Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vandalizers and taxes

I was waiting behind a couple (let’s just assume they’re a couple, makes typing so much easier compared to ‘a girl and a long hair guy whom I had mistaken for a girl at first’ [oh heck, I typed it out after all]) Sentence too long! Where was I? Ok, I was waiting for the couple to pay their parking fees at the autopay machine when the girl started abusing it by hitting the buttons violently. I could vaguely hear her saying, “It can do this…”

My guess is she was trying to demonstrate to her long haired boyfriend that the machine can vomit out receipts, or change languages. God knows. I don’t understand violent language.

I hate people who do these kinds of things. They’re those who will spoil public properties eventually and give everyone a headache. Stupid girl. Stupid, stupid girl.

They left after she was satisfied and after I rolled my eyes a million times. At least my eyes hurt for a good reason. Oh wait, you don’t know that.

The screen was displaying some language that was totally Greek to me. Thanks a lot. Thank god operating it is a no brainer. Well anyway, I was about to put the parking ticket into the slot when I saw another card there. Hmm? They forgot their ticket? Yes! Now you can’t drive out! Serves you right!

But actually, the card was a receipt. Funny for the receipt to come out from the same slot you would put your ticket in. I had to remove it but there was nowhere to throw it so I slipped it into my shopping bag.

Look, the government taxes parking fees as well. Why do they have to tax everything and still make us pay so much for food? Are they trying to starve us all? I think they tax donations as well. Heartless monsters! We have enough ‘onions’ in this country already, thank you. Maybe you should channel the cash elsewhere, like sponsoring another astronaut to go to space!* That’d be a wonderful idea.

Footnote: *For the sake of those slow people, I’m not singing praises about the government, thank you very much.


joyfulchicken said...

Haha! Are you trying to get into trouble again? :-P

Down with the government!

宝茹 said...

Help me, I'm really slow. :P :P 'onions'? Hehehe.

runawaycat said...

JC - Well, you cannot be charged with saying this in a democratic country. Oh wait, I'm not in one? Oh no.

KM - They're called onions for a reason. So it doesn't sound like a racist slur ;)

dominiqueban said...

i love onions especially with satay sauce :P

CY said...

Ban, 2 satay sauce comments in a row! Muahaha.

Wow, that machine can change languages? Must try that next time! :P

runawaycat said...

Ban - You just had satay zit?

CY - Yaler, satay craze.
Just remember don't hit it violently :P

dominiqueban said...

nola..since u talk about onions den i remember satay got onions. LOL!~!