Sunday, September 23, 2007

I almost called myself AstroCat

Astro, the country’s one and only cable TV, oh no, it’s satellite TV – we don’t have cable, I think – whose reception gets disrupted during windy and rainy days, is bringing about a change. Unfortunately it is nothing close to improving the bad reception. Instead they say they’re gonna make our lives easier by switching from a two-figure channel number to three!

See, they said for our convenience. Ya, ya, ya, I know what they mean. They’re saying we can refer here so we know which number to press when we get confused which most of us will probably be.Surely if they didn’t provide us this list we’d be going crazy doing permutations on the remote control. Right? Right. So thank you for saving me that trouble.

Then I saw the words ‘new channels’. New channels! My heart skipped a beat. Maybe they’re gonna bring in so many new channels they have to switch to a three-figure channel number. You know, like how your phone numbers used to be only 5 or 6 digits and now it’s 7 or 8. But that’s far from reality. Even with the two-figure system there were still many empty channels. How many new channels can they bring in? Ya, ya, ya, prepare for the future.

By the way it would be easier if they arranged the channels according to sequential numbers, don’t you think? But no! Look at the news section. The numbers are playing hopscotch! (Or maybe they did? Maybe I should study the list first before saying this. Oh what the heck)

Hey! I didn’t know I have al-Jazeera. I was just wondering which channel was it the other day. This channel has news from all over. Once people were speaking Dutch. Or was it German? Or Portuguese? I don’t know. They all sound the same – incomprehensible.

Anyway…having to memorize an extra number on every channel is not the big problem here. The problem here is the damned channel guide! They changed it from a 24-hour guide to an 18-hour one.

Hello?! I thought you operate 24 hours? And hello?! I start watching TV after 12am? If you’re gonna cut space or ink, do it on those 3am – 9am slots. Who wakes up before 9 to watch TV? You nuts? Now gimme back my midnight guide!

And after all these complaints, I’m still thinking of getting another decoder. Damn. Astro needs a competitor.


joyfulchicken said...

Random 3-digit channel numbers? That makes no sense at all :-/ Is there a pattern there that I'm missing?

runawaycat said...

I don't think so. I still haven't studied it. ZZzzZZz

宝茹 said...

The new format looks confusing~~

Petras said...

Shouldn't Al-Jazeera be in Classic Arabic?

Anyway, we around here have some providers with 4-digit channel numbers. :-|

runawaycat said...

4 digits!!
4 freaking digits!

Cometh said...

Yeah.... monopoly of anything is always bad for the consumers...Good for the business but bad for the customers.... =p

No competition, why change? hohohoho..

Watch Internet TV liao...but then again, Stimix also almosy monopoly...

so there... get another decoder... =p

runawaycat said...

Haha! I think slowly Stimix will loss its monopoly...Many are complaining but I've yet to face any real problems so touchwood! touchwood!
Cannot watch internet TV though. Sure slow till mati.

Jillian said...

I still havent got satelite/Astro after all these years, in fact I havent watched any TV for 2 years now I think.

Welcome to the working world!

runawaycat said...

*eyes popping out* No TV for 2 years? No TV? No TV? No TV?