Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The door knob, the dog, the clouds, they're all stingy!

I was waiting for my turn in the washroom today when two girls, one at the mirror admiring herself and another in the cubicle, were talking. Ms. Vain was so loud, it sounded as if she was asking for a fight.

Ms. Vain: Jack…bla bla bla…Bryan…bla bla…Andy…yada yada yada…something something…so stingy!

Ms. Cubicle: Mmmghm?

Ms. Vain: Sio khi (gets angry easily)

It wasn’t clear because I didn’t really listened to what they were talking about.

Ms. Cubicle: Mghmmhm..ingy?

Ms. Vain: It means sio khi!

Har?? Stingy means sio khi? And she said it so confidently? Hah!

After we left, they were still talking loudly like it was nobody’s business. Well, actually yea, it was nobody’s business.

Anyway, right after we went out I asked my mom, “Did you hear what she said?”

“Yea, she said stingy means sio khi and when her friend said it means kiam siap (stingy) she confidently said it’s not.”

Hahahaha! Delusional girl. Hey, the door knob is stingy too. And the rose is Jesus. Ok ok fine, so I was watching the Christians are delusional* video on Youtube yesterday. I just wanna mention a little about it alright. Just the word delusional. There.

Footnote: *The video is boring besides his funny stresses on the word 'magically' and his funny conclusions.


dominiqueban said...

so if stingy is sio khi and stingy is kiam siap...
how about kiam siap in cantonese?
kiam = ham
siap = sap
so kiam siap = ham sap
hence sio khi = stingy = kiam siap and kiam siap = ham sap
therefore sio khi = ham sap?!?!?!?

joyfulchicken said...

Dominiqueban gave me a headache.

runawaycat said...

ban - What's siap in Cantonese?!

JC - No worried. I'll give you some pain killer.

dominiqueban said...

siap = sap(wet or slippery)