Thursday, October 4, 2007

Me back, me back!

Neko-right-hand: I’m free!!!

Neko-left-hand: No you’re not.

Neko-right-hand: Yes I am.

Neko-right-hand: Says who? You still have things to do.

Neko-left-hand: Huh? That’s my line. You high?

Neko-right-hand: ….

I’m free!!! Yay! No more obligations! Well, at least for the mean time I am. I can now start reading all the blogs that I have been following (or stopped following for the past month *kekekek*) and start blogging again myself. Yay! I have many things to tell you! And they’re all about me! I know you love to read about me. Hahahaha! Ok obviously Neko-right-hand is still around.

But, ahem, albeit the endless list of things to tell you, maybe I’ll only do it tomorrow. Anyway, guys, me back! Me gonna go around and spit cat saliva on your blogs. Watch out! Cat saliva! Meowrhh. Ok I don’t know who that was. Maybe it was Neko-ambidextrous.

Note: This entry is short because I gotta go throw cat poo. Wheee~! A-choo! Tsk.


CY said...

Neko is back with talking hands. As kopi would say, "phascinating"... Muahaha.

Me no receive no cat saliva. Meowrhh!!

runawaycat said...

Well, spitting session begins tomorrow. Long time no spit already rusty la...Tomorrow, tomorrow. You remember bring tissue.

joyfulchicken said...

Talking hands huh. That's so... Zen.

"What is the sound of one hand talking?"

runawaycat said...

Neko-left-hand: Zen? What's zen?
Neko-left-hand: Hello?
Neko-left-hand: I think I need a drink.

Arthur Bhenedict said...

I think you already had your drink... too much if you ask me.

runawaycat said...

Hey! Long time no talk! Talk to my hand, come on talk to it. Hahahah.
Ok that's really not appropriate. We talk over ym :P

Cometh said...

Welcome back...heh.. Now the hand is in charge huh.... heh

runawaycat said...

Yup. Talk to the hand. Heh. Careful, the hand has claws. :P

宝茹 said...

Welcome back to blogging! :)

runawaycat said...

Neko-right-hand: Thanx!~