Friday, October 26, 2007

Fatt Choi (prosperity) number

I’ve told you about how I hate people who forward endless nonsensical emails to me and about this friend of mine who does exactly the same thing here before. I’ve been reluctant to tell her to stop because I feel she’s the sensitive type and she’s my friend anyway. But today, after so many years of relatively manageable inbox, I opened my Yahoo and saw 88 new emails.

88 new emails in less than 12 hours. And guess who they’re from? My friend. Let’s see what I got:

Jesus! 76 exact mails! Erghhhhh….*bites teeth*

P.S: The only 2 guys who frequent this place think I should reply to Mr. Email (let’s make his uber uncool, long name short) and the thought of that is kinda exciting. Not that kind of excitement you pervert! But more like what if he’s human and we conduct a psychological test on him (muahahahha) with CY and JC as the testers. In short, we prank him! Then again, this is my email you’re talking about. Replying would just be verifying that my account exists and god knows what I might get the next time I check my mail. 888 new mails?

Damn it. Do you know how long it took me to post this stupid thing? I don't even remember. I tried to upload the images for like 8888 times before it could finally work. Sheesh!


joyfulchicken said...

Don't open any of the 88 emails. Looks like malware.

And yes, you should definitely have a bit of fun with Mr. Email for our entertainment, hehehe >:)

CY said...

Yet again I agree with JC! :P

Erm... Tell your friend being big is not a problem at all... xD

runawaycat said...

JC - I usually delete all of them. *sheesh* Don't tell anyone.

CY - Hahahahah! I almost didn't get you :p

Cometh said...

Reveal more.....More more..

All I get is those people tying to scam me by telling me I won millions.

If any of em is true..Would be a billionaire now... =p

runawaycat said... got more of the 'Big problem' emails today from the same friend :)
I got one that says he wants me to hold on to his money. But that was only once. I usually get people who tell me how they look, bla bla, and gives me his number. Funny thing is they're all caucasians in Japan. Hmm...

Arthur Bhenedict said...

I dont, I click on spam hehe

runawaycat said...

You don't what?