I guess it’s always bad timing with my mom huh?

I thought the same was with my boss today. I text-ed him to say I can’t work tomorrow but got no reply. So for the whole afternoon I was wondering, do I still need to go to work? Of course, for someone who understands the language of not replying, i.e. my mom, it would mean I don’t have to go to work. But you can’t jump to that conclusion right?

Alas after waiting for something like 6 hours, I finally got a reply. I don’t have to go after all. You know, I don’t care how long he takes as long as he replied saying I don’t have to work tomorrow. Now I don’t. Yay!

Wonder where I should go though. Get myself a new pair of shoes which I have still YET to get? Treat myself to delicious fattening food? Walk around aimlessly? Someone give me some ideas? Please? Pretty please?

-Lazy spell-



I know. This is close to gibberish. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

P.S. The other blog isn't up yet. Procrastinating. Question: Do you prefer Blogspot or Wordpress?


joyfulchicken said...


宝茹 said...



Answer--Blogspot, too! :P

dominiqueban said...

blogspot la..

CY said...

My vote is for blogspot too! :D

Happy happy birthday!! Wow, free day never call me. Could have gone watch movie :P

Arthur Bhenedict said...

Hehe... When I asked my boss, she told me I can skip work everyday for the rest of my life :p

runawaycat said...

Wow. Unanimous. So wordpress suck that much?

KM - Thanks!

CY - Thanks! Hehe :P

Arthur - Hahaha! That's funny!! It's not true is it?

Arthur Bhenedict said...

I'm not sure, but I never cared to try hehe

runawaycat said...

You mean you never dared to try...:P