Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Meme: 10 Things I hate

10 Things I hate about you. Hah! Nah. Unfortunately no. I’ve been tagged by Rhey to do this. Not tagging anyone else though.

10 things I hate


I hate squeamish, squishy, icky food. Yuck.


I don’t usually take fruits. I’m too lazy. Plus I don’t know the names of the fruits I hate.


Contrary to popular belief, Neko-chan who associates herself with cannibals in Chickenmafia actually takes veggie everyday. Veggie I hate? Sure there are plenty. But I don’t know their names.


Stuck ups. Curse you walk three steps and phok kai! That’s Cantonese if you’re asking.


Too many I don’t wish to remember them.

TV shows/movies:

The Hulk or any movie that tries to be like it, a big chunk of Korean dramas (not all, not all)


Music sung by no brains i.e sexist songs

Household chores:

About time you ask this question. In fact what made me remember I had a meme to do was…Dusts! Anything that involves cleaning off dusts! I hate dusts!

Thing/s around the world:

I live in a coconut shell. I don’t know anything about the world.

Thing/s about myself:



joyfulchicken said...

Oh no! You eat vegetables? You're a vegetarian!

runawaycat said...

I'm omnivorous! Don't curse me!