Sunday, October 21, 2007


People I meet often become subjects of spaceparade. I put them through various twisted tests before I throw them back to earth.

While working today (for 12 hours, mind you, I just have to say this coz my leg hurts) I met with 2 similar questions from 2 different people of um…very dissimilar characteristics.

Let’s start with the first encounter. A colleague which I’ve never met (don’t ask why I’ve never met my colleague, we just never, heh) came by to chat and half way through, the question of whether I have a boyfriend cropped up. Then it ultimately led to her asking me, “How about I introduce you to my son?”, twice, to which both times I answered with a smile.

That was a shocker. The question popped up just like pop corns in the microwave, you don’t know when it might pop. Geez, that’s a lot of pop in a sentence. Anyway, I don’t wanna know how her son looks like – he may be cute for all I know – and I don’t wanna know what he does or whatever else about him. I don’t care. Stop freaking my out by asking me that twice! Yuck! God! Uh, I’ll take it as a joke.

Now the second encounter. Another colleague brought her son with her and my, was he a talking machine! He came in and right away he says, “What’s your name? I’m __ and I’m 11 but I talk like I’m 50. Some people even liken me to an obasan.”


Then he goes on about other stuffs which eleven year olds don’t talk about, like the prime minister’s use of languages (!), the number of homosexuals in his school and their classifications, tada tada tada, you get the idea. And of course he also threw me with loads of questions like, where do you live? How old is your mother? And all those questionings ultimately led to, again, do you have a boyfriend? Is anyone courting you right now? How bout we have a private conversation? (!!!) #_#”

Eleven year olds today! When I was eleven I was watching cartoon at home. Ok I don’t remember what I did when I was eleven. Do you remember your eleven? God, what did the world turn into? My 3 year old niece scoops out guys on the streets. *shakes head*

It just occurred to me that I’m double his age. And he’s got more girlfriends than I do boyfriends.

So about today? It’s more like I’m the one being subjected to twisted tests. My god. That’s all I can say.


joyfulchicken said...

Hahaha, funny little kid. Don't break his heart, OK? :-P

runawaycat said...

You're enjoying this!

宝茹 said...


CY said...

Do you believe someone up there is hinting you that... it's time to go forth and multiply? xD

Why didn't you wanna meet the guy? Introduce only what. Who knows, right? xD

runawaycat said...

宝茹 - Why? :P

CY - Foul language! Foul language!

Would you wanna meet some girl some auntie set up for you?

CY said...

Why, yes, actually. For one, you won't have problems with the mother-in-law, and if there is, it's her big idea in the first place! :P

And LOL at 'foul language'. It's like watching a foreign show and the subtitles just say 'foul language' instead of the actual word xD

runawaycat said...

Haha actually I wasn't giving you foul languages. I was exclaiming (enthusiastically) that you said foul words :P

Wow so you actually would go for it? But guys usually don't have problems with mother-in-laws I think. Mothers or any woman above middle age will somehow have a higher tolerance level for younger men. Boo.

CY said...

Come to think of it, if an auntie really said that, I would just answer with a smile too. Reeks of desperation on her son/daughter's part, doesn't it? Hahaha xD

I agree with your last statement, and wonder why it's so.... :/

runawaycat said...

Women like men. They can't help it. Hahaha. Since I'm not a young, handsome, auntie killer, I don't qualify. I might even be bullied. It's a disadvantage for me. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Hmph.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous was me.

runawaycat said...

-_-" Haha

宝茹 said...

Hehehe...just found your story so amusing. :P